God is Looking for Lost Adam and Eve

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1542

Christ at his Second Advent is com-
ing to save humanity. Once the heaven-
ly standard has been established, God is
ready to strike. He takes the offensive.
That does not mean that He kills His
foes by executing them in the style of
Stalin; instead, He makes them surren-
der at once. He must make Satan sub-
mit to Him, firstly through His ideology,
secondly through His citizenry, thirdly
through His sovereignty, and fourthly
through His territory. Everyone desires
to have ideals, friends, power, and mon-
ey, and these four items represent the
four that have been listed above. (12-169,

Richard:  This is a formula for building Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.  We will teach God’s Word, this will influence our friends and they can receive the Blessing of marriage, as newly weds or as existing married couples, through this influence will build, and godly people will gain territory(money).

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1415

I conducted the first international
joint wedding in 1970 – the 777 Couples
Blessing, which signified that everything
on earth was drawing together globally.
After the 430 Couples Blessing, I went
to other countries to bless them because
it was not providentially allowed to
have them come to Korea to receive the
Blessing. For the first time ever, then, an
international joint wedding of 777 cou-
ples was performed in Korea with par-
ticipants from ten nations around the
world. In this manner, based on the fam-
ily ideal, the path through which any
nation on earth can return to God was
completed.  This event made it possible
 for the fortune of the world to be related
to the fortune of the Unification Church.
From this day onward, we do not need
to go through the trouble of shedding
sweat and blood in order to establish
our nation. Once we give birth, multi-
ply, and form a new tribe, then a nation
is naturally created. Just like the Israel-
ites gave birth to many healthy children
while in Egypt, all we need to do is give
birth. All we need to do is to be blessed
like the sons of Judah and have many
sets of twins. We are not to practice
birth control. In this way, we can expand
the foundation of the new lineage across
the world. We are therefore already in
the process of establishing a transracial
nation in the world. (55-171, 1972.5.7)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

When Jesus looked at Israel, the Jews and Judaism, he grieved. Although they had been under the realm of God’s love for four thousand years, now they had become a nation, a people and a religion which God could no longer embrace or love. Although they had walked a four-thousand-year history of close relationship with God, they failed to recognize Jesus, who came as the master of the four-thousand-year history.

How could this be? The people of that time did not know. They were ignorant. The Israelites who were living in the last chapter of the four-thousand- year history should have felt that they were in the part of the realm of God’s love where Adam and Eve were just before their Fall. If God’s providence is one of restoration, and restoration means to recover something that has been lost, what is God trying to recover? God is trying to restore His lost sons and daughters. He is looking for His lost Adam and Eve.

Though you are gathered here today, you who are living in the Last Days need ancestors who will fight with Satan for six thousand years without being killed. In other words, you need ancestors who can overcome the connections of the Fall and attain the authority of victory and go before the Father with pride. Although Adam should have become the good ancestor, he died due to the Fall, and God has been exerting Himself for the six thousand years since Adam in order to find a person on the earth who is not fallen.

Christianity describes Jesus in various ways. However, when you understand the truth, you will find that many of them are not true. We have rejected them and have made a firm determination. There are true and false, and there are what appears to be true and what appears to be false.

Christianity Will Fade Away Unless an Internal Movement Appears

Cheon Seong Gyeong 963

To this day, no one has been regis-
tered into the heavenly kingdom. The
kingdom did not have a nation. It did
not have a family or nation. When you
go to the spirit world, your parents, and
– if there are ten people in your family
– all ten of your family members would
be separated. However, from now on it
will not be that way. You should know
that originally, if human beings had not
fallen, heaven would be the place where
you enter with your mother, father and
If your grandparents, mother and
father, couple, and children, become one
based on true love, and inherit God’s
true love that lives for others, then even
God would be absolutely obedient to
that. In the world that strives to live for
others – a world that moves according
to the love that submits to the tradition
of living for others – the basis for peace
would surely emerge even if it resisted
being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1428

The homeland desired by the will of
God is the homeland and the original
homeland of humankind, based on true
love. Korea should become such a home-
land and the homeland for all humanity.
(185-131, 1989.1.3)

Let Us Fathom the Heart of Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

Christianity will fade away unless an internal movement appears to shoulder difficulties and support one another with the belief that we are brothers and sisters and one human race, the citizens and family of Heaven. It will follow in the footsteps of Judaism. It will face the same fate as the Israelites who fell down in the wilderness.

Who should uphold the providential will of the people? If Christians do not recognize this mission, foreigners or members of another faith will surely shoulder it and realize the blessings of Christianity. Providential history never warns arrogant and overconfident people with words of guidance. Human beings are to follow the providence; the providence is never steered by human beings, nor does it ever follow them.

