God is Building His People: Join the Ranks

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CSG 2147

The Fall, having constituted a wrong-
ful marriage in the Garden of Eden, is
now being reversed by the True Parents
through rightful marriages. Clearing up
the mess created by the false parents,
the True Parents are abolishing hell
and blessing billions of ancestors in the
spirit world, and restoring the true par-
ent-child relationship centering on true
love and bequeathing the original true
love, true life, and true lineage. In this
way, the ownership of the model of true
love of the eight stages, which is God’s
ideal of creation, is perfected; that is, we
establish the eternal, unchanging, true
love tradition by going through true ges-
tation, infancy, fraternity, adolescence
(engagement), conjugality, parenthood,
grandparenthood, and finally kingship.
Upon this foundation, we can perfect
the model of true love, the parent-child

Psalms 5

12 Our Lord, you bless those
    who live right,
    and you shield them
    with your kindness.

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