God’s Love, the Basis for the Kingdom of Heaven, Has Been Lost

Cheon Seong Gyeong 441

Also since everything is connected
to the core, then each position, one, two,
three, four, five, six and seven from this
central core are equal. If the grandfather
and his sons and daughters want some-
thing and the grandchild is not against
it, then all three generations will come
to want it. The grandfather and grand-
mother, husband and wife, and sons and
daughters all follow the center. In terms
of love, we say that the parent-child
relationship is one, the conjugal rela-
tionship is one, and the sibling relation-
ship is one. They are one body. What are
these relationships revolving around?
They are revolving around the true love
of God who is the center of love. Based
on true love, the parents and children,
husband and wife and brothers and sis-
ters all become one. In this way the val-
ue of everything becomes equal. (299-114,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2179

We must surpass this standard. Our
Blessed Families must enlarge them-
selves with good points from each other,
and live their lives serving and caring
for their parents. (26-299, 1969.11.10)

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958

Matthew 7:1-12

When humans were cast out of ancient Eden, they grieved centered on themselves, not knowing God’s heart. Thus, forgetting our own body’s sorrow and pain, we must first liberate God from sorrow and pain. Unless we do this, we cannot dissolve the grievous historical resentment and go over it. Therefore, you must now feel that each of us is a crystallization of God’s tears of 6,000 years. We are not only the crystallization of God’s tears, we are also the crystallization of God’s pain. Only from such a position will our individual value be restored to life again.

For that reason, we who are placed in the last days, when we must dissolve the sorrow and pain caused by the fall, must now represent God’s heart. We must know how to grieve and receive pain in place of God, who has grieved and received pain for 6,000 years. Since humans have no comprehension of this, you must know that Heaven has unfolded the dispensation, shedding tears for humanity, having laid down the term “Heaven’s judgment.”

How is one to avoid judgment? We are not to cry holding onto our bodies or over our pain. We must know the pain of God, who bears greater pain than ours to save us. We must know that God’s sorrows and difficulties are greater than ours. We must deny everything about ourselves and dissolve all the pain that has penetrated deeply into the heart of God, who has been guiding history from behind the scenes. Today’s humanity is fated to seek the one who can carry out such a mission. Continue reading “God’s Love, the Basis for the Kingdom of Heaven, Has Been Lost”