Some Force is Prodding You

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2088

By combining the victorious, restored
features of Judaism, Christianity, and
the Unification Church with the bless-
ings of Buddhism, Confucianism and
other religions, I am forming a consoli-
dated nucleus. This is your inheritance
and the essence of the tribal messiah’s
position. You do not need to worry
about the nation. There is no need for
you to worry about the world, either. All
you need to worry about is your family.
(198-270, 1990.2.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1446

In the future, centering on the order
of registration, the great national level
migration will take place. Then those
who have opposed the Unification
Church will have to pack up their bags
and leave. Because he symbolized the
Lord at his Second Advent on Satan’s
side, Stalin ordered the Korean people of
Sakhalin to be banished to the deserts of
Central Asia, and they were left there to
die. Nevertheless, they were able to sur-
vive. The Korean race is very persever-
ing. The Korean people united togeth-
er and survived in the desert. Now, in
the same way, people will have to move.
On that occasion, people were forced to
move, but now they will move voluntari-
ly. This is in accordance with the Princi-
ple. By saying that they are going to the
Kingdom of Heaven, can they move to a
place where they can make a good liv-
ing? Of course not. When the Kingdom
of Heaven is manifested on earth, a great
migration will take place. In the order
of registration, people will line up start-
ing from right beside True Father. Then
those who opposed us will be driven out
of Korea. They will have to pack their
bags. (253-299, 1994.1.30)

We Who Are Walking a Life Course

Sun Myung Moon
September 6, 1959

1 Peter 1: 21-25

The title of the sermon I am about to give you now is “We Who Are Walking a Life Course.” I will speak upon this subject.

It is commonly said that people are born and will pass away. From ancient times, even the greatest personalities have passed away. We have to think about how this pattern in history and Heaven relates to us. We will one day pass away. Although it is not clear what the relationship is, we know clearly that we came to the earth and will pass away from it after interacting in a complicated manner with many things and under the influence of some ideals.

For what purpose did we come and for what purpose are we going? Although many philosophers and religious people have tried to answer this question with all their hearts and souls, human history has progressed in sorrow. This continues to this day.

We are in an intense moment. We cannot deny that we are walking a life course that we cannot avoid. We were born through the lineage of our parents and found ourselves in a world that we never even thought about before. It is our fate that at some point in our life, we will grow old and die. No matter how great a person may be, he cannot stop the passing of his golden youth. We know the sad reality that there is no way to prevent one’s aging, no matter how hard one may try.

Several times in the course of your life you probably felt deep remorse and regret during a moment of reflection, as well as a strong urge to stir things up around you. Why were we born, why should we live, and where should we go? You should not think that you were the cause of your birth. We do not know the origin and purpose of our birth. Although we were born, we were not born because that’s what we wanted to do. Although we are living, it is not because we want to live that we are alive. When we die, it will not be because we want to die.

Then what do you have that is still worth being proud of? We are not born out of our own desire; we cannot live the way we want to; and we cannot avoid death. We should not be proud. If we are proud, we will only be miserable. Since we were born and are leading our life, we are to pass away after living such a life.

What is the purpose of this life? You should reflect on this question once more. Since you are not the cause, your purpose must not lie with you. Who does not want to be happy in his life? Who does not want to lead a rich and glorious life? Yet we cannot live as we want to. Still, we want to be proud of ourselves, live as we wish, and be remembered the way we want to be. In each of our hearts, we find this clash of contradictions.

Why do we, who did not cause our own birth, desire something great, wish to live well, and seek a more valuable and greater purpose? Is it because of ourselves, or is it due to some reciprocal purpose? We have to understand this clearly. There is probably no one who would raise his hand and claim that it is because of he himself. Were you born through your parents’ lineage because that was what you wanted? Although your parents gave birth to you, they cannot determine the course of your life. They cannot set its outcome the way they want to. They can neither kill you nor save your life.

Who possesses this power? The day we can clarify the possessor of this power, we can rejoice centering on ourselves. People of the present era, however, are struggling and have failed to surpass this standard. We have to understand that we are these people.

For this reason, we are pursuing something greater in our hearts. Moreover, we want to push away the realm of death in our lives and become connected to a greater life and world. Moreover, since we have a heart of emotion and love, we want to transcend the world of human emotions and connect with the world of eternal and unchanging emotions. Although it is hard to explain or demonstrate, we are often pulled by these feelings. The purer your conscience is, the more you will feel that some force is prodding you to forsake this world full of contradictions.