God Created Adam & Eve for Two Purposes

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 994

What does it mean for you to serve with all your heart, with your entire mind, and with all your devotion? It means to offer your life. Is there anything greater than that? To devote yourself with all your heart means giving up your life. To serve with all your mind and devotion means giving up your life. Isn’t there a saying, “Sincerity moves heaven?” Is there a limit to sincerity, an end to one’s devotion? Put your life on the line and offer devotion. God will recognize the person who is ready to sacrifice his life and offer a life of devotion. (38-242, 1971.1.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1042

    When comparing the portion of responsibility and indemnity, one is on the right side and the other on the left, one is like the right leg and the other is like the left leg. They are like a pair of legs. You have to understand that advancement is impossible without the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity being connected. Have you thought about such things? You don’t like indemnity, right? You dislike God, the providence, the whole lot, right? From now on, even if you forget about eating, even if you forget to sleep, even if you forget to think about the person that you love, you must never forget this; you have to be clear on this point. This is how serious it is.
    God has to go through this, True Father must go through this, and the whole world must go through this. If this does not happen, then it will not be enough. You want to pass through them all for free, right? How can you become a professor or a doctor without doing anything? You have to go through the course to attain a doctorate degree or to become a doctor. How can you do so without paying the dues? If you do not pass through the course, then you are a fake. (124-106, 1983.1.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 1

The Original Being of God

Section 2. The Incorporeal God Needs a Body

2.1. God created Adam and Eve in order to assume physical form

Since God is invisible and has no form, He must manifest Himself by taking on a form. To rule over humankind and all things which do have form, God must take on the form of Adam and Eve. Then, once Adam and Eve and God become one, God’s heart becomes the heart of Adam and Eve.
    You must realize that when God would enter into Adam and Eve’s heart and become one with them, He would, ultimately, be like Adam’s internal master, or the internal Adam. (90-194, 1977.1.1) Continue reading “God Created Adam & Eve for Two Purposes”

God Wants to Have a Body

Cheon Seong Gyeong 643

In observing the great universe, I am sure you will find stars made of precious stones like diamond stars. It all belongs to us. We can live with that joy. This is the ideal world where all the groups that love the universe – God’s loving family – will be able to live and move together. You should join this group and become a part of that family. Those who willingly sacrifice themselves will become the leaders and people in charge in the spirit world. However, the ones who live with a lukewarm attitude will become failures there. (126-144, 1983.4.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1298

    Where is the center of the universe? It is in the family. Where is the base on which true love can settle down? This base is found in your families, where you are living now. That is why the original family must have a dominion of love and build a protective relationship with the universe. It must expand the realm of this love beyond the family. It must follow the path of patriotism in loving the nation, and extend it to loving the world, beyond race and nation.
    If a person who loves his or her family is called a filial son or daughter, and a person who loves his or her nation a patriot, what do we call the person who loves the world? We call that person a saint. (Blessed Family – 925)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 1

The Original Being of God

Section 2. The Incorporeal God Needs a Body

2.1. God created Adam and Eve in order to assume physical form

    Why does God need a form like Adam? All things have a form, but God is an invisible being. God has no form whatsoever. If we conceive of Him as large, He is infinitely large, and if we conceive of Him as small, He is infinitely small. Although all things of creation manifest with a certain standard form of that being, and although they manifest with a substantial body resembling that being, God cannot rule them directly. Hence, the substantial world of creation needs a substantial being with the character and form of the Master. God should have dominion over the infinite spirit world as well as over all things on earth. To be able to govern the archangel, beings with various forms, and even invisible beings, God needs a central aspect, that is, an external form. This is why God created Adam. (35-156, 1970.10.13) Continue reading “God Wants to Have a Body”

Fallen Human Beings Want the Original World

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1352

The 430 Couples are the representa-
tives of the Korean people; they include
all kinds of surnames. As such, they can
stand in Adam’s position and connect to
the citizens of Korea, the Adam nation
which stands on the global foundation.
They also include a representative couple
from the Eve nation. Otherwise, the two
nations could not be connected. Hence,
Kuboki’s couple from Japan was includ-
ed in the 430 Couples Blessing. Every
other nation could be connected from
that point on. (164-269, 1987.5.17)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1191

