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Cheon Seong Gyeong 713

Do you have a gift to bring along when you go to heaven? When you go to the spirit world, religious martyrs will line up in front of you. Can you unwrap the bundle you brought with you in front of them? Do you think that you can unfold something that is like a beggar’s rag which he uses for wrapping his feet? What suffering have you and the Unification Church undergone? How can you say you lived for the nation and the world without having withstood such hardships? I have suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering. Naturally, we still have a long way to go. Upon your arrival in the spirit world, you have to be able to unwrap your bundle and say, “Here is the gift I prepared all throughout my life; please receive it.” If a woman must bring a dowry when moving in with her in-laws, how can you go to heaven empty-handed?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1804

    Thus, Satan destroyed the family completely. There is no way for Satan or God to solve the problems of juvenile delinquency and family breakdown. If God could, He would have done so at the time of Adam’s family in the Garden of Eden.
    Can God, who was not able to interfere in the Garden of Eden, do anything about this perishing world? Who must bear the responsibility for this? As the false parents, who were made to fall in ignorance ruined things in this way, the True Parents must completely understand everything, God’s secrets and Satan’s secrets, and expose Satan’s secrets before God, saying, “You thug, you turned out to be a murderer!” Wouldn’t even a murderer in hiding slip away from the human world forever, when the proof of his crime is revealed, his crimes declared for what they are, and he is pronounced guilty? It is the same; the reality today is exactly the same as this situation. (302-224, 1999.6.14)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

This was June 1st. It was on June 1st that Noah’s ark came to rest on land. It was at the “Coex.” “Co” brings to mind “convenient.” Then what is “ex”? “Ex” is the opposite of “oh.” The English world for “bul-pyeon” is “inconvenient,” isn’t it? This means inconvenient for the family. That is why a group appears to bring correction. It is “in” “convenient.” Attaching the “in” creates the negative, and this is true. “Convenient” “Co” is in “convenient,” so it is all there.

What is the English word for “bul-pyeon”? What is the word for “pyul-li”? [A voice from the audience responds: “The word for ‘pyul-li’ is ‘convenient'”] So it’s “inconvenient.” [Voice from the audience: ‘Yes, the word for ‘bul-pyeon’ is ‘inconvenient.'”] So “inconvenient” and “convenient” are one. It should be “ex-convenient.” Why was it decided to say “inconvenient”? Isn’t this a reference to inner and outer? Isn’t this Cain-Abel? Even the English letters themselves cannot be denied. It is the principle of Cain and Abel.

When I was studying English, I said to myself, “Wow! This language is really for the most uncouth of servants.” A person addresses his mother as “you.” A woman will refer to her mother as “she” and her husband as “he.” It’s “he” and “she.” A king is “he” and his subjects are also “he.” There is no place for Cain and Abel. There is nothing else. There is no ideal of peace in America. What is there? Can you answer that? Studying English convinced me. I said to myself, “This is really fake.”

Ka, na, da, ra, ma, ba, sa, a, ja, cha, ka, ta, pa ha! This alphabet does everything. It can describe any text, any word, any action. This alphabet can be used to pronounce any language. It is the ancestor of a world of incredible culture. Look at Koreans. When Americans, Japanese, and other nationalities go out witnessing, the Koreans are the ones who get the best results. Why is that? If a Korean goes to a Spanish-speaking area, he speaks in Spanish. A Korean can speak referring to a book, and he will pronounce the words correctly. He hears a word during the morning, and he can use it in a conversation that evening. That is how convenient it is.

So even if there are five adverbs and adjectives — even if there are more than twelve — a Korean is smart enough to distinguish among them and use them. No one can compete with Koreans in intelligence. That is why Koreans understand the spirit world. Koreans found out about the spirit world just by sitting still. Their language began in the spirit world. Who was the first owner who could hear the language that began in this way? It could only have been God.

It would not do if God were in a position where it is possible for Him not to act through the objects He created. We would have no need for such a God. He would be putting Himself in an unreasonable position even in terms of logic. No matter what language human beings use, God understands every word, so there are no words that cannot be expressed in written form using the Korean language. The country of Korea possesses such a language.

In Korea, God is referred to as “hana nim” (meaning “the one”). It has no other concept. You refer to Him as “God.” Some say, “God,” others say “Allah” and so on. With regard to the savior as well, there can only be one concept. Not two. There may be hundreds of concepts in existence, but that is because people take the one savior and complicate things by creating fakes.

