Christians Do Not Know that Jesus Did Not Come to Die

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2142

Since receiving God’s calling as a boy
of sixteen, I have communicated freely
with Jesus as well as the saints and sages
in paradise, and have single-mindedly
devoted all my heart and energy, while
overcoming all manner of tribulation,
into accomplishing His will, which is to
build His kingdom of freedom, peace,
and liberation on earth and in heaven.
His original relationship with human-
kind is an eternal parent-child relation-
ship. The Fall refers to the severance of
that relationship and restoration to its
I have established many different
peace movements as well as internation-
al organizations as a means of achiev-
ing the vision of ‘One World Under One
God’ in order to accomplish His will.
The International Blessing Ceremony
that you have witnessed is God’s strat-
egy to fundamentally resolve the racial,
religious, and national conflicts which
have resulted from the Fall. Five colors
of skin coming together in harmony as
true brothers and sisters and true hus-
bands and wives is the actualization of
the holy ideal of establishing ‘One World
Under One God.’

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1327

By accomplishing 3.6 million couples,
we will cross the final peak of the world,
and in so doing, we must establish more
national messiahs than there are mem-
ber countries in the United Nations.
Our success in blessing 3.6 million cou-
ples will lay the foundation upon which
each national messiah can influence the
cabinet ministers in their respective
nations, focusing on their ambassadors
to the United Nations. What the United
Nations needs right now is the institution
of True Parents, and the establishment of
a United Nations for women and a Unit-
ed Nations for the youth. Once Moth-
er and Father, Cain and Abel, women,
students and the youth have joined the
United Nations, then the whole world
will become united and peaceful. (282-36,

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

Although the Word must succumb to the incarnation or substance, and the substance should succumb to God, humans killed the incarnation, Jesus. Jesus tried to remove all the historical conditions for resentment over the 4,000 years by uniting with God. What was the historical condition for resentment? It was the betrayal of God’s Word over the 4,000 years. This grudge would have been resolved by the Israelites’ trusting and uniting with Jesus. Yet they killed the substance, deplorably using the Word of 4,000 years as their justification. This is the sin of the Israelites.

Therefore, the Israelite nation had to be trampled upon and receive contempt from the people of the world, wandering the world and becoming the servants of servants. The nation that was supposed to build the country of utmost glory wandered about on a path of pain and of the cross, longing for the glorious country. Why? It is because of the sin of having murdered Jesus. Today’s Christians are ignorant of this. Continue reading “Christians Do Not Know that Jesus Did Not Come to Die”