Only a True Person, the Messiah, can End the Battle between God and Satan

Cheon Seong Gyeong 258

Furthermore, only when we establish True Parents’ Day throughout all of heaven and earth will the sorrow of restoration be completely removed. Even though we have established True Parents’ Day and True Children’s Day, we have not established True Parents’ Day on the levels of an individual, a family, a people, a nation, the world and the cosmos. The same is true for True Children’s Day, and for the Day of All True Things. Only when we have developed to the point where we can be governed by the standard in which True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day, and the Day of All True Things have globally triumphed will God’s original purpose of creation be completed. Only then will True Parents’ Day finally become True Parents’ Day for all humankind and at the same time True Parents’ Day for Heaven itself. In the same way, True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things will be True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things both for all humankind and for Heaven. When we have reached such a position, then the time will have finally come when God can say that everything has finally been accomplished. We must establish True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things on all levels from the individual, through the family, peoples and nations. Only when we have established these days on the level of one nation can they become the central days of the nation and of the entire world. This is the issue. (13-294, 1964.4.12)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 699

    Originally, if people had not fallen, they would have passed into the spirit world with the qualification of owners or sons centered on love based on the family foundation. That is where the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of direct dominion are unified with that of True Parents’ heart. By the Principle one cannot go to heaven without this foundation.
    Since Jesus and Christians went to spirit world without reaching that point, until now they have all remained in the middle realm of the spirit world. With Heung-jin passing, however, a central point was established where they could be engrafted to God. Since Heung-jin received the Blessing and his spouse is still on earth, he can stand in the same position as having a family in his lifetime.
    Thus, centering on Heung-jin’s family, the spiritual foundation on which one can visit one’s family on earth has been established. This is precious. The establishment of Heung-jin’s family is precious.
    If such work could have been done, despite Jesus’ death, Christianity would not have needed to sacrifice as it did until now. Yet there has been no other way. Why? Jesus had to go to the other world and return because, within the realm of True Parents’ heart, separation from Satan could not be done within the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle; and because the foundation of love was not established within the realm of direct dominion.

Richard:  Heung-jin is the second son of Father and Mother Moon.  He died at the age of 17 on Jan 2, 1984 after a car accident on an icy road while maneuvering the car to save the life of his friend in the passenger seat.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 2. The Messiah, the True Parent

2.3. The mission of the Messiah

    What is the purpose of the Messiah? It is to complete the vertical foundation and bring forth the horizontal foundation. Then, who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the one who comes with a firm grasp of the fundamental plan for attaining the individual, family, national, and global standards of vertical completion. He does so by uniting to the vertical standard everything connected to the heavenly way and the public purpose that God and humankind must pursue. (71-79, 1974.04.28) Continue reading “Only a True Person, the Messiah, can End the Battle between God and Satan”