Since long ago, I have been telling you in America to study Korean, so why haven’t you done so? We have come all this way, and do you expect me to speak in English? I could speak in broken English, and you would understand me and we would have good communication. But I am not going to do that. I must not. If I were to speak English, my tongue would become stiff. Even when I know what to say, I keep myself from speaking by closing my mouth and biting my tongue. If I were to speak in English, we would both be destroyed. We would both be kicked out. A citizen who does not speak his country’s language cannot be a citizen.

God Has Suffered Alone

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1547

The Korean language and alphabet were created and are being used in Korea. The term True Parents was first coined in Korean. For the first time in history, God’s love and True Parents’ love could be engrafted based on True Parents’ love. At the beginning of the time when God could speak about love, He could only communicate in Korean on the foundation of the love centered on True Parents. The origin of the words True Parents is absolute – therein lies the reason you must learn Korean. You also need to learn the Korean alphabet because it contains the letters used to write the language. You should understand that the first place God could speak the words of true love is in Korea. (135-166, 1985.11.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1192

Once I set the condition of having loved Satan on the world level, then he cannot take away those who follow me. Then what happens? Cain and Abel will switch their positions. The Abel realm up, until present, was in a position of people who are chased after, but from now on, it will possess the right of the eldest son of God’s Kingdom. The satanic world will collapse. It will only retreat, unable to generate any opposition. If it even tries to oppose, it will be crushed into pieces. This is the view of the Principle. (139-278, 1986.1.31)

Purity of Intention

2. Sincerity as the Measure of Worship

Why did you come and sit in this room this morning? Are you sitting here and listening to my good message so that you can become a great person? Or are you sitting here and listening to my message because you want to make the church prosper and make America great? Which is your reason for being here, the former or the latter? After listening to me now, those of you who came with the first motivation have converted to the second. You prove that by your laughter! (118:45, May 2, 1982)

People who believe in religion for their own benefit stop believing when they receive blessings, because their goal of faith was to receive blessings. After enjoying their blessings for a time, they fall away from God. You should be different. The goal of your faith in God should be to bless the world, because that is what God wants from you. (127:27, May 1, 1983)

When I visited the spirit world, I saw that the martyrs who died in order to enter heaven did not enter heaven. Rather, those martyrs who died with a grateful heart entered and dwell there. They went the way of martyrdom with this heart: “God walked a suffering path to find me; He shed His blood for me. I will go anywhere and do anything to repay God for His grace.”
    For whom did they die? Did they die for their own sake? No, they died for the sake of heaven and earth. On the other hand, those martyrs who thought, “I will die like this because it is the path to heaven,” for whom did they die? They died for themselves. As fallen people, we can never enter the Kingdom of God by insisting on ourselves. (41:355, February 18, 1971)

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The Period of the Second Advent is Parallel to the Time of Jesus

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 93

What does God need? God does not
need even life. As the initiator of life,
why would He need that? Then what
does He need? He needs love. Why does
God need love? He needs love because
love is something that exists only in a
reciprocal relationship. Without being a
God who needs love, He would be unable
to make a relationship with the created
world and human world. Since the con-
clusion is that God cannot make a rela-
tionship with the world of existence with-
out coming with a heart of love, He fixed
love as the standard. (121-100, 1982.10.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 631

On earth, food is one of life’s con-
cerns. Thus, manufacturing plants for
automobiles, fertilizer, garments, food,
and so on are needed. People make a
big fuss over food at home. In the spir-
it world, all that is unnecessary. Cars
and planes are not needed. In the twin-
kling of an eye, infinite distances can be
crossed. Spiritual energy travels faster
than the sunlight created by God, and it
travels three hundred million meters per
second. God’s original love energy and
life energy travel infinitely faster than
that. If you wish to meet with someone
light years away, that person will appear
right away. Even in heaven, which is
vast, when you prepare your heart and
say that you would like to meet some-
one you loved, that person will appear
on the spot.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part


The Korean people have long cherished a messianic hope, nurtured by the clear testimonies of their prophets. The Korean people, the Third Israel, have believed in the prophecy that the Righteous King will appear and found a glorious and everlasting kingdom in their land. Clinging to this hope, they found the strength to endure their afflictions. This messianic idea among the Korean people was revealed through the Chonggamnok, a book of prophecy written in the fourteenth century at the beginning of the Yi dynasty.

Furthermore, among the faithful of every religion in Korea are those who have received revelations that the founders of their religions will return to Korea.

Finally, we witness revelations and signs being given to spiritually attuned Christians testifying to the Second Coming of Christ in Korea; they are sprouting in profusion like mushrooms after a rain. God’s promise that He will pour out His spirit upon all flesh84 is being fulfilled among the Korean people. As devout Christians make contact with spirits from various levels of the spirit world, from the lower realms to Paradise, many are receiving clear revelations that the Lord will come to Korea.


