No One Can Hold Back a Prince of Escape

Cheon Seong Gyeont 2325

The providence of salvation is the
providence of re-creation, which is also
the process of creation for the establish-
ment of all pure things, pure people,
pure lineage and pure love in accor-
dance with God’s principle of creation.
As the establishment of all pure things,
pure people and pure love on pure land
is the ideal of creation – the purpose
of creation – we need to be freed from
ourselves in order to achieve this goal.
To recover pure bodies, it is essential to
tear down our current bodies which are
serving as the foundation for Satan, in
order to drive him out.

Richard: We have to break out of our habitual lifestyle and become true owners centered on God.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1360

That is how the Divine Principle of
the Unification Church is: At the time
of the 777 Couples Blessing, most of
the American participants had master
Book 9 • Blessed Family 1360
degrees, yet they packed their bags, left
their nation and flew thousands of miles
to receive the Blessing here in Korea. The
round-trip airfare for one person to fly
to Korea from the United States is about
2,000 dollars. So it would be 4,000 dol-
lars per couple. That would be about 1.3
million Korean won. Why then would
these people spend so much money just
to be married here in Korea? The answer
is simply that it would be of far greater
value for them to be married here rather
than back home in the United States. It
was far better.
Since it was dozens of times better
for them to spend that money and come
here, they came, even though they were
told not to. People would not do anything
that would cause them to incur a loss.
This phenomenon was possible abso-
lutely only by the power of the Divine
Principle. For these people, nothing else
would have worked. (39-273, 1971.1.15)

We Who Are Walking a Life Course

Sun Myung Moon
September 6, 1959

1 Peter 1: 21-25

God created people in such a way that they can feel a corresponding amount of the truth that they cultivate in themselves, the emotions of the heart, the emotions of life, and the emotions of love that they generate in themselves. Isn’t that necessary for them to receive love? If they have the appearance of being dead, who will love them?

Only those who have felt the stimulation which would empower them to generate some aspects of truth, heart, mind, life and love will hear God say to them, “You are truly my son.” Only then will you be alive. Do you deny that?

If they are not careful, they are sure to misunderstand. Only those who stand upon the foundation of their original nature and who possess certain motivating qualities can establish a common base with the absolute one. This will never happen to those who merely consume what they are given and fall after they are raised up.

What is the state you are in as you flee to the city of refuge? What does Heaven desire? We have to understand that God has been struggling for six thousand years as He has longed for human beings to become the sources of truth. You will understand through your own experience that when you can enter that state, you can confidently say, as Jesus did, “I am in God and God is in me.”

No one can hold back a prince of escape who feels this motivation and is willing to walk the path of death. Ladies and gentlemen, he moves in unison with the truth, is in harmony with the world of the heart and is connected to the principles of life. He manifests the world of the heart and the beauty of the infinite creation. For this reason Heaven will protect that person.

If we can talk about our value in this realm and talk about the relationship between God and ourselves, how happy will God be as He looks upon it. If I wrote a book and said, “So and so is like this,” do you think that the person will say, “You! Why do you offend me?” What do you think? How do you think he will feel if you sing him a pleasant song and say, “Although you do not say it out loud, isn’t this how you feel?” How would you feel?

God’s ideal of creation is to bring out in people of the present age all the stimulating emotions which lie within Him, and rejoice as He appreciates their value. Those who live centering on themselves will lose themselves and perish. Those who praised their own value will fade away in death. Sons of filial piety, women of chastity, patriots in a country composed of tribes will disappear when the country is swept away by the worldwide trend of thought and is destroyed.

When we are running toward the city of escape we have to cut away everything that is individual and all self-centered emotions. If in the six-thousand-year history such a person appeared, wouldn’t God bless him? God laments because such a person does not appear. If such a young man appears in Korea, we can invite God to Korea. This is not nonsense. When a receiver has the capability to pull in electronic waves forcefully, it can receive the energy to shoot them back out. It can possess such generating power.

Human beings lamented over their own situation and mourned their own limited value. This is miserable. The Messiah is the brave one who comes with the authority to shout to those who are struggling over the ideals of their family, nation and world: “All of you, step aside!”