Give Us A Heart to Transcend Our Personal Concerns

2 Chronicles 7

On that same day, Solomon dedicated the courtyard in front of the temple and got it ready to be used for worship. The bronze altar he had made was too small, so he used the courtyard to offer sacrifices to please the Lord[a] and grain sacrifices, and also to send up in smoke the fat from the other offerings.

Psalms 94

12 Our Lord, you bless everyone
    that you instruct and teach
    by using your Law.
13 You give them rest
    from their troubles,
    until a pit can be dug
    for the wicked.
14 You won’t turn your back
    on your chosen nation.
15 Justice and fairness
    will go hand in hand,
    and all who do right
    will follow along.

When We Should Stay Awake with Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Matthew 25:1-13

Father! As we try to think about the new task, we realize that we cannot even think as the present flow continues; we cannot wake up unless we find a moment in which we stop the flow of history and think about ourselves. Since we cannot wake up without a new shock, Father, please continuously give us such shocks with which to escape from the historical ties. As we see that, we cannot wake without a stimulated heart. We should look for and adore such a heart.

You have sent leaders in every age to awaken others. You led them to live with the Shim Jung with which You grieved over fallen humankind. Noah, Moses and Jesus all lived like this. Father! Please give us a shock of new feelings in the grounds of our hearts. Give us a heart to transcend our personal concerns, to experience Your sorrow, and to worry about the nation being swept into the world of death. Continue reading “Give Us A Heart to Transcend Our Personal Concerns”

Find the Word Incarnate In This Age

Exodus 8

29 “Your Majesty,” Moses replied, “I’ll pray for you as soon as I leave, and by tomorrow the flies will stop bothering you, your officials, and the citizens of your country. Only make sure that you’re telling the truth this time and that you really intend to let our people offer sacrifices to the Lord.”

Richard:  Our own responsibility and our role is very important.  Based on carrying on the mission(s) that God assigns us, Providence can be shifted.

Isaiah 3

The mighty Lord All-Powerful
is going to take away
    from Jerusalem and Judah
everything you need—
    your bread and water,
soldiers and heroes,
judges and prophets,
    leaders and army officers,
officials and advisors,
and others
    who tell the future.
He will let children and babies[a]
    become your rulers.
You will each be cruel
    to friends and neighbors.
Young people will insult
    their elders;
no one will show respect
    to those who deserve it.

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

God must come to us, unite with us, and establish the garden of His ideal within our living environment and this world. Only in this way will God’s providence of restoration come to an end. For this reason, to stand before God as His possessions when He comes to us, we should possess the God-given Word, which is greater than any word in the satanic world.

God created all things through the Word, and He comes to us through the Word. Thus, if you say that you have come from God, since He has spread the Word, you have the responsibility to reap the Word and return it to the Father as His own.

What are the last days? It is the time when one must reap the Word and become the very incarnation of the Word. The incarnation is created through the Word. Finding the incarnation created through the Word has been the history of God and the purpose of Jesus’ appearance on earth. Continue reading “Find the Word Incarnate In This Age”

Find God’s Word in the End Times

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1154

Satan is the enemy who violated
love. He is a wretched thief who entered
the house while the parents were asleep,
murdered the father and raped the
mother. Who is Satan? He is the enemy
of love who raped God’s beloved Eve,
God’s partner in substantial form.
We must have a heart that is able to
give the person we love most to such an
adulterer and still bless him. You can-
not love the enemy merely by forgiving
him. Will Satan thank you just for for-
giving him? We must have such a heart
that we are able to bless our enemy even
after giving him our only beloved. This
is the final obstacle we must surmount.
Yet, people say that they will go to heav-
en due to their faith alone, don’t they?
(34-278, 1970.9.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 919

That is why, yesterday, I explained
in what manner the psychological pro-
cess is related to the physical and spir-
it worlds. It is said that the psyche puts
into effect an absolute force. People only
know one side of the question of why
this is so. Electricity is created through
the interaction between plus and minus.
They don’t know that it is the same phe-
nomenon, when force is manifested by
the plus and minus within that circle of
relationship. Therefore, if we delve into
this area, a world of new dimensions will
be found. When we enter the age where
the unknown spirit world can be ratio-
nally understood, the age of religion will
be brought to an end. It would be an age
where humankind would believe in God
even if they were told not to. This is a
great task. (134-239, 1985.7.20)

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

The most precious thing for a person is the original self, which possesses all the characteristics of God. Since the most precious thing has been lost, there is no happiness or joy for a person until it is found. Thus, fallen humans in every part of the world wander about in search of their original self.

What must be found first? We cannot dominate all things today. Although we have our minds, we do not understand God’s heart. Although we have our Shim Jung, it has no relationship with God’s Shim Jung. Although I search for and talk about ideals and love, I have fallen into a position where they have no relationship with God. We should know this. Continue reading “Find God’s Word in the End Times”