Therefore, the spiritual and material aspects of civilization developing from religion and science, which have flourished all over the world, will be embraced and harmonized in Korea as guided by the new truth. Then they will bear fruit in the ideal world of God’s deepest desire. First, the essences of all civilizations which developed on the land should bear fruit in Korea. Next, the essences of civilizations born on the shores of rivers and seas should bear fruit in the Pacific civilization to which Korea belongs. Last, civilizations born out of different climate zones should bear fruit in Korea.


The period of the Second Advent is parallel to the time of Jesus. The situations unfolding in Christianity today are similar to those which took place in Judaism at Jesus’ time. Let us examine some of these parallels. Today’s Christianity, like the Judaism of Jesus’ day, adheres too rigidly to institutional authority and ceremonies, while internally it is corrupt.

Christian leaders today, like the Jewish leaders of Jesus day, will probably be the first to persecute Christ at the Second Advent. When people receive revelations about Christ at the Second Advent or hear his words, they will respond in ways similar to the way the Jews in Jesus’ day responded. Both in Jesus’ day and at the Second Advent, many devout believers who set out on the path of faith with the hope of entering Heaven may actually find themselves in hell. Recognizing that similar events may occur in the Last Days, each of us should seriously examine ourselves.


If human beings had not fallen, we would have formed one global family, which may be likened to a body whose members are all interlinked with each other with God as their head. Then all would have shared a common language; there never would have risen a profusion of tongues unintelligible to one another.

As children of the same parents, having the same feelings of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure, if we cannot share our deepest feelings with one another because we speak different languages, it is the greatest of misfortunes. Our languages therefore must be unified if we are to realize the ideal world of one global family which can honor Christ at the Second Advent as our True Parent.

Based upon which language will all languages be unified? The answer to this question is obvious. Children should learn the language of their parents. If Christ does indeed return to the land of Korea, then he will certainly use the Korean language, which will then become the mother tongue for all humanity. Eventually, all people should speak the True Parents’ language as their mother tongue. All of humanity will become one people and use one language, thus establishing one global nation under God.

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Those Who are Willing to Die Will Live

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 259

Language is one of the most chal-
lenging problems. When Koreans are
here, those who do not know Korean
have a difficult time. They look pitiful.
How great it would be if language were
unified! When I first came to America,
I only knew “Yes” and “No,” although I
had studied English through books. Can
you imagine how stifled I felt! You need
to know how necessary the unification
of language is. Do you wish to listen to
my speeches through an interpreter or
directly from me? Of course, you want to
listen to them in Korean. Why? Because
Book 2 • True Parents 260
Korean is the original language. There-
fore, in studying the Principle, if you
do not know the original language, you
will not understand the meaning of the
words. Furthermore, when you go to
the spirit world in the future, will you
be proud if you can say, “I understood
Father’s speeches directly, without trans-
lation” or if you have to say, “I listened
to his words through an interpreter?”
Which? Moreover, they are words that
express the ideal world of love. Does it
mean anything to whisper words of love
through an interpreter? The fifth para-
graph of our former pledge says, “We are
proud of the one culture.” The question
is how that one culture can come about.
You should know that in the world of
heart you have no choice but to become
one. The one who truly desires one world
of heart cannot go without knowing
this. Now, when you reach out to some-
one because you love them so much,
your feet move first before any thoughts
about love. Your feet move first, and not
the loving thought. How foolish this is! If
you think about eating in the same way,
it is as though you enjoyed eating left-
overs. Without the tradition and spirit
of the ideal family the ideal world can-
not appear.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 779

For whom does God exist? God, the
subject of love, exists for the purpose of
seeking and raising a partner of love.
With what shall He do this? He will do
this based on true love. True love is liv-
ing and investing oneself for the sake of
others, and forgetting one’s investment.
Eternal life can be found here. The entire
world is made this way. I myself am like
this. As I know the value of eternal life,
facing the gallows is not a problem. There
is nothing to fear. That is why the Unifi-
cation Church refers to death as seung-
hwa and its ceremony as the Seunghwa

Man Is an Explorer in Search of Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959

John 10: 1-18

10 Jesus said:

I tell you for certain that only thieves and robbers climb over the fence instead of going in through the gate to the sheep pen. 2-3 But the gatekeeper opens the gate for the shepherd, and he goes in through it. The sheep know their shepherd’s voice. He calls each of them by name and leads them out.

When he has led out all of his sheep, he walks in front of them, and they follow, because they know his voice. The sheep will not follow strangers. They don’t recognize a stranger’s voice, and they run away.