Without love, you cannot subjugate
Satan. Therefore even God has to stand
in the position where He can say that
He has loved the fallen archangel, so, in
order to become a family who can enter
the heavenly kingdom, you as the family
of God’s sons and daughters, must also
set the condition enabling you to say that
you have loved Satan. So, go out and fight
and subjugate the satanic world with
love. You must stand upon the founda-
tion made by such a condition. You must
be able to claim, “I did not crush all my
enemies, but instead I had them surren-
der with love and I restored the right of
the eldest son.” (141-202, 1986.2.22)

Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

Heaven revealed to fallen humanity that what human beings desire and hope for is not the earth, nor any great saint on the earth; it is God. God rejects humans living on the earth in a chaotic situation. Why? It is because they are false. Hence, God has been devising a solution. Historically, religions have shouldered the mission to turn this situation around and create a heavenly situation on God’s behalf. The lives of religious people have pioneered the path of conscience centering on these religions.

Have you returned your desires, situations and hearts to God? You have not. Jesus, who understood this, looked at this world and tried to bring all of humanity to God’s side: to new desires, new situations, and a new world of heart. Because he came to the earth with such a responsibility, we may call him the center of hope, the center of situations and the center of heart or love.

This is the reason that no one can boast proudly about his own desires and heart before Jesus. Are they the desires that God wants him to have? Is he in the situation God wanted him to be in? Does he have the heart that came from God? The answers to these questions will be negative.

What is the crucial issue for us? What is the desire of human beings? You can understand yourselves only when you have answers to these questions. We have to understand the situations of people living today; we have to understand the problems concerning heart. To understand them we need to find some reciprocal standard. Religions have presented this standard, no matter how unclear it may be. What kind of people are we, the descendants of fallen people? We are the people who betrayed Heaven. We frustrated God’s desires, undermined God’s situation, blocked God’s heart and betrayed Him over and over again. Because humanity stands in such a position, although they may be living in a world of some desire, situation and heart, other thoughts enter into their minds. Those who feel the intense pain arising from this conflict choose between death and God. The intelligent, the wise and the serious have sought this path even at the risk of their lives.

What feelings should we have? How should we understand God and ourselves? We are the descendants of those who betrayed God. Who would ever contest this? We are the descendants of the traitors who betrayed Heaven. However, our minds are communicating with the original world. We do not communicate frequently, but at certain times we do. Your bodies are made up of the flesh and blood of traitors against Heaven. What are we going to do about that?

Heaven does not judge us because He hates us. The purpose of God’s dispensation is to strike Satan, who caused all of this, the one who reigns in evil and betrayed God. God’s intention is not to throw us into the kiln of death; His purpose is to vanquish Satan, who has been trampling upon human beings and who brought great confusion to this land.

Therefore, God has been warning you through your minds and telling you to embark upon this path; to avoid certain paths and go forward to fight against your enemies. For those who have strong consciences, the more they go, the more they will be warned to leave the place. It is not the original purpose of human beings born on this earth to become the prisoners of enemy devils.

What is the original purpose of God’s creating human beings? It is so that they may be the true sons and daughters of God. The original relationship between God and us is the inseparable relationship of parent and child. Human beings, who should build this relationship, are enslaved in a death-like despair and do not realize this fact. They have no idea how they should act under these circumstances.

If someone comes before these human beings with original desires, situations and a worldview based on the heart and instructs us how to return to our original homeland, he is certainly the savior of hope, the savior of the situation, and the savior of heart. Isn’t that so? To live we need three elements: desire, situation and heart. You have a certain situation, certain desires, and a certain heart. In one sense the lives of human beings are a game in which our lives depend on our desire, situation and heart.

For this reason, since their present life is painful, what human beings want is to find the world of new hope, a new situation and new heart. Fallen human beings want the original world.