A Sinner Like Me can Never Wipe the Tears of the Father

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Reveleation 12

Our people defeated Satan
    because of the blood[a]
of the Lamb
    and the message of God.
They were willing
    to give up their lives.

Ezekiel 30

Soldiers hired from Ethiopia, Libya, Lydia, Arabia, Kub, as well as from Israel,[b] will die in that battle. All of your allies will be killed, and your proud strength will crumble. People will die from Migdol in the north to Aswan in the south. I, the Lord, have spoken.

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

There will come a day of judgment in the last days. When the day of judgment comes, how will Heaven appear? Heaven does not say, “I have this and that element of joy and glory. Why haven’t you attained similar elements?” The basis of the judgment is whether or not you understand the sorrowful and painful history of humanity and God, during which God fought fiercely for six thousand years. You have to understand that the traces of God’s work can be found in this history. Those who are trying to stand before God with the glory of a son and the hopes of a daughter will be asked by Heaven how much they have mourned over this history and how much suffering they have borne. At that time, those who say “Not at all” will not receive the glory of a son.

Look. On the hands and feet of Jesus are the nail marks. On his head is the crown of thorns, and in his heart there is the wound inflicted by a spear. Although Jesus passed away, Christians today do not understand that he had to cross over the hill of death in order to alleviate God’s bitter grief after becoming the prince of sorrow and anguish. Since Jesus passed the test of qualification of the heart, he appeared as the leader in the realm of the heart and spirit. What kind of savior was he? A savior of the body? No. he was the savior of the heart and spirit whom we long for from the depth of our beings, with whom we want to live for the rest of eternity. Jesus was able to become the Savior with the deepest and unchanging heart and standard of heart, based upon which he could wash away the heartaches of God and erase God’s historical anguishes from human history.

Let us consider this issue once more. The Last Days are near. The Last Days will certainly come, and in those Last Days, how will Heaven conduct the judgment? You have to understand this clearly. It will surely come true. You who are devout, you who want to believe, should understand this clearly. In the last days, God will not appear smiling and filled with joy. The same will be true with the Lord. When Mary Magdalene tried to cling onto the resurrected Jesus and called out, “My Lord!” Jesus told her not to hold onto him. Why? We have to understand clearly that only after we are connected to the sorrowful heart of Jesus and pass through a course of experiencing the pains and sorrow of Heaven can we hold onto Jesus.

When you call out to the Father after having experienced sorrow and agony yourself, look upon the Father’s appearance. His eyes have never stopped crying for six thousand years. His ears have never ceased hearing the mockery and criticisms of His enemies for six thousand years. His mouth could not speak the words He wanted to share for six thousand years. He was starving together with the people who were starving. The Father’s hands are stained with blood and sweat. His footsteps are the same. They have crossed the steep and rough path of Golgotha many hundreds and thousands of times. The Father’s body is wounded, and on Him are the marks of many beatings unjustly suffered.

Who caused all this suffering to the Father? He suffered because of pitiful humanity. Whenever we think about this, we should feel deeply sorry and repentful. When we call Him, we should have the mind-set, “A sinner like me can never erase the sufferings of the Father, even if I die many thousands of times. A sinner like me can never wipe the tears of the Father, no matter how many thousands of times I were to die.” Have you ever called out to Him with such a heart? If you have not, then you should repent deeply.

If You Want to Persecute Me, Go Ahead

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 479

When a husband and wife become
one in God’s love on the foundation of
becoming completely one in love, they
can advance all the way to God’s posi-
tion. As well as going up to God’s posi-
tion, all that God owns comes to be my
possession. The power of God’s love is so
amazing. God allows them the author-
ity of participation, and at the same time
they come to inherit the entire owner-
ship of God. (144-132, 1986.4.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1732

Where must vertical and horizontal
come together? Where is the union of
heaven and earth to take place? It takes
place at the perpendicular. The path fol-
lowed by love takes the shortest distance.
The question of where it is supposed to
settle cost me untold effort.