Jesus told the people this story. But they did not understand what he was talking about.

Jesus said:

I tell you for certain that I am the gate for the sheep. Everyone who came before me was a thief or a robber, and the sheep did not listen to any of them. I am the gate. All who come in through me will be saved. Through me they will come and go and find pasture.

10 A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest. 11 I am the good shepherd, and the good shepherd gives up his life for his sheep. 12 Hired workers are not like the shepherd. They don’t own the sheep, and when they see a wolf coming, they run off and leave the sheep. Then the wolf attacks and scatters the flock. 13 Hired workers run away because they don’t care about the sheep.

14 I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and they know me. 15 Just as the Father knows me, I know the Father, and I give up my life for my sheep. 16 I have other sheep that are not in this sheep pen. I must bring them together too, when they hear my voice. Then there will be one flock of sheep and one shepherd.

17 The Father loves me, because I give up my life, so that I may receive it back again. 18 No one takes my life from me. I give it up willingly! I have the power to give it up and the power to receive it back again, just as my Father commanded me to do.


We have listened to the words You have granted. Although many people in this world stand in the face of death, in reality they are preoccupied with praising themselves and boasting to the universe.

Can anyone show himself off and elevate his own value in this kind of a world? As we silently search our hearts, we cannot deny that one who does stands in a false position.

Father, what do our minds long for today? Toward what should we direct them in order to be elevated? This is the moment to realize that our minds and bodies cannot be our own. This is the moment to understand that we are in a miserable situation where we cannot be proud of ourselves.

Please allow us to realize at this moment that we are not the final arbiters of the value of our minds and bodies, that we did not make ourselves and that we are pitiable beings who cannot reach our destination. We did not cause our own lives, nor did the ideology that leads our minds in the direction of goodness originate with us either. Please allow this hour to be the moment when we realize that they originated from something other than ourselves.

Father, today is the moment when we should feel that we must disdain ourselves, we who were so busy making excuses to save face. Please allow us to realize at this hour that the true self whom Heaven and earth, the world and humanity, the society, the family, and myself are looking for is a victor who can conquer himself and who can ignore and stamp out the arrogance that makes him want to elevate himself and stand out.

Jesus said, “Forget everything and follow me.” He also said, “Those who are willing to die will live; those wanting to live will die,” and “Those who want to rise up will go lower and those willing to go lower will rise.”

When we understand the content of these words, we realize that we have to throw ourselves away. We have fallen ancestors and we cannot break away from the bondage of fallen history.

Therefore, our course of life is a pitiable one. The living environment is so chaotic that we live in a confused state, unable to distinguish good from evil. Heavenly Father has labored to pioneer the path of life in such a land. Numerous saints have come and gone in this land in order to bring the ideal of the true person, the true ideology, and the true cosmos to humanity.

Learn Korean

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1960

America is the representative with-
in the religious spheres centering on the
spirit, but that spirit is now completely
missing. The Soviet Union sought an
ideal material world, but that material
world has become completely empty. So,
the opposite has happened. God made
it that way. For the sake of the external
body and internal life, the Eve nation
has the responsibility to nurture those
areas where the material and the spiri-
tual are falling into ruin. The mother
should connect these two. She should
revive America and the Soviet Union.
(201-219, 1990.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1219

I have been in and out of prison sev-
eral times, in both North and South
Korea. You must know this. Why must
we accomplish restoration through
indemnity? Why should we be separat-
ed from Satan? The reason we should
separate from Satan is in order to make
free the realm of the portion of respon-
sibility. Did Satan interfere with the life
of Adam and Eve before the Fall? You
cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if
Satan has interfered with your life.
Where are you standing now? Your
conscience knows where you are. You
cannot deceive it. It knows where you
are going. (148-199, 1986.10.9)



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

I coined a new phrase – “forgetting concept age”. Even though I memorize some English in the evening, the next morning I can’t remember. As a young man I could study ten or twelve pages and clearly remember. I have to learn English because I have to pull young Western people back from Satan.

You are still young, so you have no excuse not to learn Korean. You should read Father’s speeches in Korean. Those speeches contain a wealth of knowledge and solutions to problems from the individual to the world level. Famous scholars are now studying Korean in order to read my speeches in the original language. Translating them into English is a shameful situation. Those famous professors will ask you how many years have you been in the Unification Church: “More than twenty years.” “Do you know the contents of Father’s speeches in Korean?” “No.” “Then you cannot claim to be disciples of Reverend Moon.” This is a serious issue, so I recommend that you please learn Korean. Continue reading “Learn Korean”