Hold onto Heaven Above and Human History Below

Cheon Seong Gyeong 87

If God had been thinking only about
Himself, would He have created heaven
and earth? Creation requires an invest-
ment of energy. An artist’s great hope is
to create a masterpiece. An artist invests
all his effort into making great works of
art. A masterpiece appears only when
the artist gives everything, and feels he
cannot give any more. Creation starts
with investing oneself. Creation is pos-
sible only when energy is poured out.
Without contributing energy, there is
no result. According to the principle
that a perfect object partner appears
only through total investment, God as
the Subject partner completely invested
Himself into making His object partner.
The creation was the beginning of God’s
work through which He determined not
to exist for His own sake, but for the sake
of His object partner. (78-111, 1975.5.6

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1055

Your families should not become
slaves to habit. The family is the starting
point for establishing the four-position
foundation. Here, the unity of the family
is required. The family should conform
to the original standard of God’s desire.
(21-76, 1968.10.20)

When We Should Stay Awake with Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Matthew 25:1-13

We must wake up now. We should open our sleepy eyes. We should reverse our actions. What should we be centered upon in trying to wake? It is not any accomplishment you have made in your life. You cannot escape from history merely with this. Since history hitherto has been a history of fallen persons and a world liable to judgment, it cannot be turned back with any earthly ties or accomplishments, nor can it be turned back with any power that has ruled so far. It cannot be turned back with anything we possess or any conditions of glory. This is the situation in which we exist. Continue reading “Hold onto Heaven Above and Human History Below”

Revive theWhole Ideology Hidden in God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 331

How shall we describe God’s love?
Imagine a warm spring day with white
clouds floating gently in the sky. The air
shimmers above the ground, insects and
ants scurry about exploring the world.
Beside a flowing stream, catkins blos-
som and frogs sing new songs of spring,
welcoming swarms of bees and butter-
flies. And there you are, enraptured in
the atmosphere, in that twilight state we
experience when drifting peacefully off
to sleep, and yet awake in a happy mood,
rejoicing forever. God’s love has such a
flavor. With your ideal partner given to
you by God, you will feel as if you are
in a flower garden where butterflies and
bees fly around. Are you happy even to
imagine this, or unhappy? These thick-
headed men here will not understand
this very well. (37-29, 1970.12.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 51

Does God really exist? Can God be
felt as more real than the pain that makes
you say “ouch” when someone pinches
you, or more real than the experience of
eating when you are hungry? This is the
question. When we know that God truly
exists, all probl

When We Should Stay Awake with Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Matthew 25:1-13

When I say it is time to wake, I do not mean waking from sleep at night. This word has been given in every age. As there is a world of a certain ideology to be realized in the last days, this word is given in every age to those who seek to find this world.

If you have a desire to advance yourself, to insist on your opinion and rule over the whole, from where did this originate? You are in the midst of sleep. Humankind is asleep today. The individual, the family, the society, country, world, and even spiritual world are in a deep sleep, unable to receive the time of hope. If everyone commonly feels that such a historical relationship should be concluded with something new, then the problem is what is that “something”. Looking back upon history, nations that insisted on traditional customs were swept aside. We should abandon the way of thinking we used to have in antiquated ages. People tend to value historical relics today because they are walking the course of restoration. This means that what has existed in the human world is to be seen as a reflection of God’s heart.

Therefore, we should not rest content with the old antiquated ideology. Rather, we should understand the value of the original ideology through it and receive stimulation, gaining a desire to commit ourselves to this precious ideology. Only such people can restore the ideal that was hidden in God’s Shim Jung from the beginning of the universe.

Thus, in the last days we should not try to find something by looking back at history; rather, we should conclude history and revive the whole ideology hidden in God and show it in a fresh new way. We should know that this time is indeed when God wakes up, and so do the people on the earth. Continue reading “Revive theWhole Ideology Hidden in God”