Falsity Prospers and Truth Is Greatly Weakened

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2012

For heavenly fortune
to appear here, you must have the con-
viction not to be concerned even if the
path brings you face to face with utter
disgrace a thousand times, or if you die
hundreds of times. If you go forward
with this kind of conviction, God will
protect the path you are taking.
The reason I say that is because each
time in my life that I faced such a situa-
tion, I experienced that God did not leave
me. So He will certainly protect you, too.
As a central person with the mission to
restore our homeland, whether you are
assigned to a province or just a small vil-
lage, you have to resolve to never give up,
because there is no one but you to carry
out this mission.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1373

The 30,000 Couples are connected to
the number three signifying formation,
growth, and completion, thus represent-
ing wholeness. It is a sanctifying num-
ber. Hence, through their Blessing, the
Kingdom of God on earth and in heav-
en has been completely opened. (265-176,

Richard:  Through the marriage Blessing and the words of truth given through Rev. Sun Myung Moon, we can now build and enter the Kingdom of God on earth!

Let Us Follow the Way of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 1959
Matthew 7:1-20

Thus, we should see if there is someone who has the mission of being the disciple for humankind. Now is the time to wander in search of such a person. Ladies and gentlemen! All kinds of things happened in the first church: speaking in tongues, spiritual work, prophesying, and so on. Since the abundant spiritual phenomena in the first church caused ignorant people confusion, to prevent this, church leaders stipulated, “The biblical words are primary.” These phenomena are predicted in the Bible: “in the last days, it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh…” (Acts 2:17) Thus, the phenomena that appeared in the first church will emerge in Christian history in the last days, and there will be many who will be called crazy, evil sects, and heretics. Our Unification Church is a representative member of this group.

The one upon whom the Spirit has been poured cannot contest it. If he does not know why, Heaven will tell him. When he opens his eyes, he sees the spiritual world. When he acts, he acts for the spiritual world. He thoroughly differs from you. He even looks crazy. Did Jesus look smart? In the eyes of the people at the time, he was stupid and mindless. Continue reading “Falsity Prospers and Truth Is Greatly Weakened”