The Messiah Returns in the East (Korea)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2105

We should have the same parents and become bonded with our broth-ers and sisters. Then, we should inherit the daily life, habits, and traditions of those parents just as they are. We should form a family that heaven can rejoice in. Only then will there be family members. (155-209, 1965.10.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1381

Why did I set the number at 360,000 couples? Of all the Blessed Couples in our church, the most central of them all are the 36 Couples. They signify Adam’s, Noah’s, and Jacob’s families, and thus together form the vertical foundation. These three types of couples had to be united. Once they accomplished that, they could make good the number twelve. When you apply the three stages to this number, you arrive at the number 36. In this way, the 36 Couples become the ancestors who represent all previous ancestors in history and all human-kind. In terms of the human body, they are like the backbone. We are talking about the vertical standard that is like the backbone of a human body. The cells in the flesh can stay alive only when the flesh is united with the bones.

Eschatology and Messianic Hope

The Messiah

6. Prophecies of the Messiah’s Advent in the East

No matter how long we wait there is no chance that he will come from Europe. It is Asia from whence he is to come. A great union will be born out of Hermes. He will surpass all the kings of the Orient. The country of the sun will main-tain a great messianic law. A new leader of the spirit will come in the East.
    Nostradamus, Quatrains 10.75
After three years of war, when the land of Korea is devastated, there will begin to dawn the heavenly nation in the East. In the West, voices will cry out, “Cheong Do Ryeong, Cheong Do Ryeong!” and “Messiah, Messiah!” However, when that time comes, one must find the double bow and the double ul [the white cross], before one can partake of the great benefit.
    This is the time when humankind meets the central fortune of Heaven. The eldest son of the East [Korea] meets and marries the eldest daughter of the Southeast [Japan].24 Everyone covets and waits for the True Man, but who is he? He is the one who judges all good and evil.
    The one who comes with the full power to administer Heaven and earth does not come from the mountains, nor from the fields, but from the place of the white cross. Verily, he comes with the heavenly law.
    The number of the heavenly law is 21,600—the number denoting Heaven, and 14,400—the number denoting the earth. Their sum is 36,000 [the sum of yin and yang, Heaven and earth]. When good men and women in matrimony reach this number, the holy man will come.
    Yin and yang in harmony bring the fortune of the heavenly way. The united fortune of the East and the West is the Fortune of the Ten Victories.
    This number changes the predisposition of nature. The religions of the East and the West come into good accord, and all the people of the world become as close as brothers and sisters. This is the manifest white cross, according to the principles of yin and yang, Heaven and earth.
    The Great Way of the Ten Victories appears from the East. A thunderous voice calls out, offering the blessing. If you scorn this and go against it, your act will be as that of a praying mantis or cricket trying to stop a rolling wheel, and the holy man will only laugh.
    Matching good men and women, the holy man will live comfortably. Receiving his matching and returning gratitude to God in prayer, they will receive precious children. Then the whole world will be united, such as has never happened from the dawn of creation.
    In the East where the sun rises there will appear a white cross, and it will shine upon all corners of the world. The Cheong Do Ryeong is the Great King of the Ten Victories. Remember! He is the king of all kings!
    Cheong Gam Nok
For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.
    Matthew 24.27
Do not doubt that the heavenly Holy One will descend from Heaven in the East. If the East fails to recognize him, he will come to be known through newly educated Western people. If both East and West are unable to discern the One who is to come, both East and West will be discarded and new humankind will emerge. What can we do?
    He returns from the West after receiving such regretful treatment, and looks down from the high mountain upon the world far away. In the latter half of the twentieth century, come to the East and undo all regrets…
    Two holy men appear. The first one is not the real one, but the one who comes the second time is the Savior. When Heaven sends him to the earth secretively, his family name is Moon. When the message gets to the unwanted ones, they will cause problems for the Messiah because no human being wants to be defeated. Thus the Messiah appears amidst difficulties.
    Kyeok Am Yu Rok 
Richard:  You can see from the above readings that Rev. Sun Myung Moon has successfully fulfilled the role of the savior and returning Lord.  Most importantly, he has successfully fulfilled the role of the True Parent, along with his wife, Mrs. Moon.