You Must Hold Revivals in Your Hometown

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1623

    God’s joy before the Creation, and the great stimulation of love He felt when harmonizing with His partners in love thereafter. Even if He were to dance and dance for a thousand or tens of thousands of years, that joy would not come to an end. But could God dance alone? Would He want to sing alone? We were born because of love and we live to become the objects of the Lord of love who will unite the universe and have dominion over it. Then we too would be able to be lords of love. Seen in light of God’s intense hopes at the time of Creation, God’s beloved object partners are superior to Him, are to stand in a position above Him.
    Consequently, when we call out, “Heavenly Father” He comes to us, and when we tell Him, “Come on,” He follows in our wake and never complains. Even when He is made to follow us for thousands of miles, He will gladly continue to walk behind us. Words cannot express the joy felt by parents following their children. When heaven and earth harmonize with and welcome their children even more than themselves, the parents will be so pleased that even their cells will burst forth in peals of laughter. (215-109, 1991.2.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

   Men and women are horizontal. They are level. The union of man and woman is to be engrafted, based on vertical, lifelong and eternal love. As men representing east and women representing west have lost the central line, they will seek to graft into this, so they must absolutely get married. Aren’t there many in America who oppose marriage? There are many who, like homosexuals or lesbians, dislike having children. Those without children have lost out when they pass on to the spirit world. This is the formula of the universe. (163-88, 1987.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 4. Keeping True Parents’ Photograph

4.1. The reason for keeping True Parents’ photograph

    Now, you should go back to your hometowns and restore your families and relatives. You must hold revivals in your hometown. As you hold revivals, you should also all work on the district level. If you want to be a tribal messiah, you should display my photo. Pictures of me should not be just given away for nothing. Frame a few hundred photos and distribute them, saying they are good pictures. Get people’s permission to go into their homes and find the best places in the best rooms to hang them up.
    Then, spiritually you will be an elder brother to those homeowners. Vertically, you take the father’s position, and horizontally, the elder brother’s position. So in the position of the vertical father and the horizontal elder brother, you should instruct the householder, saying, “This should be hung here!” In this way, those who give out the pictures will be tribal messiahs.
    You should quickly work to hang up pictures in the homes of at least 120 families. Try to put up 120 or more. Placing pictures in those homes can be counted as a local level breakthrough. That is laying a foundation. Through this their ancestors in the spirit world will come every morning early and offer a bow to the picture. Turn on the light after one o’clock, two o’clock, or three o’clock to welcome them.
    When your ancestors come, and after they have offered their bows, then after another two hours, at five o’clock, you should offer a bow. The spirits in the spirit world have not been able to attend True Parents. The ones who have gone to the spirit world are in the elder brother’s position and the ones here on earth are in the younger brother’s position. Since the younger brother has the eldest son’s birthright, that is, since the positions are now reversed, the one in the spirit world comes down and offers a bow. Their bows mean that they will help their descendants to prosper. This is what God does.
    From God’s position, these ancestors will support the process of bringing blessings to their descendants. That effort must be made. When the spirit world comes to help, would you like your beloved relatives to come and help or would you rather some old man from a neighboring village came? When an old man comes down and helps, you must offer him a portion of what you receive. Thus, now is the time when we should run all night lest someone should come and usurp the results of your effort. When you explain this, everyone will want to have a picture of True Parents.
    I have survived through the treacherous chaos of history is that God has protected me! In this world I could have been destroyed without any trace, yet I survived because God protected me! Because God loves me more dearly than any other person in human history, I have achieved the greatest things under the most trying hardships! This makes logical sense.
    They will have no doubt that if they honor the photograph as if they were honoring True Parents, their family will be protected. If you explain it, they will have no doubts. I have heard that there have been people who bought pictures even without such an explanation. When asked why they wanted to buy the pictures, they said, “My heart keeps telling me to do it. I feel this picture will expel all my bad fortune and bring good things.” So they bought large pictures. Such a time has come. Young people are now carrying my pictures.
    Awhile ago I heard that a photographer from the Soviet Union said that he was carrying a secret treasure in his pocket. When asked what it was, he took out a picture of me from a paper pouch. When asked why he was carrying it, he said that it made him feel peaceful. That is the way it is.
    Wearing a cross means being a Christian. Carrying True Parents’ picture signifies being a son and daughter of True Parents; first the symbol, then the image and then the substance.
    These people will be protected because they enter the formation-stage realm of formation, growth, and completion. For this reason, the tribal messiah should prepare pictures for them. To break through on the local level means to have people put up True Parents’ picture.
    If they will only put up True Parents’ picture, then they will surely attend workshops. When they attend a workshop and become inspired, you can tell them, “You cannot buy this content even with a huge sum of money, so please make an offering according to how much you think it is worth!” You can use the money to cover the cost of your local activities. Give the photos out to all those who have been to America for education. (212-108, 1991.1.2)


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