People Can Go to God by Attending the True Parents

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 203

    Then what are True Parents? How do your physical parents and True Parents differ? In terms of love, what is the difference between your physical parents and True Parents? True Parents and your biological parents have different concepts of love. Again, they have different concepts of love. Your physical parents teach you love with a focus on the physical reality, and your spiritual parents teach you love centered on a world that is spiritual. They have different content.
    It seems that physical parents should suffice, so why do you need spiritual parents? It is because of the Fall. What fallen parents have been teaching has led us continuously down a self-centered path. Through your parents’ love, a decisive line has been drawn holding you eternally within the satanic world; and there has been no way to sever it. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1546

What would the ideal world be like? It would certainly not be a place where people are at odds with and jealous of each other, begrudging one another’s successes, and becoming sick with envy over other people’s happiness. Instead, it would be a world where the success of one person would be the success of everyone and the joy of one person would be the joy of everyone. The pleasures and joys of one person could be shared by everyone in the whole world. (18-102, 1967.5.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 4. The Completed Testament Age Is the Age of the Oneness of God and Humankind

4.1. True children should go through the change of lineage and rebirth

    In the Old Testament Age, they sacrificed material things to pave the way for the coming of the true son. Jesus came as the son and sacrificed himself to pave the way for the coming of the parents. The True Parents come on this level plane, and walk a suffering path in order to invite God in. To what position do they come? To the original, vertical place. Since the original, great principle of heaven and earth was cut off from that point, peace cannot begin as long as that fundamental root is not rectified. This is absolute. (200-55, 1990.2.23) Continue reading “People Can Go to God by Attending the True Parents”

A Perfected Family Is the Foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyoeng 771

    A person’s life passes through three worlds: the formation-stage world, the growth-stage world, and the completion-stage world. We live in a world of water inside our mother’s womb, and then in this earthly world, and finally in the aerial world in the spiritual realm. In other words, we go through three stages: the aqueous world in the womb, followed by a hundred years on this earth after our birth, and then the aerial world where we can fly.
    While a baby is in the womb, does he try to escape to the outside world, or does he want to stay there? When he has to go out through such a small hole, does he say, “Oh, no!” or, “Oh, that’s great!”? Suppose the baby were told, “If you want to go out, this house you live in will be destroyed, and the source and value of nourishment where you are will all be destroyed. Your head and body will have to swell. Would the baby still want to go out?” Would he say yes, or would he say no? Just before the time of delivery, the mother desperately pushes and the baby says, “Oh, no!” until the moment of birth; but at last the mother pushes the baby out. When this happens, one world completely disappears and the baby begins to breathe in another world. (116-174, 1982.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 744

    I have tied a rope high up with God according to the way of heaven and earth. People tried to grab hold of the rope, but they failed. In the end, this created wars between churches and nations, bringing countries to ruin. The Unification Church fought and knocked out the established churches, political parties, and the democratic and communist worlds that had opposed it. When the rope is hanging from high up, do you think they could sever it with their own strength? Can they cut off the Unification Church? Whether it is based on philosophy or religion or communication with the spirit world, no one can match us in theory.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 4. The Ideal of Love is Fulfilled in the Family
4.2. The ideal of creation is fulfilled through the completion of the family

    The ideal that God wanted to see fulfilled through our first ancestors was for a man and a woman to become one and create an ideal family. Then, the center of the ideal family is neither the man nor the woman. The family is a bundle created by the union of parents, children, husband and wife, and the center of this bundle is God’s love itself. The conclusion is that God’s will is to realize the completion of a family centered on God’s love. (127-9, 1983.5.1) Continue reading “A Perfected Family Is the Foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven”

The Heavenly Constitution Begins through Us

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2207

    We are bound together by the destiny resulting from the unfolding history of God’s providence, in which He has been pursuing His long-cherished goal of dissolving the anguish He has accumulated over six millennia. Accordingly, even though we have different surnames, we should live with greater love than blood brothers and sisters.
    Although you are attending parents who are not your natural parents, you are the people that seek to attend the Parents, centering on God, even more sincerely than you would your natural parents. On top of that, despite having our own country, we are the people that seek to live for the sake of God’s nation with loyalty, filial piety, and virtue. (47- 81, 1971.8.19)

