The Right of the Eldest Son Has Been Restored

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1603

    We have welcomed the era of the conclusion of the completed and perfected providence in the earthly world.
     I. The four-position foundation has been established both in the spiritual and physical worlds.
     II. Parents and children have restored the four-position foundation and have sown the seed of ideal families
     III. The first and second generations have become as one.
     IV. The South (Pantanal) and the North (Alaska) have become as one. (Representing the unity of heaven and earth)
     V. Satan’s lineage has been rooted out and converted to God’s side.
     (1998.9.8, Kodiak, Alaska)

Richard:  God’s will has been accomplished on earth, and the victory is won.  But do you know about it, and have you educated yourself and received the Blessing?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1010

We must establish a new tradition that transcends races and nations. We must establish the foundation for that tradition in accordance with God’s desire rather than our own. It means you should not hold yourself to your habits, previous customs, or current trends. You should know that this is totally different. When you observe the world of nature, you will see that everything exists in harmony. Everything is natural, in harmony and has no sign of awkwardness. Everything is made to become attractive and to be a stimulating force. If something is disliked, it will not draw any attention. (66-299, 1973.5.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 3

The Need for True Parents

Section 7. The Designation of the True Parents Was Foreseen and Predicted

    What will come to pass in the Last Days? Because we inherited the devil’s love, life and lineage, True Parents must appear here in order for us to inherit God’s love, life and lineage. The True Parent is not someone who just passes by. Do you know how much God had toiled and how much blood religions have shed before I declared the name “True Parents”? Continue reading “The Right of the Eldest Son Has Been Restored”

Marriage Allows Us to Resemble God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2264

The term “a glorious true family” refers to a family that can be happy on earth and in the spirit world. A family that can live directly with God, the central Being of the next world, will be a true family in glory. You must become families that like each other more and more for eternity. If you do not like each other, you should work together to actualize an ideal world of love. As ideal subject and object partners, you need to create an environment in which each partner feels grateful to, lives for, and respects the other because they have received each other as partners of love. (294-312, 1998.8.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1074

Children learn their parents’ heart.
(30-87, 1970.3.17)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

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Any Being Only Develops When Subject and Object Achieve Harmonious Give and Receive Action

Cheon Seong Gyeong 770

    Death means to be born in God’s love. But in the human world, people make a fuss, saying, “Oh, I am dying!” Seeing this, would God laugh merrily or would He exclaim, “Oh, no!”? When God looks at people crying like this in the human world, does He feel sorrow or joy? Leaving the realm of limited love, we enter the joyful realm of infinite love. Isn’t death the moment to welcome this joyfulness? Isn’t this going through the path of death the moment of actually a second birth?
    If this is the case, would God be joyful about the day your physical body is gone? Would He be joyful when someone is born as a son or daughter who can act for the sake of love in the second, infinitely expanded world? Why do I talk about such things? You cannot establish a relationship with God without liberating yourself from the fear of death. I am speaking about this because you must understand this reality. (116-172, 1982.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 926

You know yourself more than God knows you. Therefore, we do not need the Lord of judgment. Actually, we do not need a God of judgment. Your conscience knows best. In the light of this fundamental rule, how much you have contributed with the purpose of bringing liberation based on the liberated standard will be measured accordingly. You would know if you are authentic or fake. Would you know or not? If you don’t, there is no hope. If you don’t, you have to go to the public cemetery, you would have to go into the waste bin, or be driven into the Pacific Ocean on a raft. That’s something hard to handle.

Principle of Creation

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True Love is at the Center of Creation

Happy True Day of All Things!
Happy 64th Anniversary of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (now World Peace and Unification Sanctuary)

Fourth True Day of All Things Prayer
June 19, 1966

Father! Today at this time we dare attempt to comprehend Your heart as You were creating all the things of creation. It is the original purpose and hope of creation that the bonds of one family be formed throughout the entire universe on the foundation of Your heart, which is the center of joy, happiness and all things. When we consider this, we realize that today this earth has not achieved harmony with Your wishes, Your circumstances and Your heart, thereby repeating the Fall. Please guide us to become people who can contemplate all this and repent again for all our historical inadequacies.

Please have compassion, Father, for the many people who must dash into battle for the sake of tomorrow’s hope, having been unable to escape from the world of death. We earnestly hope for Your compassion toward the many believers who, transcending the present age, are rushing forward today in the direction of the original homeland, the land of the ideal of creation that You want to accomplish.

Father, as You have endured the responsibility for the past, present and future, You have withstood the greatest of hardships, and we know that Your heart is filled with sorrow. When we consider the sorrowful past in which people pounded nails into Your heart — when they should have been singing songs praising Your eternal truth and heart while standing in the presence of Your heart and ideal — we realize that we must bow our heads, kneel before You and raise an altar of atonement, while feeling the deep sorrow You have had to endure.

