Become an Owner of the Heavenly Kingdom

Cheon Seong Gyeong 427

    God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and to multiply. That means that only after their physical bodies and spiritual bodies had become fully mature, should they have become a loving husband and wife and had children. Adam and Eve, as the lords of all creation, should have acted according to their Heavenly Father’s time table; in other words, they should have waited until they were mature both physically and spiritually. Adam and Eve were always together, even as their bodies started to become mature. There must have been times when Eve, frightened by something, would jump into the arms of Adam, or hide behind him. Under such circumstances, she would have felt safe and comforted in the arms of Adam, while at the same time having strong sexual urges towards him. Adam, too, would have felt the pleasure of Eve in his arms, and would have had sexual urges towards her, because her body was very different from his. In this situation, who initiated sexual actions first: Adam or Eve? It was Eve who had jumped into the arms of Adam because she was frightened. From that time on, their sexual contact began to increase gradually.
    God created the universe with love. Therefore, Adam and Eve should have made the created world a community of love centering on God’s love and connecting it to Him. Since this was their responsibility, Adam and Eve should have thought about how and with what attitude they would share the love permitted by God. As matters of love are extremely serious, this determined whether they would live or die. (Blessed Family -310)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1074

When educating children, parents have to think about how to rear their children so that they can become people who can fulfill the mission for God’s will. They should think the same way when they nurse a baby. (12-134, 1963.1.25)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Very good! “Good” (Joh-ta) sounds like “flying on a bird” in Korean. “Jo” means bird, doesn’t it? This means flying the whole vast universe on a beast. Climbing on top of God’s head and going on a journey. Imagine God taking His baby on a ride around the whole country through both the corporeal and the incorporeal worlds. That is why there is the Won-gu Peace Cup. It is Peace Cup. Which cup is that? It is that of the wife of True Parent, Grandfather’s wife. The era of women is inevitable.

Can an individual communicate with the universe? Can a family communicate with the universe? Can a clan communicate with the universe? Can a country communicate with the universe? The UN cannot communicate with the universe. It will never know how. Would anyone who has opened all the doors and obtained all the knowledge ever leave his position even if asked to do so? Even if you pray hundreds of millions of years for such a person to run away, he is not going to leave.

Blessed families, raise your hands. You know everything. Centering on the Principle, you know the structure and can tell the stages in the three-dimensional world of the Heavenly Kingdom. On a flat ground surface, you first raise the columns, then the ridge of a roof, than the rafters, and finally you put the roof tiles. Unless you belong to a certain area, you cannot live in God’s house. Such a person cannot live in the Universe, which is God’s house.

Not all last names can pass. Only those last names can gain entrance as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom that have become complete after receiving the Blessing. This is the way to become the citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. There is no other way. Those Korean residents abroad that opposed Rev. Moon of the Unification Church will say after reading his memoirs, “Oh my God! I am a sinner! Where do I go now?”

What should these people do? Even if all the doors are closed and the walls of the castle are high, they would still choose to climb over these walls upside down, facing the ground. They cannot climb the wall face-up; upside-down is the way to go. If they climb up facing the ground, then when they go over the wall they will be in the proper standing position: feet on the ground. That is how to become owners.

However difficult it may be, one has to climb up to the throne from which it is possible to subjugate the satanic world. Unless one becomes the owner of the Heavenly Kingdom, there is no way to set up proper kingship. For all those who are climbing face-down, there is no other way to go up except through receiving the Blessing. Having received the Blessing over one night, those tens of billions of Blessed families have to struggle as they are climbing up the wall; however, what a glorious moment will it be when they reach the top and realize the everlasting reign of peace! Aju!