Our Family Pledges to Build the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2098

We will fail if people say, “In the Unification Church, the words are good but the people are bad.” Did I give you only words? No, I did not just speak. I have done all the things that I am teaching you now. Therefore, there should be no doubt about them. I am teaching by creating a system of thought that is free of inconsistency and contradiction in both its intellectual and the practical aspects. No one can say anything about that. Both Satan and God approve of it. (24-108, 1969.7.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1306

So, who are the 36 Couples? In each era of history, not a single family has been able to fulfill the Will, or been able to form a family according to God’s will, and so the conditions necessary to indemnify this have been passed on from generation to generation. The 36 Couples, by offering these conditions of indemnity, have been called to act as shields for families on earth in this era. In other words, they are the representative couples that can fulfill the conditions of indemnity that have been handed down throughout history

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

We will be doing a study of the Family Pledge that has been prepared as part of the Blessing Preparation Course for the upcoming UnionStation.love matching website.

The Big Idea:
The Family Pledge explains the role of the family in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  The Family Pledge is intended for Blessed families, who are fulfilling God’s original ideal of creation, centered on true love.  The original world and original homeland is a world of brotherhood and sisterhood.  It is where we help our parents, siblings and relatives to enter this world.
By fulfilling the Family Pledge, we can become ideal families


1. What is God’s original ideal of creation?
2. How do God and human beings become one?
3. Where is the original homeland?


Core concept 1:  The primary premise of the Family Pledge is “by centering on true love”


Pledge Number One:

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love.

1.1. The owner of Cheon Il Guk

1.1.1. The meaning of Cheon Il Guk

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Central Religion Teaches to Live for the Sake of Others

Watch the documentary Gender Transformation.
I highly recommend it!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1766

Do you know how pained God is by the sin of man with woman? The question arises as to how to manage this and turn God’s original heart back to us by getting to the point where there is no longer any satanic foundation in us. Isn’t celibacy taught in the religious sphere? Men and women are taught to live as if their sexual organs had been done away with. It is the same for you. So who can commit the fall? In an instant, that act ensnared the great eternal King of heaven and earth so that He could not be liberated. In order to reverse this, Unification Church members receive the Blessing. Do you think they can repeat the Fall? Is that possible? (296-204, 1998.11.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1287

The sexual organs are the palace of love, the palace in which eternal life is born, the palace that inherits the future descendants and lineage which will succeed to the eternally unchanging traditions of heaven. It is the palace of true life, true love and true lineage. It is the most precious place of all. You cannot do anything you like with it. You cannot use it without permission from God. It is a place that cannot be touched by anyone other than your husband or wife, who has gained the approval of God and the universe. (216-207, 1991.3.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1827

What kind of age will the future be? Why would you want to spend hours on a plane? Instead, we will build a massive steel column in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and build a hotel. How diverse are the functions of a helicopter? You can fly anywhere you like with a press of a button. Yet, flying becomes boring, even after three hours. So, we will fly for one or two hours and then stay in a marine hotel. It will be fantastic! We will build a hotel on the Pacific Ocean. Then, it will take only a few hours to get there, and you can have lunch or go on a boat with your family, or even go fishing. What a wonderful life! (203-57, 1990.6.14)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter One

Our Course of Life

Section 7. The original homeland that we
must seek

You may not know of the reality of the spirit world, but I enjoy the special benefit from God of having a clear insight into that unknown world. Digging into the root of that world, I found its principles to be quite simple. In the spirit world only those who lived altruistically in line with God’s universal principles can enter the higher realms. The world structured along those lines is the ideal heavenly kingdom. That place is the original homeland that humankind must seek. Today, although we are exiles from our original homeland and live a fallen life, we are destined to return there. God had to create a path for this in the course of history because we could not do so by our own efforts.

This is why God raised up many different religions. They are training grounds through which He has been directing all people along that path, whatever their race, cultural background, customs and traditions. Religions are the training grounds for training people to become eligible to return to the original homeland. Taking into account the diverse cultural backgrounds ranging across the four corners of the earth, God is leading humanity toward a unified world of religion that can progress upward onto higher ground.

What does religion which guides people to the original homeland, centrally teach? It is to live for the sake of others. As highly developed religions tend to emphasize this principle, they teach us to be gentle and meek, to stand in a position to elevate others and live for their sake, and to serve them sacrificially. All this serves to instill discipline in us to abide by the laws of the Kingdom of Heaven. (78-115, 1975.5.6)

Once People Know the Full Value of the Blessing, They Will Not Want to Miss Out on It

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1035

If you go into a sanctified spiritual realm, you will feel that you should pray for God first. Then afterwards, you must also pray for Jesus; only after that will you understand the historical heart. Then you must pray on behalf of the multitude of people who fought for the great dispensational will in Christendom since the creation of heaven and earth. Following the footsteps of the innumerable prophets since the Fall of Adam and Eve, you must pray, “Please allow me to become an offering that can resolve all their sorrows.” After that is all fulfilled, you can pray for your loving children and then pray for yourself. That is the way of heavenly law. (7-328, 1959.10.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 700

In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the eldest son based on the realm of love and all others in the spirit world stand in the position of younger siblings. There is a reversal. Thus, we reach the conclusion that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son finds its correct position and settles there. You must teach this well when giving a Principle lecture. Now, in accordance with the realm of heart, before all the people in the spirit world, including even Jesus and all the good saints, Heung-jin is first to be born as the eldest son. From the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the others are the second sons who are next to be born.