    Now the final time has come. Parents must find “my country.” To do that, all Blessed Families are to stand in a circle horizontally around Father and Mother and represent them by progressively fulfilling the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine children. You will thereupon occupy those positions and proceed to observe the laws of the palace and uphold the laws of God’s nation. You should understand that the Heavenly Constitution actually begins through us. This is what “my country” means. (197-87, 1990.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1399

I also needed to surmount twelve peaks after crossing over ten at first. The Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples is the twelfth peak. We must surmount them all. In the song ‘Arirang’, the word ‘arirang’ is a composite of ‘Ae,’ meaning love, ‘Ri,’ meaning village, and ‘Ryeong’ meaning hill. I understand that the word signifies the search for the village you love. In the song, the lyrics go on to say, “If you leave me, you won’t have gone ten ri (about 2.5 miles) before you become footsore.” That song also mentions the twelve peaks of arirang. At present, I am undergoing all manner of hardship to cross over the twelfth peaks. After this is accomplished, everything will be equalized, and we will all be able to go anywhere we wish. (289-263, 1998.1.21)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two

The Family Is the Model for the
Kingdom of Heaven

Section 5. The Family Brings Together the Love
of Three Generations

The family encompasses history, the present and the future. So
what is the ultimate point that God has sought for six thousand
years? It is the family — the family where love is interconnected
and where all are united in love. Everything that exists comes
under its dominion.
We cannot cut our relationship with this absolute source of love.
The establishment of such a family was the original mission that
God gave Adam and Eve at the time of creation. God did not want
them to merely end up as a man, Adam, and a woman, Eve, but
instead dreamed of a new family where they would be united. This
is the first starting point towards establishing men and women.
Thus to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven safely, you have
to find a family and within the realm of that family in this world,
enter and live in a place where you can feel satisfied in God’s love.
Only then can you go beyond this world as well. (30-85,
In order to form the family realm of love you have to be
unconditional. The parents represent the past, the husband and
wife represent the present, and the children represent the future.
Loving one partner during your lifetime is the equivalent to God
loving the world. It is a place where in oneness the parents, a
couple, and the children offer their love as an example
representing heaven and earth and tell their descendants to follow
them. The original homeland of the heart, the place where
heavenly affection is felt will be remembered in heaven and earth.
(30-78, 1970.3.17)
What has God been looking for up until now? He has not been
seeking a subject partner; rather He has been looking for an ideal
object partner. He has been looking for those who resemble God
What is the starting point that leads to such a result? It is the
family. There is nothing that can represent the universe better
than the family. To be one with the parents is for past and present
to meet. Here, you can love the past by loving your parents, love
the present by loving your partner, and love the future by loving
your children. Therefore, you can deeply experience the love of
three generations. The place where these three kinds of love are
concentrated is the family. (30-80, 1970.3.17)
Then where does life in the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It is the
family. It does not unfold somewhere else. The Kingdom of
Heaven is just a three-dimensional expansion of the family and
not something that goes beyond the family realm. Therefore when
you embrace your husband or wife, you should think that this is a
man of the world becoming one with a woman of the world. The
place where you can make the condition of having loved mankind
is none other than the family.
You should live your life this way. To love your parents is to
connect history with the present and to pave the road for God to
come to you. Therefore you have to love your parents. To love
your parents is to connect the human beings of history with
yourself as an inhabitant of the present, that is to unite the past
and the present. Furthermore loving your children centering on
yourself is to connect the present with the future. And the
philosophy that practices and sings the praise of such love for a
thousand and tens of thousands of years is Unification thought.
(30-82, 1970.3.17)

Jesus was Unable to Speak all the Words of Truth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 123

