Words are not as Important as the Embodiment Itself

Cheon Seong Gyeong 195

Through individuals and families,
God prepared a realm into which a peo-
ple who could advance with the Messi-
ah when he came to earth. This was the
people of Israel who lived with the con-
cept of being the chosen people.
However, the people of Israel have not
yet arrived in that realm. It was as if they
were held back behind a line. The hope
of the chosen people was to go over this
line. If they failed to cross over, it would
be a great disaster. They had to cross this
line and yet, as hard as they tried, it was
impossible to cross over on their own.
That is why God promised the people of
Israel that He would send them the Mes-
siah, the Savior. This was the Messiah for
whom God had prepared for thousands
of years in order to transcend this line
on the national level. He promised to
send the Messiah.
The people of Israel should have
become completely one with the Messi-
ah when he came to them. They should
have been willing to die for him. If
they had, Satan could never have sep-
arated them in any way. The Messiah
could have engrafted them to him on
the individual, family, tribal, people
and national levels and brought them
into this realm all at once. This is why
the world needs the idea of the chosen
people. With that people chosen by God,
the Messiah should build God’s chosen
nation. The existence of a chosen peo-
ple proves God’s existence. And judging
from that basis, the prophecy about the
coming of the Messiah further proves
His existence.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1272

God wants everyone reborn. From
His position, He is trying to bring all
of humanity, which is still in the realm
of Satan’s false love, to His side through
His greater love. Since all humankind
was born through the parents, ances-
tors and lineage of false love, they need
to be reborn through the parents, ances-
tors and lineage of true love. In this way,
they can become the children of God
and the people of God’s Kingdom. The
precious blood of Jesus and the ritual of
the Last Supper all symbolize the provi-
dence of becoming the children of God
through the conversion of the lineage.

Members Who Will Live In God’s Family

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1959

Matthew 12: 46-50

Jesus left his last words as Heaven’s son. He told his disciples that although there were many things he wanted to share, he was to die before he could finish all that he wanted to say. He said, “You do not believe me when I speak about the matters of this earth, so how would you believe me if I spoke to you about the matters of Heaven?” (John 3:12) He added, “Although there are many things that I want to tell you, you are not prepared to receive them now.” (John 16:12) Had Jesus’ beloved disciples been the true sons and daughters of Jesus, why would he not have been able to speak? Even when he was dying, Jesus could not reveal the secrets deep in his heart. He was our father. How can there be a greater violation of filial piety?

We have to repent to cleanse ourselves of all historical sins. Because all people share the sin of having killed the parent, we have to repent. What does it mean to repent? It is to regret the sin of having killed the father and understanding it. No matter how unemotional a son may be, if he realizes that he has killed a good father, wouldn’t he repent in tears? That is how it is. Regardless of what the world may think about it, the God and Jesus I know are like that.

Who would ever understand the situation of Heaven, who worked ceaselessly for six thousand years without feeling any fatigue because He yearned so intensely for the original family, original children, siblings and members? No matter what tribulations Jesus encountered during the thirty years of his life, even when he was praying through the night on the lonely grounds of Gethsemane, he thought about the original children. Thinking about the original children, Jesus prayed even as he was dying on the cross. He prayed, “Father, please forgive them of their sins.” (Luke 23:34) Jesus was thinking, “Since we are in the position of parents searching for the lost children, we should certainly walk this path.” From this we can discern Jesus’ heart.

Christians of the world today know that Jesus is great and honor him as God’s son. However, in reality he was truly miserable. He was condemned as a traitor, a rebel and a heretic. Although the Jesus known in history is great, in reality he was truly miserable. Do you know that? We should not seek the great name of the Jesus we find in history. We should go find the Jesus who appeared in substance. This is the responsibility of the believers of the Last Days. With the burning heart of a parent, Jesus overcame all these situations and struggled to find sons and daughters. The day that Jesus, who labored with the heart of a parent, and sons and daughters who are struggling to find him, meet together is the day God can come and give His blessing.

What remains now? Words are not as important as the embodiment itself. Words are the letters the bridegroom has sent to the bride. When the embodiment, the source of the words, appears, should they focus their discussion on the letters? Now is the time that we must complete our actions based on the words. It is the time when we have to conquer Satan and return the world to God’s bosom. Only then will the embodiment appear.

Our families and relatives block our path to go before Jesus. To sever oneself from all these obstacles, a person must be able to feel the pain of the cross. When Jesus cut off from his own family members, he shed tears and prayed for blessing. Likewise, we human beings have to suffer the pain of the cross to sever our familial relationships on the earth. We have to endure the agony of the cross. Those who dislike that will not meet Jesus. They will never meet him.

Find the One that Brings the Words Lost in the Garden of Eden

Mark 12

13 The Pharisees got together with Herod’s followers.[a] Then they sent some men to trick Jesus into saying something wrong. 14 They went to him and said, “Teacher, we know that you are honest. You treat everyone with the same respect, no matter who they are. And you teach the truth about what God wants people to do. Tell us, should we pay taxes to the Emperor or not?”

15 Jesus knew what they were up to, and he said, “Why are you trying to test me? Show me a coin!”

16 They brought him a silver coin, and he asked, “Whose picture and name are on it?”

“The Emperor’s,” they answered.

17 Then Jesus told them, “Give the Emperor what belongs to him and give God what belongs to God.” The men were amazed at Jesus.

Isaiah 63

But his people remembered
what had happened
    during the time of Moses.[d]
Didn’t the Lord[e] bring them
and their leaders
    safely through the sea?
Didn’t he[f] give them
    his Holy Spirit?
12 The glorious power of the Lord
    marched beside Moses.
The Lord will be praised forever
    for dividing the sea.

Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

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