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Now there is nothing I cannot do if I put my mind to it. It is all over. Under the banner of the Abel UN, we will establish the one true and ideal family, the family that can be united as one. There are more than 6000 languages in the world. And it is only the Korean language that can integrate all the different languages into one. Even English cannot be used as it is on the computer without making a new language. Ga Na Da Ra Ma Ba Sa Aa Ja Cha Ka Pa Ha. This language can write whichever language in the world backwards or in the correct order, in whichever direction. It is the language that can act as the owner, and it is the Korean people who own such a language. This language was made based on speech and communication.

What are the eastern barbarians? They are the champions of wars of the eastern country, and are also good archers. They win in wars because they are smart. They use tens of thousands of strategies and always win. The nation of Goguryo endured for a thousand years. It became a kingdom a thousand years ago. Goguryo has not died out yet and is trying to come to fruition in Korea, but China is causing trouble.

They say, “World peace refers to China and the Soviet Union” but even if the nations of Soviet Union and China are in existence, they cannot unite the religious realm into one, and therefore China and the Soviet Union need to become one and act in concert with each other to serve the religious realm. I told Gorbachev about these things and said to him, “Once I get you to serve God and the religious realm, the kingdom of the unified universe will come to be in Moscow.”

However, it did not come to be in Moscow, Beijing or New York. New York and the Washington region did not serve their purposes. Everything was lost. Where would it be then? We can draw the conclusion that the only place that now remains for the kingship centered on God, the place that is to be the fatherland of God and the homeland of God, is none other than Jeong Ju in Northern Pyungahn Province, Korea, the hometown of Rev. Moon. That is the land of True Parents.

Through True Parents, the True God, the True Ancestors, the True People, the True Nation and the True World can come to be; in short, the unified universe can be linked by one bloodline. Such work needs to be done rationally and not forcefully. If one knew the value of the Blessing, one could not but follow it and vote for it.

If the UN does not listen to me, I’ll say, “So keep on fighting amongst yourselves!” It is the lowest horizontal level. What is horizontal is the Pacific Ocean. And when the Pacific Ocean is completely filled up, the only island that will remain above water is the Hawaiian island. Do you know which mountain can be found there? The highest astronomical observatory on the planet.

In terms of the history of the mountain, it is the highest place when measured from the very bottom of the ocean. The mountain there is said to be 4300 meters in height. But when you measure from under the ocean, it is the highest. Underwater, it is over 10,000 meters in height, so it is 14,300 meters in height overall. Mt. Everest in the Himalayas is only 8850 meters, isn’t it? The mountain that has its root in the bottommost part of the planet Earth is Mauna Kea in Kona, Hawaii. It is the best corner in the world, the farthest place.

I went there and made the Hawaii King Garden and Hawaii Queen Garden. The highest and best corner in the planet Earth is Kona, and the coffee of Kona! Is it Koffee, or coffee? When you say “Koffee” in Korean it means nosebleed. (Laughter) In Korean we say coffee, not “Koffee.” If you say “Koffee,” it is blood from the nose. When you pronounce it strongly, it sounds like Koffee. Then it would taste like nosebleed. The best product of Kona is its coffee.

It has been already 38 or 40 years since Rev. Moon made a guard post and made communications from Hawaii. I also offered devotions there before I went to North Korea. Before I went to North Korea and held a dialogue with Kim Il Sung, I first went to Hawaii and offered devotions and wrote my speech there.

Gorbachev of the Soviet Union can be interpreted as “to narrow evenly.” Since I am the only one left, and I am the only one who can make narrow or widen the world, all should listen to me. Because he listened to me and allowed religion in the Soviet Union, it could be liberated. The fight between the Christian cultural realm of the Western Europe and the Christian cultural realm in the Eastern Europe was the Second World War. It was a fight between brothers. Soviet Union is the first son and Europe is the second son, and the third son is the cultural realm of the unified world. The flow of history and everything in it corresponds exactly to the truth both inside and out.