When Jacob triumphed and earned
the name Israel, he did not triumph as
God’s son but as God’s servant. This
way, people were restored from the
position of the servant of servants to
the servant’s position, and then in the
New Testament Age from the servant’s
position to the position of the adopted
child. Romans 8:23 says: “but we our-
selves, who have the first fruits of the
Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for
adoption as sons, the redemption of our
bodies.” They said that they were eager-
ly waiting to be adopted sons who could
call God “Abba, Father.” Even the most
ardent people of faith in the New Testa-
ment Age, whether they were ministers,
elders, or people holding doctorates, and
so forth, are all adopted children before
God. I am speaking to you frankly. They
want to be adopted children. Adopted
children have a different lineage. (154-257,

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1504

The family and God’s Kingdom are
the same in form. There are parents,
husband and wife, children, and broth-
ers and sisters in a family. The family can
be united through love. On this foun-
dation, unification can be established,
life can be connected, and the ideal can
be realized in a family. Therefore, you
become qualified to enter God’s King-
dom when you can respect conjugal and
parental love.
Grandparents bequeath love to par-
ents and the parents bequeath love to
their children. If any one of these fails
to happen God’s Kingdom cannot be
established. You should love your par-
ents more than your spouse and you
should love your grandparents more
than your parents. This motto is the core
and the ideal of God’s Kingdom.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959

John 10: 1-18

What does God want while carrying on the providence with this world? He would want things to be true creations. He would want for all of humanity to become true citizens. Furthermore, He would want those citizens to become true loyal subjects, true couples, and true parents.

Only after the true creation, true citizens, true filial sons and daughters, true couples, and true parents appear would God want to appear substantially in this world.

As God is the substantiation of truth, He definitely wants to create a bond with those who are in search of truth. He wants all beings to bow their heads and say, “You are right. Be my owner forever.” God has sought that substantiation with His body, mind, and heart. The day God meets that substantiation will be the day human history in search of goodness and truth will end. It will be the day when God, who led the providence in order to seek the truth and establish it, will have His dream fulfilled.

God is looking for such a day, such a place, and such a moment. And such a day is what this sinful land, the people living in this sinful world, the family, the society, and the nation are looking for.

If Jesus came with the mission to fulfill the heart’s desires of God and humanity, it is a sorrowful thing that no disciple ever asked him to introduce the cosmic ideology of goodness that was deep inside his heart. Jesus lamented, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” (John 3:12)

Although Jesus came with words of truth and as the embodiment of truth and came to do the deeds of truth, he was not recognized at that time and was unable to speak all the words of truth or perform all that he would wish. Therefore, what we need today is not just the biblical perception of Jesus. We need the embodiment who can clarify what a true individual is, a true family, a true society, a true nation, and a world that God can come to, the blessed land. We need the embodiment to lead us in that direction. It was the mission of the Savior to explain the truth that he cherished deep in his heart.

Who ever really knew Jesus? Jesus could not really reveal the contents of his mission to anybody and had to go over the hill of the cross. No one understood him. That is why no one has gone to Heaven. Everyone who believes in Jesus is in paradise. Paradise is the waiting room to Heaven.

From this perspective, although the course of searching for truth lasted for six thousand years until today, it is still not resolved. When it has not even been completed after six thousand years, will it be completed tomorrow, even if I start anew the course of life with the newly felt and realized heart of today? If there is no possibility that it will happen, then you should at least have a heart of indignation, a heart that can plead to Heaven, bearing the Father’s will.

How can you be citizens of Heaven when you don’t even desire to do such a thing? How can you ever be loyal, exemplary men and women and filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Father?

