The Purpose of Creation is Being Trampled

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 1271

Jesus told Nicodemus that unless one
is reborn, one cannot enter the Kingdom
of God. The “I” who has lived until now
must be denied. Even if you have excus-
es, and even if you have many accom-
plishments to your name, you must deny
yourself. Because you are fallen human
beings, you cannot escape from this fate.
Your whole life should be denied, your
daily life should be denied; you are liv-
ing a spiritually dead life that should be
denied. (6-278, 1959.6.7)

Richard: This is about real “cancel culture”. You are supposed to cancel your (fallen) self, not “cancel” other people.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1441

Those who are registered centering
on True Parents will become the ances-
tors of the future. They will become
ancestors of the next world, and based
on the mainstream tribe and everyone
from the collateral family lines, tribes
will be created. That is why you need to
be registered. You cannot be registered
without doing anything for it. You first
need to restore 160 or 180 couples. Those
who have failed to accomplish this will
be eliminated. The era in which you
could assert your position as one of the
36 Couples has already passed. We are
now living in the era of equalization,
and the only issue in this era is who will
be the first to fulfill that responsibility.
(286-247, 1997.8.11)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity


3. To Restore the Garden of Eden

The Lord God took the man and put him in the
Garden of Eden to till it and keep it.
Genesis 2.15

When God created the first man, He took him
and led him round all the trees of the Garden of
Eden, and said to him, “Behold My works, how
beautiful and commendable they are! All that I
have created, for your sake I created it. Pay heed
that you do not corrupt or destroy My universe;
for if you corrupt it there is no one to repair it
after you.”
Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7.13 (Judaism)

In the days when natural instincts prevailed, men
moved quietly and gazed steadily. At that time,
there were no roads over mountains, nor boats,
nor bridges over water. All things were produced,
each for its own proper sphere. Birds and beasts
multiplied; trees and shrubs grew up. The former
might be led by the hand; you could climb up and
peep into a raven’s nest. For then man dwelt with
the birds and beasts, and all creation was one.
There were no distinctions of good and bad men;
being all equally without knowledge, their virtue
could not go astray. Being all equally without evil
desires, they were in a state of natural integrity,
the perfection of human existence.
Chuang Tzu 9 (Taoism)

The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
and the leopard shall lie down with the kid,
and the calf and the lion and the fatling
and a little child shall lead them.
The cow and the bear shall feed;
their young shall lie down together;
and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
The sucking child shall play over the hole of
the asp,
and the weaned child shall put his hand on the
adder’s den.
They shall not hurt or destroy
in all My holy mountain;
for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of
the Lord
as the waters cover the sea. 14
Isaiah 11.6-9

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Our planet Earth faces serious environmental problems. Environmental pollution and injury to nature show contempt for the beautiful and holy world that God created. People without true love abuse the natural world; they take it as merely something to be used.
One serious consequence of the Fall is that Adam and Eve could not inherit God’s true love. As a result, people are unable to love their fellow human beings, and they are unable to love the creation.
All creatures still yearn to receive true love from human beings. I would like to build an ideal community in South America, one that demonstrates the appropriate relationship of love between human beings and nature. (271:75-76, August 22, 1985)

Live in the countryside rather than in the city. Embrace, nurture and protect the natural world with the same love that God had when He first created it. You and I have the responsibility to protect endangered species from becoming extinct. Only when we love all creation and all people in God’s stead can we return to our rightful positions as owners.
Love nature. Love the sea, the mountains and the fields—all three. Love all living things, so that they may grow. As the descendants of Adam and Eve, you have the responsibility to love the water, the air and the earth in God’s stead, restoring them to their original condition before the Fall. They will supply nutrients for all things to grow, and all creation will return to the blessed world of Eden. (May 10, 2003)

This planet earth is becoming barren. Year by year the deserts are growing, and plants are disappear-ing. Therefore, we should collect all the varieties of seeds that God created and sow them. With the loving heart that God had when He created all things on earth, we should increase the trees and plants, transplanting them and propagating their cuttings. We should protect the land. The land should contain a balance of plants, animals and human beings. If the plants die away, then human life and civilization will inevitably perish.
We are now faced with a situation in which the purpose of creation is being trampled. Therefore, as we love God, His nation and His sovereignty, we should also love and protect His people and His land. By restoring the entire creation, we should create a lush and prosperous natural world where animals roam free, as God originally intended us to build. (304:254-55, November 8, 1999)