The Savior Should Not Judge Humanity with a Rod of Iron

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2097

History is a course seeking the truth. The truth must show the path that a true individual and a true family should live, and a true society, a true nation, and a true world should establish. Therefore, perfection of the world, nation, tribe, family, and individual is possible when the focus from the individual level to the world level is one. The person who brings these logical key words – in other words, the truth – is the True Parent. And this truth is God’s true love. (20-25, 1968.3.31)

 People of the entire world must pay attention now. The teaching of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is the truth for the salvation of the world. They are humanity’s words of true love and life, which are needed eternally. If the Savior is coming to save the world, he should not judge humanity with a rod of iron. You cannot make even one person give in by hitting him or her. The sacrificial love of a mother, with hands as rough as a toad’s back and fingers so bent from working hard for her children that they cannot be straightened out, can have the power to make the disobedient child repent and come back to the right path. A club will not work. Even for God, who is the mighty king of judgment who leads heaven and earth according to His will, cosmic unification is impossible without true love. Difficulties are not an obstacle in true love. In true love there is the vigor to go forward at the sacrifice of one’s own life. (201-339, 1990.4.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 799

    This universe is a museum of love. Human beings must become the owners of this museum. The mineral world and plant world multiply centering on relationships of love. Without love, history would end. History can continue because there is reproduction. Consequently, man and woman should marry and give birth to children. Without doing so, they cannot find their place in the spirit world. When a baby is born, you should come before God and offer that baby as a gift to Him. Without this gift, you cannot hold your head up proudly.
    When you go back to your hometown, what is it you will be most proud of and want to show your parents? You will take pride in how well you raised your children. It is the same in the spirit world. When you go before God, there is no greater gift than bringing God’s children, the people of heaven, whom you have raised on this earth. Money, power, and knowledge are not important. (229- 15, 1992.4.9)



Conjugal Love

3. True Conjugal Love Unites a Man, a Woman and God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A man is born to find a woman, and a woman is born to find a man. We are created as man and woman to reach a higher level of God’s love through our union. As single people we cannot reach the fullness of God’s love—true love. We may touch God’s love, but it will only be one-dimensional love. As single people we cannot experience God’s three-dimensional and spherical love.
    Therefore, a man and woman marry in order to reach that higher realm of love. In God’s original world before the Fall, when a husband and wife united they would form a mighty center, creating a sphere. The stronger the horizontal bond between them, the more they would connect to the vertical power of love. Their minds and bodies would revel in it and totally become one. (109:275, November 2, 1980) Continue reading “The Savior Should Not Judge Humanity with a Rod of Iron”