Be Intoxicated with God’s Shim Jung

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2220

Everyone must realize that free sex
is Satan’s domain of love filled with
ensnaring evil spirits to bring about the
downfall of humankind and expand
hell on earth. From the viewpoint of
the God of absolute love, the grand-
mother and grandfather are one; they
cannot be separated. They must abso-
lutely become one centering on God,
and centering on love. What is love? It
is fitting convex and concave together
absolutely; mother and father, husband
and wife, son and daughter – all must
unite in this way absolutely. This is what
God wants. (280-135, 1996.11.24)

Richard:  This is the core truth.  Free sex (uncommitted sex outside of marriage) is the key cause of the world’s problems.  Attend our upcoming Urban Family Life Training Seminar to understand more about this issue:  https://www.urbanlifetraining.org/index.php/richard-s-blog/306-early-bird-registration-now-open-for-the-urban-family-life-training-seminar.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1187

The Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages signifies that the histor-
ical course of vertical indemnity and the
course of horizontal indemnity that went
through the stages of individual, family,
people, nation, and the world. That is the
vertical and horizontal courses consist-
ing of eight stages are completed. Due
to this, the right of eldest son has been
restored, and the course of indemnity for
all humanity is abolished. That is what
I have done by holding this ceremony.
The right of the eldest son is restored; the
Parents are embracing all humankind.
Thus, an end is brought to the history
of war and struggle that was necessary
in order for the right of the eldest son to
be restored in the realm of parental love.
The time has come when indemnity is
not needed and we can reach harmony
in love. In order to achieve this, I had to
hold the Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages. By holding this cere-
mony, the Parents forgave both the elder
and the younger son, so that next we can
enter the age of the realm of forgiveness
for the fallen parents. (193-173, 1989.10.3)

Richard:  This means we can actually build Cheon Il Guk, or God’s Kingdom.  War and conflict are absolutely unnecessary in this age.  We must awaken humanity to this truth.

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

Is there anyone who has confidence in going the path of life in search of the original hometown? If anyone knows how to go the path of life with confidence, intoxicated in their heart, let’s see who you are. This is judgment. If God exists, I believe He will call such people out on the day of judgment.

History will back up the person who went with confidence along the path of life, intoxicated. Jesus confidently went the path, bearing the cross after a life intoxicated by the will of God. On the national level, people who knew the fate and direction of the nation and went over the path of death prepared to sacrifice themselves, intoxicated in their efforts to fulfill their responsibility, were called loyal subjects and patriots. We cannot deny that such people change the course of history. The course of seeking the heavenly love responds in the same way.

Who can stop the mind that longs for the original hometown? Who can stop the yearning Shim Jung that seeps out of my mind? No matter how dignified one is, no matter how knowledgeable, one cannot reject this mind that pursues something new.

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Shine Your Light

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Luke 11

33 No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a clay pot. A lamp is put on a lampstand, so that everyone who comes into the house can see the light. 34 Your eyes are the lamp for your body. When your eyes are good, you have all the light you need. But when your eyes are bad, everything is dark. 35 So be sure that your light isn’t darkness. 36 If you have light, and nothing is dark, then light will be everywhere, as when a lamp shines brightly on you.

Matthew 3

John was the one the prophet Isaiah was talking about, when he said,

“In the desert someone
    is shouting,
‘Get the road ready
    for the Lord!
Make a straight path
    for him.’”

Richard:  These rheamas together make a very compelling case for letting all people know about the good news of the Kingdom, that it is now at hand, and that God and his messenger Rev. Sun Myung Moon have given us the Eight Sacred Textbooks:  http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/.

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland

Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

This is where individuals with heart can live. This original homeland is to be introduced in the final days of human history. If not, this world will not be saved. You must realize that the time is coming when an ideology or doctrine should be established which can introduce the whole thing on a logical basis. We long for the world of the original homeland where we can live forever as brothers and sisters and a family in the garden.

Is there anyone among you who can say, “I have found such an original homeland”? No. Therefore, we are destined to seek it. Jesus came as the Savior and showed the way to the original homeland, yet he could not bring the garden of the original homeland into reality and invite us to live there together with him. God is leading humanity forward, unfolding the dispensation. He says, “Let’s go to the garden of the original homeland, the one we wish for and live for.” But He cannot say, “Come live there together with me” yet. Since God and Jesus are so destined, so are each of you living on earth today.

Members of the congregation, breathless from your journey, has anyone ever had such a day of happiness? Has anyone had such a day and sung out of joy? No, no one. Has God ever enjoyed such a day? No. Is there some kind of principle that can lead you to such a day? No. Even Heaven has not enjoyed such a day. This is the situation of Heaven and earth.

The man of conscience, who cannot live apart from the fate of Heaven and earth, must feel and experience God’s heart as he seeks the way. Your mind may be sincere in its pursuit of happiness, yet the further you walk, the more happiness itself is moving a far distance from you. It might seem that you have arrived at the end of your hard journey, ardently wishing for freedom, peace and happiness. Yet in the light of reality, your mind is full of indistinct contents and happiness is at a far, unreachable distance.

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