Hence, we should give our best and pour out all of our strength to recognize each other as the heavenly citizens, people, family and brothers and sisters. We should yearn for the heavenly sovereign, the ruler of Heaven. This is the time. This is God’s hope. This is the nation that God wants to convey His will through. This is the ideal world God wants to love.

Even if we do not fully understand this, we should understand that we are God’s people. We should know that we are God’s kinsmen and families. We will meet courageous sons and daughters. Those who understand this truth understand God while on earth. Jesus said, “Whoever says to others that they know me, I will recognize them before God.”

What do you want to understand by coming here? You should understand the desires and goals of God and understand that we are His people. You have to understand that God is in anguish and is desperately trying to liberate people from imprisonment in Satan’s world.


Father, we have learned that Your desire does not rest in Heaven. Your situation is not focused upon Yourself. The heart of Heaven is not Yours. How much have You longed for Heaven’s desires, situation, and heart to be with the past, present and future? We who did not understand this are traitors and rebels.

Please help us realize how we are enslaved inside the iron fences of Satan. Please allow our calling upon You to be manifested in Heaven and on earth. Please connect the hearts of those who are gathered here to Your heart.

When this is realized before the people and the world, we know that joy will fill all of Heaven and earth. We have learned that we cannot build this ideal world unless we can long for the people, brothers and sisters, our family members and children and shoulder the cross in our battles.

We sincerely pray that You will raise us up as sons and daughters who can fight every day with unbounded, infinite animosity toward Satan’s world.

We hope that we can clearly understand our own situation and the direction that we should head in based on the words You have given us today. We pray that You will guide us to become sons and daughters whom You can recognize and who can understand You. We prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

Up Until the Present You Have Lived as You Please

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2110

Up until the present, you have lived
as you please. Now things are serious,
however. You are responsible for whether
you are losers or winners. That responsi-
bility does not lie with me, but with you.
Will you return to your hometown with
the title of loser or with the victory of
a winner? Which one is it? You should
return with the victorious foundation
of God and True Parents. With this you
can advance to your hometown. Because
your hometown is the world condensed
and because it is a reflection of my fam-
ily, you should think of God’s and True
Parents’ history of indemnity as you
work to fulfill your responsibility, and
you should tearfully welcome the people
who come to you. When someone visits,
you should have such a heart that you
can talk with him all night without ever
tiring. (178-116, 1988.6.1)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1367

The spiritual standard of the growth
stage has been established on the nation-
al level. In establishing the global stan-
dard, since the spiritual foundation of
Christianity works as the global founda-
tion, the substantial global standard had
to be connected to the Christian cultural
sphere. To do this, I went to the United
States and carried out revival activities
nationwide. Wherever I went, I was wel-
comed. In this manner, I connected all
this foundation in America to Korea as
the representative of the national stan-
dard. That was how I returned to Korea
victorious. (190-275, 1989.6.19)

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

11 Jesus also told them another story:

Once a man had two sons. 12 The younger son said to his father, “Give me my share of the property.” So the father divided his property between his two sons.

13 Not long after that, the younger son packed up everything he owned and left for a foreign country, where he wasted all his money in wild living. 14 He had spent everything, when a bad famine spread through that whole land. Soon he had nothing to eat.

15 He went to work for a man in that country, and the man sent him out to take care of his pigs.[a] 16 He would have been glad to eat what the pigs were eating,[b] but no one gave him a thing.

17 Finally, he came to his senses and said, “My father’s workers have plenty to eat, and here I am, starving to death! 18 I will go to my father and say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against God in heaven and against you. 19 I am no longer good enough to be called your son. Treat me like one of your workers.’”

20 The younger son got up and started back to his father. But when he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt sorry for him. He ran to his son and hugged and kissed him.

21 The son said, “Father, I have sinned against God in heaven and against you. I am no longer good enough to be called your son.”

22 But his father said to the servants, “Hurry and bring the best clothes and put them on him. Give him a ring for his finger and sandals[c] for his feet. 23 Get the best calf and prepare it, so we can eat and celebrate. 24 This son of mine was dead, but has now come back to life. He was lost and has now been found.” And they began to celebrate.

25 The older son had been out in the field. But when he came near the house, he heard the music and dancing. 26 So he called one of the servants over and asked, “What’s going on here?”

27 The servant answered, “Your brother has come home safe and sound, and your father ordered us to kill the best calf.” 28 The older brother got so angry that he would not even go into the house.

His father came out and begged him to go in. 29 But he said to his father, “For years I have worked for you like a slave and have always obeyed you. But you have never even given me a little goat, so that I could give a dinner for my friends. 30 This other son of yours wasted your money on prostitutes. And now that he has come home, you ordered the best calf to be killed for a feast.”

31 His father replied, “My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. 32 But we should be glad and celebrate! Your brother was dead, but he is now alive. He was lost and has now been found.”


