Receive the Seal

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2238

Men and women become kings and
queens because of true love. If true love
did not exist, then kingship would not
appear. You find true love at the highest
point, where two people meet and con-
nect to God. Marriage is to achieve the
pinnacle of masculinity and femininity
so as to occupy God. We marry to occu-
py both masculine and feminine worlds.
Men and women by themselves are only
halves, so they marry to become com-
plete. True love means to become one
with God. (260-154, 1994.5.2)

Richard:  Here kingship is connected to God and God’s love, which goes along with God’s life and lineage.  Kings in this world are false kings.  True kings are centered on the true love of God.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1872

The Chinese character je ( 濟 ) in Jeju-
do means “to cross.” It means that it is
a place to cross over and become the
owner. Jejudo is also a nation of priests.
The island called Jigwido is interesting.
It is like a pillar several hundred meters
long, which has been driven down into
the sea to make a fishing spot. Jigwido
could be linked to the continent with
a glass-like tunnel to allow vehicles to
travel back and forth. The tunnel could
be constructed under the seabed for sta-
bility. That kind of age has come. There is
nothing more we would need to do here
in Jejudo. We should fish, golf, hunt, and
then enjoy the casino. We should create
a market to sell our goods. There should
be interesting things to do. It would be
fun to have people go up the mountain
on an elevator or cable car, rather than
a helicopter, and tour the seas surround-
ing Jejudo in a speedboat. Japan is only
an hour’s flight away. (291-246, 1998.3.15)

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

Every brave person of faith will struggle. Finally, he will have to go to God and ask, “Are the Parents on the earth or not?” God will then say, “They are on the earth.” What can you do if they are not on the earth? You should take the responsibility in their place. God will say, “You try becoming the Parents.”

This courageous individual of faith will then move to another place. He will visit all the believers on the earth and ask them. You may find the True Parents and plead with them, “Oh, I have come to you, overcoming many pitfalls and hills. Please console me in all the historical sorrows I have felt so far on the road. Give us the authority to live in Your eternal blessed land and the authority of the ideal garden.” That plea will not work.

The Parents will say, “A path still remains for you to walk. You must find and bring back Your brothers and sisters.” The person will leave the Parents, looking for the brothers and sisters. When he encounters a brother after roaming the earth, he will say to him, “I came to you with the knowledge of the Will concerning you and in order to find a brother. Without you I cannot do well nor can you do without me. You must be my brother with whom I can live and die, who cannot be separated from me. You are a core part of my own body, sharing my own bone and flesh. If the sorrow of 6,000 years can be resolved through us, let us enjoy the happiness of the resolution together as brothers.” Continue reading “Receive the Seal”