The Most Holy Place are the Sexaul Organs-Do Not Defile Them

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What is the difference between patriots
and saints? Loyal patriots are always
ready to sacrifice their lives for their
nation, and they live and invest themselves
for the public good. Saints, however,
transcend their race and nation, and
live for all humankind. Going beyond
that, they live for God who dwells in
the public domain of the cosmos. More
than just following the way of filial piety
in the family or loyalty to the nation,
saints are determined to fulfill the way
of loyalty and filial piety in front of all
humankind. They are willing to abandon
their position as loyal patriots and
forget their country and king. Even if
the king grabs their hands and pleads
with them, saying, “Our country will be
brought to ruin if you go,” saints won’t
concern themselves with their king’s situation.
After they fulfill the way of the
saint in the world, they will be recognized
by heaven as having done something
far greater than just being a loyal
patriot to their king. (101-150, 1978.10.29)

p. 2182 p.1

Sexual organs are so precious for
they are the royal palace of life, love and
lineage. But if you treat them like libertines,
as if they were bull’s balls, how
are you going to pay the price of that
sin? Isn’t this a serious problem? This
is a holy place. It is the most holy place,
which God created as the most precious
organ. What happens when it is defiled?
In Moses’ course, were not those who
defiled the Ark of the Covenant killed on
the spot? This is the same. Defiling the
1150 Book 8 • Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
stronghold of love, which is the same as
the most holy place, cannot be forgiven.
Man and woman embrace each other.
Loving each other is a cosmic act. It is
the touchstone for forming the realm of
oneness of God and humankind. In this
moment man and woman are granted
the relationship that connects the finite
to the infinite. (218-133, 1991.7.14)

p. 1149-1150

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