God Created the Universe with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience

In 2020 in West Virginia we elect the Governor, one US Senator, the Commissioner of Agriculture and three of five Supreme Court of Appeals Justices. We will also elect School Board members, delegates, state senators, sheriffs and more. Especially in light of the many intrusions on constitutional rights now taking place, it will be important to choose wisely on June 9th, 2020 in the primary election and in November. Remember that the Supreme Court of Appeals, School Board members and Magistrates are chosen in the June election only. View the candidate interviews so that you can make informed choices. An interview with Dave Miller (for WV Commissioner of Agriculture) was added on May 19th.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1854

We are raising many species of par-
rots on our Jardim farm. Parrots can
live together with people naturally. The
ostriches frequently come to us because
we give them food. They have become so
close to the people now that they do not
run away even when someone approach-
es them with food. I am thinking of cre-
ating a world where Adam can mingle
together with creation, just like the time
when God was happy to gaze upon His
creation. That is what I am doing now.
(278-103, 1996.5.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1093

You are all historical reincarnations,
wearing the faces of your ancestors.
How long is this history? It is known to
be hundreds of thousands of years old.
The long course of history was intended
to eventually create one person, yourself.
In order to create one such person, for
example, from the Kim family, countless
ancestors came and went. Therefore, we
are the fruits of human history. (46-154,

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

The Creator

3. The Work of Creation Required Love and Sacrifice

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God established living for the sake of others as the basic principle of creation. What does this mean? Suppose we take a volume of air where pressure is evenly distributed and create a vacuum in one place. The more the air pressure in that area approaches a vacuum, the faster the high-pressure air will rotate around the area of low pressure. Do you understand what I mean? When God has invested Himself over and over again in search of His objects of love, He can simply remain in His place and everything will naturally come back to Him. This is also the logical basis upon which God created all creatures in a pair system. (199:276, February 20, 1990)

Which comes first, life or love? Love comes first. Although our planet Earth came into being from God’s life, we do not hold that life comes first; rather, we declare that love is first. Why? Although God began the creation of heaven and earth with life, the source of life and the motive for life is love. The reason life came into being is because of love. Why did God create heaven and earth? Although He is the Absolute Being, God cannot feel joy as long as He is alone. Although He might sense it, He cannot experience its stimulation; this is why He created. God may say, “I am the Absolute Being, the Master of love and Master of life!” yet as long as He remains solitary, He cannot feel love’s stimulation. He cannot feel the stimulation of life, the experience that all of heaven and earth are within Him. (38:152, January 3, 1971)

When God created each thing, He invested energy. Investing energy is to deplete oneself. Though God is omniscient and almighty, if He were to give out all His energy with nothing returning to Him, then God would be depleted. If you engage in strenuous labor right after eating breakfast, you quickly become hungry and tired. Why? Investing energy is a negative for the subject partner. No one likes to suffer loss all the time. Enjoyment comes when there is a positive return on the investment. God created all things in the heavens and the earth for enjoyment, not so that He could weep or be sorrowful. Hence, something must return to God as a positive benefit… Then, when does God receive a positive benefit? This is the measure of perfection in created beings. A being can be said to have reached perfection at the point when God begins to receive a return on His investment. Isn’t this the case in business? We plan to invest a certain amount, expecting that after a certain point we will begin to realize profits. Or when we study, we think that after putting in a certain number of hours we will be adequately prepared to pass the exam. This is true with everything; it is a universal law. When we have a desire, if we work hard and challenge our limit to reach a goal, then we can cross the finish line and receive something in return. The same is true with God. What did He expect to gain by creating human beings? In creating them He invested His energy and consumed something of Himself. God spent everything possible for our sake. Yet there is no loss; once we become perfect, there is a return. We should understand this basic rule. If 100 units were invested but the return was valued at less than 100 units, God would not have continued His work of creation. The return should be 110, 200, or 300 units, something valued more than the 100 units invested. Even better, the return should be unlimited. When this happens, God experiences joy even as He invests. Considering this, we conclude that the return should be something with a higher dimension of value. What form would it take? What, when it returns, gives joy? The answer is love. (65:22-23, November 13, 1972)

If God had thought only of Himself, would He have created heaven and earth? To create means to invest energy. The cherished desire of an artist is to create a masterpiece. To do this, the artist will invest all of his heart and soul. He will want to reach the point where he cannot do anything more. Only by thus investing himself completely can he create the perfect masterpiece. (78:111, May 6, 1975)

God created the universe, first, with absolute faith. Second, He created with absolute love, cherishing each creation as His beloved object partner. Third, God created with absolute obedience, which means that He totally emptied Himself. God gave His total investment, forgetting what He had given and repeatedly giving still more. He gave up even any concept [that something might come of what He had given].After thus emptying Himself, God reached the zero point. Since He had invested all of His absolute faith, God reached the zero point. Since He had invested all of Himself with absolute love, in total obedience to the principle of love, God reached the zero point. (313:114-15)

