We Must Block and Cleanse This History of Betrayal

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2025

When Jesus died and ascended into
Heaven, he gave Peter the keys to Heav-
en. Rev. Moon is giving you the keys to
Book 13 • Restoration of the True God’s Homeland 2026
Heaven while he is still alive. I am not
giving them to you so you can save indi-
viduals, but I am giving you the keys
that can save tribes. I am not a person
who saves individuals.
You are becoming Messiahs. Home
Church messiahship is not just some
futile theory. Things are set up on earth
so that they can go straight to the spirit
world, just the way they are. The efforts
each of you make, determines who can
dig up the most diamonds from the
mouth of the diamond mine of the uni-
verse. The members of the Unification
Church are the ones who are excavat-
ing the diamond mine of the universe.
We are doing it through Home Church.
There are difficulties, but the question
is, who can dig up the most diamonds?
(102-217, 1978.12.31)

Richard: Home Church is the way that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is established.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1931

When we look at the stream of devel-
opment of civilization in human history,
the ancient civilizations that emerged in
the river valleys, passed to the Mediter-
ranean Sea, including Greece, Rome,
and the Iberian Peninsula. Then they
developed through the European con-
tinent, including Germany and France,
and bore fruit as a Judeo-Christian cul-
ture in the form of the Atlantic civiliza-
tion centered on Great Britain, an island
nation. Afterwards, civilization passed
westward through the North American
continent, and presently we have the era
of the Pacific Ocean centered on Japan,
an island nation. This represents the
expansion of the Judeo-Christian civi-
lization into Asia.
When we recognize this kind of
movement of civilizations in light of
God’s providence, we can see that the
island nation that has been placed in the
center of heavenly fortune today is none
other than Japan. At the conclusion of
the 20th century, Japan has come to
stand in the limelight of human history
in God’s providence. Therefore, Japan’s
current prosperity cannot be explained
without considering her relationship to
the Judeo-Christian providence of God.
If Japan has a role in God’s plan, atten-
tion should be paid to the providential
mission that Japan bears. It is because
the purpose of God’s providence is the
realization of world peace. World peace
is the very hope for all humankind.
There can be no better hope for
human society than if the island nations
around the world get together here and
commit themselves to a federation of
nations for the creation of world peace.
It is with this expectation and ideal that
I established the Federation of Island
Nations. I cannot but hope that the real-
ization of world peace will come true
as the island nations all over the world
inherit the heavenly fortune which was
given by God to Japan, and form a group
of nations dedicating their collective will
to the pursuit of world peace.

Jesus Whom God Wanted To Find

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959

Matthew 23:29-39

The apostles who did not know the historic heart of Jesus betrayed him. They betrayed Jesus who moved according to the historical will. They did not know him and betrayed the man who moved with the will of the future in his heart. Therefore, for us to block and cleanse this history of betrayal, we must become younger brothers and sisters of Jesus, and we must become brides whom Jesus can love. We must become Jesus’ family members who are able to live eternally with him. If not, you should at least become a citizen who can fight on Jesus’ side on the battlefield.

God sought members for Jesus’ family. After sending Jesus to humankind, God looked for people who could become Jesus’ younger brothers and sisters and who could become members of Jesus’ family. Heaven wanted this and had worked hard to accomplish it for four thousand years. Joseph’s family should have loved Jesus and lived with him with the will of God through life or death. Joseph and Mary should have reached the level of the bride before Jesus arrived, but they didn’t. Among Jesus’ younger brothers, there were none who said, “Brother, where are you going? I will go with you.” What happened in the Gospel of John? Jesus’ brothers and sisters did not understand or believe in Jesus. (John 7:1-9) Moreover, did John the Baptist, who testified that the Holy Spirit came down as a dove from Heaven and manifested herself upon Jesus, ask, “My Lord! Where do you wish to go?” Did he ask, “My Lord! Where do you wish to live?” Did the chosen people of Israel ask that? Because no one asked Jesus these questions, he went to the spiritual world carrying much sorrow.

The Last Days are the time of removing this sorrow. The day when Jesus resolves this unresolved sorrow is the judgment day. Those who want to survive the Last Days, open your minds, and examine yourself with a composed heart. Have I become someone who can find that Jesus of God’s hope? Am I qualified to become a member of Jesus’ family? Am I qualified to become a citizen of the nation of that ideology? You do not know that Jesus is praying with this kind of an anxious heart.

We who are gathered here are traveling a difficult road. We are pioneering that road. We are doing things that never existed in history. We are saying words that are not in the New Testament. We are experiencing truths that spiritual people have not experienced. Our purpose is to become members of Jesus’ family, members of his tribe and citizens who can dwell in his bosom. We have gathered here to fulfill that purpose.

Who should stand closest to Jesus? His bride, his siblings and children, that is, his family should stand closest to him. This is the family God longs for. This is the family Jesus sought. It is the historical desire of God to set up this family on earth. In order to fulfill that desire, we must become Jesus’ siblings, his children and his brides. At least we should enter his tribe. In that way we can join the 144,000.

God and Jesus were miserable. Our ancestors also were miserable. They passed away one by one, but they could not hail the day of liberation. The day of liberation was lost. Our ancestors followed God’s will, dying without seeing the day of liberation. We must know all the facts of sorrow, and we should be able to attend Jesus whom God sought, whom God wanted to establish, and whom we want to attend.

We are following the providential course. If we look at the history of the Korean people, we know that they were a pitiable people. Despite the fact that they went through so much misery, world attention is centering on these people. Moreover, Christianity today is turning around centering on these people.