Richard:  This means that God’s love and the love of a man and woman come together at the point of sexual union of husband and wife.

The Path In Search of the Original Homeland Rev. Sun Myung Moon July 5, 1959

Luke 15: 11-32

The place we must go is the original hometown that Noah and Abraham were looking for. We must find the people of the original hometown that Moses was looking for, and the kingdom of the original hometown that Jesus was looking for. Since God and Jesus have been fighting for the world of the original hometown, are you connected with that world? Do your emotions flow with that world? If not, the day when you receive the seal of a failure in human history will come to you.

We pine for the world of the original hometown. We long also for the ark of Noah. The two great camps of the world today are coming near the moment of striking the reefs and are being confronted with a difficult situation where they have to choose between life and death. We have learned through the Divine Principle that good and evil each had a starting point. Since good and evil were begun with the placement of God, their resolution also should be attained with the placement of God. That is the hard and fast rule. This falls under the same rule that in order to find a thing that was lost, one must go to the original place where it was lost.

The garden of the original nature is the ideal garden. It was a world where people were mutually complementary, a world where brotherly and sisterly feelings could be connected everywhere in the universe. It was not a world where there was nationalistic sentiment. It was a world where people could discuss matters, transcending all such problems as racial discrimination, national sovereignty, etc. It was a world where people could convene without differences in economic situations or cultures. They would convene with heart.

Let’s suppose that there is a family with two sons. The elder brother is the president and the younger brother is a laborer. Still, the elder brother cannot demand of his younger brother, “Hey, you rascal! Since you are a laborer, why don’t you come to my house and do manual labor?” If he is a true elder brother, he will lament that his younger brother is not on the same level as he and be inclined to hold the younger brother in high esteem. That is the true elder brother’s mind. Because God longs for this kind of familial ideology in the home of the original hometown, humankind also longs for such a home in the original hometown.

This is the historical elucidation point, the humanistic elucidation point, and the providential elucidation point of the fate we have to go without fail. What gap is there between that standard and myself? If the gap is wide, we must lament at the top of our voice. We should pray, “God! Please forgive me. I didn’t know anything at all. I didn’t know the flow of history, the direction and purpose of the providence that history points to. I didn’t know that the path of life is tortuous. I didn’t know about the mental suffering of the prophets and sages and of my ancestors and their inner hearts. I didn’t know the path Jesus went. I didn’t know the path God has come either. Please forgive me for the sin of ignorance!” We should pray, “One can be forgiven, even if he was in a position of knowledge. Yet I didn’t know. So please forgive me all the more.” Men must pray like that, without any condition whatsoever. That is why men are taught in religion that arrogance works against you. Men are told, “Be humble. Keep your place. You are your own enemy.” Why is that? Because I am in debt. When we raise our eyes quietly and look at ourselves again with this Shim Jung, we find our own hearts revolting. As we experience emotion along with Heaven, looking from the historical perspective, we feel our hearts revolt. As we look at that historical sorrow and the curtains of adverse fortune that are blocking the way, we shake in our shoes.

The Father has come forth enduring many such crises. Even while meeting their ends after many such crises, the prophets and sages emerged fighting, longing to restore the freedom, happiness and peace of that kingdom and world. I think that way. I think it is natural that the Unification Church receives opposition today.

Yet we must have a scheme in our minds, saying, “If you want to persecute me, go ahead,” with the firm conviction that we have to cultivate this path. Jesus, too, went out with an awe-inspiring attitude. Because of that, when he appeared before Judas Iscariot and the others, they all hung their heads before him. Jesus’ aspect said, “If you want to challenge me, go ahead.”

In the world of Shim Jung, there is no place you cannot reach, no matter how far it is. Don’t you agree? Suppose that there is a certain hooligan who is trying to stop the love between parents and children. Can he succeed? No, he can’t. This is the place where man feels with automatic, natural emotion. Therefore, this place cannot be invaded by Satan, no matter how hard he tries. Satan’s interference here would put him in serious trouble. Satan would pay dearly for it. The man who feels such emotion on the path of life will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.