Overcome God’s Tests

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 259

Which do you think is easier to
accept: my referring to God as the Par-
ent, or your referring to me as the Parent?
You do not know how much I have suf-
fered. You do not know how many walls
there have been and how complicated it
has been. Until now, myriads of people
have struggled on that path and all have
fallen into the pit. When you joined the
Unification Church and began to under-
stand me from the perspective of theory,
it must have been easy for you to say, “Ah,
he is the True Parent.” Then, which do
you think is greater, the joy I felt when I
realized that God is the True Parent or the
joy you felt when you realized it? I could
utter the word “Father” only after having
gone through life-threatening suffering,
but you were taught everything without
suffering. This is why you can say, “Okay,
I have come to know the True Parents; so
what?” Who would rejoice more? Which
do you think should be greater, the joy I
felt when I met God in the parent-child
relationship or the joy you feel when you
meet me? Although my encounter came
only after suffering, your encounter took
place without suffering, so you should be
more joyful. If I had paid hundreds of
billions of dollars, wouldn’t you be you
happy that you paid nothing? What have
you paid? When you come and listen to
the Principle you can understand every-
thing. So, when you hear “True Parents,”
you merely say “So that’s how it is!” and
understand everything. (116-121, 1981.12.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 280

I told Gorbachev to get rid of the stat-
ues of Lenin and Marx. In the history of
the Communist party, nobody except
Rev. Moon ever said such a thing. The
Communist party leaders were all in
commotion, saying, “Is he really speak-
ing about Godism in front of us? How
can he talk so arrogantly?” No mat-
ter how much they may have hated me,
today’s communist world has become
like that. The one whom they had feared
most in the world has turned into their
only hope. They have no other hope. So I
taught them clearly saying, “Listen to my
words and follow me; otherwise, there is
no way to go forward!” How proud God
must have been of me, saying, “I have
always wanted to declare this to the Sovi-
et Union. You are a great son!” Since He
said, “I want to set you above all human-
kind,” I have become quite famous.
American leaders said, “Wow, how
can he do that?” European leaders also
said, “How can he do that?” and the
communist world said, “How can he do
that kind of thing in the Kremlin itself?”
When God came down to take a look,
He must have said, “This is really inter-
esting!” I know that is why I made such
a clear declaration.

Inside God’s Stadium

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1959

1 Corinthians 9: 14-27

When you walk the religious path, you will meet with many tests. When you are running on the race track, besides the physical fatigue that you suffer, you will confront many unexpected tests. Many evil spirits, invisible to the naked eye, will test us. When that phase is over, the angels will test us. After that phase, the religious people and the founders of religions will test you. If you believe in Jesus, Jesus will test you. At first he will try to guide you, but at the end he will test you. God will also guide you in the beginning, but will test you at the end when He is about to give you an award. This is how it is. This is because human beings betrayed God. Although God created the universe as an award to be given to human beings, because they betrayed Him, we must pass through a test in order to restore the universe. God wants to give it to us without a test, but because there is a condition which requires that we be tested, we have to pass through it. God will abandon you like He abandoned Jesus, which led Jesus to say on the cross, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46)

While you are running the race as a brave soldier, you will experience a battle between your mind and body. It is not enough to deal with this merely with determination. When you are racing, the battle between your mind and body will be manifested in a complex manner. You will experience deep in your heart the internal anguish that God suffered in his fight with Satan during the many difficult moments in the six-thousand-year course. Such internal and external pains will be manifested in your life.

You are not just to run forward; you are to be engaged in the internal and external battles and at the same time overcome God’s tests. To be victorious in your life, you must win this fight. That is what you have to do for sure. Why? Although six thousand years of history have gone by, no one has scored the goal. Although many were determined to reach the end, no one reached the finish line.