Know the Heart of Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 483 

This is how a husband and wife go
together. Between a husband and wife,
is there a separate love for him, and
a separate love for her? For them, love
is both your love and my love at the
same time. It is your love and my love.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2273

In essence, the term “father and son”
refers to the original parents and chil-
dren. If there are no such parents and
children, the nation cannot be estab-
lished. Everyone in the world is yearn-
ing for a world of peace, but that world
cannot be brought about through the
cultures being pursued by today’s devel-
oped nations. It can only come into
being through the True Parents. Even
if they were covered with straw mats,
carrying bundles of tattered clothes on
their backs, dressed in faded, worn-out
garments, having just climbed dogged-
ly out of an abyss, fallen human beings
need to learn from them, the heart of

The Heart of Heaven in Relation to Elijah

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1959

We who were born later must now comprehend this heart of Heaven. Jesus ardently wished to relate to Heaven with such a heart; he desired to live this kind of life. We who are the tribe of Jesus, the successors to his undertaking, must become able to boast of ourselves as the embodiments of glory before Heaven. We who stand before the heavenly expectations today, bearing such a mission and responsibility, must now think about what we must seek, what we must feel, and what we must do.

What must we think of now? Since Jesus said we should become his friends and brides, each of us must think of becoming such a person. Furthermore, we must relieve Heaven from the historical han* that our ancestors caused. We must not leave to posterity the cause and occasion of lamentation and death. We must be able to leave the Golgotha of victory, not the Golgotha of death. You must know that Heaven is seeking a person who will assume such responsibility.

Since the mission of the last days lies with believers, we who eagerly look forward to the day of judgment and wish to stand on the grounds of glory by seeking out the Lord of resurrection, must know the sorrowful heart of Heaven as He dealt with Jesus and Noah’s family. When Noah was set up in the presence of Heaven and rose above the flood judgment after 120 years of toil, Heaven tried to be relieved from all past resentment through the remaining eight members of Noah’s family. However, due to Ham’s mistake, a condition for lamentation was again left behind. Knowing this, we must become the people who know how to relieve God from the grief of Noah’s family. Continue reading “Know the Heart of Heaven”