The Family Pledge Will Be the Motto for Tens of Thousands of Years

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2356

Centering on the settlement age of True Parents, you must establish the family completion age without shame before God. So, we needed the Family Pledge. We need it. We will need it. Which one is it? We need it! That’s the way it is. It will be the motto for thousands or tens of thousands of years. It’s amazing! You must be grateful for the fact that you can recite the pledge due to your liberation by the removal of the mask of false religions. I have gone through such bitter sorrow and shed countless tears through the years to bring you to this point. I have offered my own blood to lead the Unification Church until now. If you cannot go beyond the sacrificial altar, you can never go to the heavenly kingdom. You must make this altar. (261-98, 1994.5.22)
The Family Pledge

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1519

    What this indicates is that the family is the textbook from which you can learn the love of the universe. Without the grandmother, the family is unstable. The same is true of a family without a grandfather or either of the parents. Only when the family has all of its members present can it move directly to God’s Kingdom. The grandparents, parents, and children can all enter heaven as they are.
    The people who love the true grandparents, true parents, true children, true family, true nation and true universe can enter heaven. The model textbook is the family. If you learn to constantly reflect on God with such thoughts in your mind, your future would be assured. When you love God in your heart and you can say, “I love for the sake of the future,” then your future would be eternally blessed. (162-140, 1987.4.5)

Leadership and Government

Righteous Leadership

3. The Righteous Leader Keeps Away from Corruption

There is no vice more detestable than avarice, more especially in great men and such as bear sway in the government of a state.
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