God Needs Object Partners

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2138

We were originally to grow up so that
men and women would meet each oth-
er to become kings and queens, and, as
heavenly princes and princesses, inherit
everything in God’s Kingdom. For this,
we must start at the bottom of hell and
work our way up through the eight-stage
indemnity process until God’s Kingdom
is established, which is possible only
through the Blessing of the True Par-
ents, who come as the Messiah.
Therefore, blessed couples should
become ‘plus’ couples who take the ini-
tiative in serving the world. To be com-
pletely reborn, we should practice abso-
lute faith, absolute love, and absolute
obedience centering on God. I have per-
sonally practiced this throughout my
When creating the universe, God did
so with absolute faith. He went on to cre-
ate us to be the absolute partners of His
love. Absolute obedience means invest-
ing ourselves completely to the extent of
total self-denial. Furthermore, we for-
get about the investment we made and
reinvest; such a process continues until
reaching the zero point without any con-
cept of self. If our love were rejected, we
would continue to love even more; even
if we have already invested, we should
continue to invest everything that we
have, until we can make our enemy sur-
render voluntarily. God walked such a
path, and the Parents of heaven and earth
have also walked such a path. The person
who invests love continuously without
expecting a direct return becomes a cen-
tral being, the one who inherits every-
thing, and the child of greatest piety. In
a family with ten members including the
grandparents, the one most exemplify-
ing altruism will be its center. The same
principle applies with respect to patriots
in the nation. The more we invest with-
out expecting a direct return, the higher
we can rise as loyal citizens, saints, and
God’s holy sons and daughters.

Richard: What did God have faith in? Himself? Hardly. He has faith in us, created as His images, that we will (eventually, and hopefully sooner than later) fulfill His original ideal of creation. Doing Home Church work definitely involves having obedience (to your conscience) and pushing your own self/ego down. And what is real love. Giving and investing without expecting a direct return.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1617

Between you and me, who is supe-
rior? In what respect? Why would one
be superior to another when all of us
are of the same mind? The only differ-
ence between us is to what extent we
put into action what our mind tells us
to do; otherwise we are no different at
all. Our minds are all the same. The
basis of the person and of the mind
is the same; the only difference lies
in the degree to which we follow the
instructions of our minds, how much
we convert our thoughts into action,
and how much we cultivate our envi-
ronment. (222-303, 1991.11.6)

Richard: Again, Home Church is all about cultivating your environment: https://inspiration.visionroot.org/2020/01/21/only-through-home-church-can-you-return-home/ .

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Divine Love and Compassion

1. Love: The Essence of God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God knows everything. Omniscient and omnipotent, He is the Supreme King of knowledge and power. Omnipresent, He exists everywhere. What does God need? Diamonds? He can make them any time. Gold or jewels? No. What God needs is love. Dwelling all by Himself, would God say, “I have love and it’s great” and laugh? No, there is something that God needs. God is a personal God; then He should have a mouth, shouldn’t He? He also should have anose, eyes, ears, hands and feet, a mind—and a heart. Surely, God must have them, because He isa personal God. (142:30)

God is the Original Being of love, and out of love He created human beings. A solitary being cannot love. Therefore, there is one thing that even God absolutely needs: a partner whom He can love. He can only love in a relationship with a counterpart. God, the Original Being of love and heart, created the universe with love as His motivation. In doing so, He created human beings in His image as His substantial object partners, as it is recorded in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” God is our eternal, formless and internal Parent, and [he created] Adam and Eve to be perfected as our visible and external parents. (135:10-11, August 20, 1985)

If what God needs is love, then He needs object partners with whom He can relate and share love. What sort of beings could these be? Animals? God would love beings that resemble Him. If God’s partners are indeed human beings, then we are led to the conclusion that God has a human-like personality. God, who is in complete harmony within Himself, must also have attributes that can harmonize one hundred percent with the innate faculties of the human mind and body. Hence, God must have intellect, emotion and will. (162:271, April 17, 1987)\

Love cannot be completed without a partner. Even God absolutely needs a counterpart in order to attain the most precious love; that is why He created. God seeks out a partner, so that He can experience absolute love through relating with another. In this sense, God exists for human beings and human beings exist for God. True love begins when we live for the sake of another. What is the origin of human beings? God’s love. We were born for love. Love is the origin. Life is not the most precious thing. Our life derived from God’s idea of love; therefore, love precedes life. Love is the root of life. We are born from love, grow up in love, and meet a partner for love—that should be our life. If God is the first generation, then human beings are the second generation. God always loves us, His sons and daughters, but do we experience God’s love? Human beings need to experience that love if we are to become God’s perfect partners. (143:310, March 21, 1986)