The Purpose of Religion Is to Clean Out Satan’s Den Within My Body

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2226

Satan has blocked the level of the family. However perfect a person may have become on the individual level, it is of no use if he is unfilial to his parents. This is how it is: no matter how filial a person may have been in his family, his piety is of no use if he is disloyal to his country; and no matter how loyal a person is to his country, if he is disloyal to humankind, then he will be unable to go to Heaven. (158-143, 1967.12.26)

Richard: Community welfare should come before your own family welfare. If the community is healthy, our own family will naturally benefit.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1567

How would democracy, which has unfolded through a history of wars, be brought to an end? Democracy would naturally conclude with the advent of the parents, the coming of the parent-centered ideology. Hence, the Unification Church declared to this world that the era of the providence of salvation has ended and has given way to the era of the providence of restoration through love. Many religions are unaware of this truth. Pastors of established churches do not understand what is meant by the era of the providence of salvation by love or the era of the ideology centered on the Heavenly Father, do they? They wouldn’t know what the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages is. (194-325, 1989.10.30)

Richard: Jesus came to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That work was not completed. Jesus came again to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That work is done through forming true families. Rev. Moon and his wife have succeeded at establishing True Parents, which means the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is already successfully established. But we have to be aware and study and understand that a new age has come. Request a password to view the Unification Principle study from the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World workshop here:


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

If you convey God’s words to someone only with the intention to use him or her in some way, you will never be able to establish the standard of the Way. Give what you have to others with a sincere heart. (Way of God’s Will 3.3)

Satan is clever and smart. Using his cunning, he manipulates God’s methods to put himself at the center. Likewise, people who act on their selfish desires cause the worst harm within the world of religion. They will speak about the will of God or the advancement of their nation, but actually they are doing things only to benefit themselves. Ignoring the fact that God is the starting-point of everything, they act only for themselves. Anyone who collects believers’ money for the greater purpose Faith 777 of God and uses that money unscrupulously for himself is a thief. The same applies to anyone who takes church property for his own use without getting permission. Such people will be destroyed from within. (God’s Will and the World, April 3, 1983)

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