You Should Live with Fun and Joy in True Love

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Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities at the Family and Community Strengthening Forum
#145-Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities-Discussion

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1827

Since the sea has a vast amount of resources, we should prepare for the future by building ships around the world, in France and Germany, and in dozens of other nations when the order is given. Then we should build excursion ships for diving underwater, which will be needed to develop a leading position and secure economic strength in a global age. Only by making preparations in several dozens of nations can we ensure a leading position in this field throughout the world. Can you imagine that! Do you think that is possible?
Richard: Globalism itself is not bad. Like in many other fields, the issue is when ungodly people promote their brand of globalism. God’s ideal is based on living for the sake of others and mutual prosperity based on this principle.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1082

Since I came to Western society, what I feared most was facing women. I sense much danger just looking at their nails. My fingernails are always short. That is necessary. If they get any longer, I cut my fingernails and toenails. It is my custom to cut my fingernails and toenails. Women who keep their fingernails long are those who do not work. How do they type with those nails? So, when I see women with long nails I regard them as idle women. (131-283, 1984.5.3)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Family Pledge 7; Pledging to Perfect the World Based on the Culture of Heart which is rooted in the original lineage (continued)

Core Concept 56:  When we practice pure, true love unrelated to the Fall of Man, the culture of heart will emerge.  This will be a culture of love where you enjoy yourself and pursue hobbies, unrelated to the Fall.


The world based on the culture of heart is the world of the original culture of God, and the world of the culture of perfect Adam, who is not related to the Fall. There are not two cultures; only one. It is the world of unification where there is only one language, one set of customs, habits, and one tradition. You should know that only in such a place can God live together with individuals and in their families. (261-93, 1994.5.22) p. 2508

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