Father, as You look upon this reality, where no children have been able to raise the altar of victory before You, but are fulfilling the mission of high priest, we know You desire that at least we may become Your devoted envoys who can bear the cross of Heaven in Your stead. Father, though we have raised our hands and pledged to become Your true, filial sons and daughters and loyal subjects to appease Your sorrow and grief — even if it means giving up our lives after we have fulfilled our responsibility — we cannot help but lament that we have failed to practice filial piety and loyalty in a position that can bring You joy.

Nevertheless, Heavenly Father, please do not abandon us. We earnestly hope and pray that You work through us so we can become true children who can fulfill our mission and duties until the promised day of final victory.

Father! So many days have passed by during the long course of history, yet was there ever a single day when You could be happy? In spite of such a history, You found and instituted the Day of True Parents as well as the Day of All Things. Father, today is the Day of All Things You established after so much sacrifice. Father! We cannot help being filled with deep emotion as we greet this day, while reflecting once again on the providence You have carried out so laboriously.

Today is a historic day that marks the fourth anniversary of the day You established the Day of All Things. Throughout Your long course, You have walked forward through miserable adversity filled with sorrow and anguish. Yet we come to feel once again that You have prepared these days while promising the one day of absolute victory in accordance with the Will of Your great providence. Father! We earnestly hope and desire that You awaken us to the reality that we must be grateful, thousands and hundreds of thousands of times, when we consider that the greater the adversity in the past, the more it appears as a condition for greater gratitude today.

Your sons and daughters who were scattered in all directions have now gathered here at Cheongpa-dong Church. Therefore please have dominion over them and allow them to remember this day. Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray, Father, that through this day You allow them to establish the day of blessing You have prepared. Many members of the Unification Church spread out in all parts of South Korea are on their knees offering devotions and bows for this day. Therefore we sincerely hope Your touch of mercy will be with them wherever these children are gathered.

Moreover, there are many children all over the world who are upholding Your name and offering devotion. We earnestly hope and pray that You be with each of them. In addition, many of Your sons and daughters are struggling amidst the sorrow of pioneering a lonely path, unknown to others, with this amazing, cosmic, historic mission on their shoulders. Father, please remember them.

Father, we know only too well how exhausting is the path of adversity trod by a pioneer. Since You have also fought and advanced from such a position, You are fully aware of these circumstances. Therefore, Father, we earnestly hope and pray for Your efforts, that You may raise people who can resonate with Your circumstances and become laborers, lacking in nothing, who can fulfill the global and historical responsibility, realize the pledge to be victorious, and raise aloft the shield of victory in Your stead.

The time has now come for the first, second and third churches to take responsibility for the new mission locations and march in line toward the capital city of Seoul. Therefore please be with them and command them. By doing so, we earnestly hope and pray that You allow them to become Your children who, for the one day of triumph, can more than fulfill the responsibility of the high priest while holding high the shield of eternal victory.

Father, the more that time passes, the more we come to feel that our astounding responsibility and mission are unavoidable. As we go forward while taking responsibility for the destiny of this people, we can see that the time when we must devote ourselves completely to repay You, and make the final decision for this people, is drawing near. We hope You allow us to make a new resolution and a new vow before the Father, with a grateful heart and an inspired mind. Father, we also hope and pray that You work through us so we can become Your children, who can realize this vow and share with everyone the accomplishments we have achieved.

We know that innumerable spirits in the spirit world are hoping for this day and are waiting for the time when they can be indemnified. Father, we are aware that You have chosen us and placed on our shoulders the great responsibility of forging the connection between the spirit world and the physical world, even if it costs our lives. We are truly grateful that You have allowed us this hour to gather here. Please embrace and protect the many children who, even at this hour, are calling You from near and far with hearts of adoration, and please understand all the circumstances of the children who are walking lonely paths. We pray that today, on this day of joy and glory, You fill everyone with abundant grace. I humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju!

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 7, 1986

True Day of All Things Excerpt

Men and women are like two complementary tuning forks. A man can only vibrate in response to the woman’s love, and vice versa. Thus we say that love doesn’t really belong to you; it is not yours. It doesn’t even come from you. It comes to you from the other side, your object.

The man has his male sexual organs and the woman has her female sexual organs. Your organs do not belong to you. You are the custodian of those organs and they exist for the sake of your mate, who has the true ownership. You have no freedom with those instruments. A major problem with American society today, particularly among young people, is in this area. People think their love instrument is theirs, so they use it according to their whim. All kinds of moral degradation occur because they think their sexual instrument is their own. Continue reading “True Love is at the Center of Creation”