The Public Life of Jesus Was Full of Tribulation and Ordeals

Cheon Seong Gyeong 645

In this sense, Jesus was teaching that
the Kingdom would come about when
we attain the self-governing character
to advance with mind-body unity while
ridding ourselves of the circumstances
that would cause us to veer to the right
or left.
The Kingdom does not come through
the efforts of others but by our own
efforts. Being fallen people, you must
deny yourselves. If I cannot bring about
the Kingdom by myself, it will then be
done by someone else. If that happens,
then I must unite with that person in
order to reach the Kingdom. I would
have to follow and keep in step with
him. If he were to go east, I would have
to follow. We should not think of going
west if he goes east, or judge his actions.
There should not be any criticism. (46-21,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1251

People get married to perfect their
individual love while at the same time
perfecting the love of their object part-
ner. Doesn’t it feel good to know you get
married to perfect your love as well as
the love of God?
Men and women have to get mar-
ried to prepare the foundation on earth
through which God can love. Only
when a man and woman come togeth-
er in union through love can the love of
God reside there. The foundation is set
by them.

The Incarnation of Jesus, A Pioneer

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1959

Matthew 8: 18-22

Jesus who came 2,000 years ago, Jesus who led a sorrowful life during the thirty years of preparation, there was no one who understood this Jesus from the depth of his heart. No one bowed before him and was able to attend him. There was not even one ugly and crippled person who did that. This is truly a tragic story. Had there been such a person, humanity today would not feel so ashamed. When we consider this, we can understand that we owe an infinitely great debt to Heaven.

As Jesus observed John the Baptist during his thirty-year preparation period, he had many expectations. Jesus, who had been looking forward to the day when he could begin his course of public ministry, finally took the first concrete step toward fulfillment. He thought the people of the time and John the Baptist would welcome him. Yet both treated him coldly and even opposed him. The sects of Judaism opposed him. Jesus, who had made such a brave and firm determination during the preparation period, was supposed to use the Israelite people as his foundation to step forward and fight with the world, but they opposed him. Consequently, he was faced with the miserable fate of having to fight with the Israelite people. You have to understand this. This is why the Israelites, who had prepared for the coming of the Messiah with great toil for 4,000 years, had to begin their mission again from the bottom.

When God’s foundation of 4,000 years crumbled, Jesus had to appear before the people a second time with the same absoluteness of God’s dispensation just after the fall of Adam and Eve. We must understand how sad Jesus must have been. He sought them out because they were supposed to be the chosen people, yet they drove him out. Continue reading “The Public Life of Jesus Was Full of Tribulation and Ordeals”