The Age of Religious War Will Come

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

That being always the case, where
are our bodies and minds trying to go?
Further, where are our lives inclined
towards and where are our hearts try-
ing to go? Our wishes, hopes, and ide-
als…Where are they trying to go? Even
if we cannot resolve these issues, we are
destined to go in any case.
This body will see its end when it is
buried in the ground on the day we die.
If so, will this mind, this life, this heart,
this ideal, and even this hope be buried
together the day the body is buried? To
answer this, we should present detailed
contents, solutions and a definite and
purposeful perspective.
Saints, sages and numerous found-
ers of religions, stopped on their paths
of life, interrupted the concerns of their
minds and the inclinations of their
hearts, and asked themselves where they
were going, as they struggled to resolve
this issue. They came forth to resolve
this issue, but to this day no one could
confidently claim, “My body has gone
to such a place. My mind, my heart, my
life, and my ideals have hastened there;
hence, all beings in heaven and earth
should go there.” (8-194, 1959.12.20)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1602

Encompassed in the mother and
father are the absolute love, life and
lineage attained through the Absolute
Parent and Father of absolute love. You
should be aware of the fact that you are
born from all this. Thus, you are the
representative of lineage, maternal and
paternal life and love. Having received
them all as the representative, you were
born to expand them and spread them
wide; since such is the purpose of your
life, if you don’t fulfill this and instead
act as you please and put your greed
before everything else, you would be
ruined and perish.

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

What kind of age are the last days? Since there is no one on earth who can represent God’s Word, humankind has had to search for the substance of the Word, scattered in all four directions, and going through countless difficulties. Thus, after the age of war that claimed materials, we have entered the age of ideological war. After this age of ideological war, there will come the age of the war of the conscience. That will be the age of religious war.

After such a time, what kind of age will have to come? The age of the competition of Shim Jung and love should come. There should come an age when God’s love and satanic love will compete. This is the course of destiny through which fallen humankind must go. You should know that this is a necessary and inevitable course.

What is to be done in this age? It is the time when the world of spirit, rather than the world of ideology should be formed. In the future, the ideology of the heart should appear. When the heart ideology appears, your hearts will be pulled in by its ideal. When the heart ideology appears and secures the foundation, heavenly feeling and human feeling will move. An ideology should appear such that one cannot help living within its realm of ideal.

History struggles upward from the lowest level, that is, from the material stage. Thus, the vertical history of 6,000 years moves from the world of material to that of the spirit, to that of the heart. On the contrary, satanic authority goes through a history that descends from the top. It descends from the upper class, which claimed the best, to the middle and lower classes. These, however, will all disappear because they are under satanic authority. As for the process of historical development, through the war centering on materials, that is, the First and Second World Wars, now we enter into the age of ideological war. Yet, again, these will all pass away. Next, there comes the age of heartistic war and the age of the ideology of the heart.

The upper class and middle class have dominated the world in the historical course until now. Now the lower class will dominate the world. Considering the process of historical development, humankind has gone through the age of material-centered battle. Now is the age of spirit-centered strife. In the future, there will come the age of conscience-centered struggle. It is religion that moves, centering on conscience.

Thus, the age of religious battle will come soon. In the future, there should appear a religion with the truth which is centered on the heavenly heart, through which we can share heart and affection with the whole of heaven and earth and conclude: “God and I are one.” Such an age will come. Wait and see.

In the past, religious people renounced material things. This looks most foolish, but they are most wise. Religion has prepared the foundation through which it can escape the condition of historical war. The followers of Jesus believed the religion with the safest foundation, through which they could avoid the hell into which the people of the history of war fell.

Nowadays, young men and women who insist on their own way scorn religion. Such an age will pass. Wait and see. If you have such an obsolete idea, you will be hit by the communists in the future. There will come a time when they will say, “Alas, I did not know.” The fortunes of heaven and earth go through such processes.

What ideology will remain in the end? It is the ideology that cries out the slogan, “All people of conscience, be mobilized.” This is the ideology that can represent the Word for which humankind hopes, represent the substance through the Word, and represent affection through the substance. If you did not know this, you may now look forward to it.

Hitherto, has any spiritual person of conscience ever held sway over the world in the course of history? Even though Jesus said, “The Gospel will be spread to the poor,” spiritual people have never held sway over the world yet.