Having struggled hard in the darkness, we have gathered once again this day, longing for the Father. Please enable our minds to abide with Yours now. Please enable our minds and bodies to move as one with You.

Heedless of Your own limitless toil, You endured much to accompany our ancestors throughout the different eras and centuries. We also know that You took many pains to open up a new path for our ancestors. Nevertheless, our ancestors trampled underfoot the meritorious deeds of Heaven, which were accomplished with such toil. They became shameful by causing Your heart concern. Please forgive them.

We have learned that the sins of our ancestors are a matter of great and lasting regret. We know that the rueful deeds of the Fall have caused countless human beings to fall into misery for six thousand years. We are afraid that we might inherit the wayward minds of our ancestors, who throughout history betrayed and grieved the heart of the Father. We are in the final days, when we must go over the hill of regret due to the Fall and tread down the bitter resentment our ancestors left behind. We must rise up. Please allow our minds to be stimulated by Your mind now. Father, I ardently wish and pray that You will allow us the hour of glory when our bodies can represent Yours.

Who is to make the tearful appeal, having harmonized with the Father’s heart? Who is to fight representing the Father’s situation? Countless people are living on this earth, and each person lives in their own respective style. However, there are very few people who know that the Father has been going through the history of sorrow again and again because there has been no region or person who could reciprocate with Him in the matters of the heart He keeps within His bosom. Since we now know this sorrowful and bitter inner heart of the Father, please let this be the hour when we relieve our minds and unburden ourselves, grafting everything onto Him.

Father, let this be the hour when we allow absolutely nothing of ourselves. Let us rejoice only where we have been grafted onto the Father. We cannot help but appeal to the Father with all our hearts now.

These humble people have knelt down this day in honor of the heavenly emotion. My Father, You who understand our pitiful situation, You who have accompanied us and fought in miserable circumstances for us, please receive us. We have prostrated ourselves before You with concentrated minds. We are aware that we must belong to You and be governed by You. That is why we have come forth, heedless of the long years we have toiled along life’s journey to attend You with our hearts and souls. That is why we have come, patiently scaling even the difficult and regrettable peak of danger.

Continue reading “Up Until the Present You Have Lived as You Please”

Hear the New Voice Like Elijah Did

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2066

In the world of love, you have a spe-
cial right that enables you to make God
your own object partner. Whether you
are large or small, this is an indisputable
As you shed sweat with blood in the
field of your tong ban breakthrough
activities, laying the foundation and
creating a melting pot overflowing with
love, having been filled up totally, then
in the position of an owner ask God,
“Would you ever like to come here?”
Would you expect Him to say, “Get lost!
Go away!” Instead He will say, “Show me
the way!” Then He will ask you, “Where
would you like me to sit?” He cannot just
sit wherever He chooses. The principles
of the world work in this way.
The God who created the order in the
world knows the stages of the world that
He created. Therefore, He knows where
He should sit or where He should stand.
In Korea we have a saying for some-
one who has no common sense. We say
about him, “Does that person know how
to discern between where he will sit or
stand?” We say this, don’t we? It is the
same with God. (208-211, 1990.11.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1132

If we read the Bible, it tells us that
Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit
of the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil, but then what does it mean that
they covered their sexual parts? If the
Christian churches had a mind to inter-
pret the Bible a little more intellectu-
ally, they would immediately be able to
understand the origin of the Fall. Why
were Adam and Eve ashamed of their
sexual parts? Why did they cover them?
They should have covered their mouths
and hands. There is nothing wrong with
sexual organs. However, since people fell
through them, these parts of the human
body became a palace of shame where
heavenly love was violated. A spring of
true love should have welled forth from
there, but a fountain of false, devil-
ish love gushed out instead. That place
therefore became the stronghold of the
worst kind of love. (202-199, 1990.5.24)

The Heart of Heaven in Relation to Elijah

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1959

1 Kings 19: 1-21

The central role players in history have been people who were pursued and hounded. The doctrines that have ruled history were made by such people. People enjoying sumptuous feasts, living in grand style and sitting on a lofty seat in a grand residence never made such doctrines. Those people who were pursued, trodden upon and miserable made them. They were the people who shed tears.

The people who shed tears on behalf of Heaven, holding onto the world when the people of the nation are corrupt and the world is in utter confusion are the successors to Elijah on the world level. Such people can stand before Heaven on behalf of the Israelites for whom Elijah felt concern. If you strut proudly, saying, “Elijah is Elijah, and I am I,” you will meet with destruction. We must become those who can cry and feel sorrow together with Heaven.

Heaven does not exist only as logos. He is the God of the word, of the substantial entity, of Shim Jung and of love. We have become people who do not even know the word. We do not know the purpose of our body. We do not know what our Shim Jung is supposed to feel and experience. We do not know the heavenly love we should practice. Continue reading “Hear the New Voice Like Elijah Did”