Jesus Represents both Human and Heavenly Principles

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CSG 1954

I am in a position to retake these
nations of Korea and Japan centering on
the Adam nation and Eve nation. With
the arrival of the age of restoration, they
must be restored centering on Eve. That
is why the Eve nation, Japan, holds all the
economic power. Consequently, Ameri-
ca needs Japan, China needs Japan, and
Korea needs Japan as well. In the realm
of competition, these nations are at war
with each other, vying to be the first to
attract Japan. I know about this. That is
why I brought them into exchange mar-
riages and completely tied Korea and
Japan together. America, China, and the
Soviet Union did not oppose this union.
(201-232, 1990.4.22)

CSG 741

The spirit world must be mobilized.
How can heaven be formed without
mobilizing the spirit world? It cannot.
Heaven is supposed to begin from the
True Parents, not the fallen descendants
who have existed until now. Just as the
angelic world helped when Adam was
created, the spirit world should return to
earth and help in the re-creation. With-
out doing so, it is not possible to build
heaven on earth. Is that not the Princi-
ple? Is this not the Principle of Resurrec-
tion? It will be recognized as true when
it appears as real and unchanging. (162-
114, 1987.3.30)

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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