The Second Coming is the One Who Comes in Place of Jesus

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1987

Britain was the Eve nation. Adam’s
family was lost due to the failures of Eve
and her two sons, Cain and Abel. Since
Cain and Abel failed to unite, they fell.
Britain, in the form of a global nation,
was the fruition of the restoration of that
incident. Britain is an island nation. The
island nation always longs for the land.
This symbolizes Eve, the mother. Amer-
ica is the country born from the Eve
nation, centering on the Anglo-Saxon
race. That is why it is Abel. France is the
archangel. Although France was the ene-
my, having opposed Britain and Amer-
ica, in the last days there will be unifi-
cation centering on the allied nations
of Britain, America and France. (277-34,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2069

We must return to the hometown of
our origin! This is based on the Princi-
ple. How can you deny this? It’s the logi-
cal conclusion. Those who don’t think
so raise your hands. Can you deny this?
There is no way, other than the way of
obedience and submission. That’s why
we are doing that in Korea, at this time.
By returning to your hometowns, you
must complete the foundation for the
nation upon the foundation of having
completed the tong ban breakthrough
activities in you area. This is done by
starting in each family and raising them
through the formation, growth, and
completion stages.

The Father and I

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 1959

John 14: 1-19

God is not a God for America, nor a God for England. He is not a God merely for the democratic world. He is our God and my God.

Heavenly Father longs for believers, the brides who can be a part of the world of the heart of the historic Father and sing of its value. Wouldn’t that be so? Such an individual cannot be bought even with billions of dollars. Such a person cannot be bought with earth or Heaven. Jesus has said that such a person has value greater than that of the cosmos.

Fortunately, today we were given a talk on the relationship between father and son from Heavenly Father. But the question is: how much have I attended the Father? How filial have I been? We have to relate to Heavenly Father as a filial child on the individual level and as a loyal subject on the national level. Isn’t that true? The traditional three bonds and the five moral disciplines in human relations in Asia all make sense. They are to teach this concept. Filial piety and loyalty towards Heavenly Father is the same thing. One cannot be filial to Heavenly Father if one does not first become filial toward one’s parents. One cannot be a loyal subject toward Heavenly Father if one does not first demonstrate loyalty to the nation. This world is the same toward Heavenly Father. The content is different, but the world of the heart is the same.

Unification members! For us, denomination means nothing. Our name means nothing. This church building and our houses mean nothing. People are the issue. The people with heart are the real issue. There are billions of people in the world, but only one person draws your heart. Isn’t that so? It is the same for God. What is the first thing that God, who moves all things of the cosmos and dominates the great universe and the created world, still desires? More than a multitude of people, He longs for one individual who can give all his heart and then forget about his giving. Wouldn’t that be true? Heavenly Father dreams of one such person more than He dreams of a mere multitude. Therefore, Jesus was sent after four thousand years. And after six thousand years, the Second Coming is one who comes in place of Jesus.

Where are the sons and daughters who long for and call to Heavenly Father as “Father”, who wander in search of the other children? The day God finds such sons and daughters is the day of hope and the day of liberation. In religious terms, such a day is called the feast day of the lamb.