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Cheon Seong Gyeong

You women, do you have such big
breasts for yourselves? Do you have big
hips for yourselves? There is not one
part of you that belongs to you. Everything
that women have is not theirs. It
is for others, for their children and their
husbands. None of their physiological
organs or the sexual organ exists for the
woman alone. Then who would be the
owner of the male organ? The owner is
woman. It is the wife who holds the key.
If she were to use it wrongly, she would
incur the punishment of heaven. Why
did Sodom and Gomorrah go to ruin?
Why is the United States on the way to
destruction? They came to ruin through
drugs and promiscuity. (142-150, 1986.3.8)

p. 1754 p. 1

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Sex education is unnecessary. People
talk of free sex and sex education, but
I say, “You crazy fools, stop!” Is there
sex education in the animal kingdom?
When they are next to each other, they
fit together naturally. Some animal has
its sexual organ under its shoulder, and
its mate fits its own sexual organ into it,
though the latter may have it on its heel.
They are meant to fit together automatically.
Are the magnets forced to match
their poles with the North Pole and the
South Pole, or do they do so automatically?
They find the poles automatically.
Once your mind and body are ready
to be in tune with true love, if you let
yourself, you will automatically find the
direction, north, south, east or west, and
fit yourself in.

p. 1762 p. 1

Let Us Be Israel, the Chosen People of God

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 9, 1958

You should know that Jacob was a representative heavenly soldier who, centering on the word Heaven granted, walked the road of fierce struggle not to lose it, even at the risk of his life.

What forewarned this? Ancestral Adam and Eve should have been obedient to God’s word to the end in order to bring in the day of hope. However, they weren’t. In order to restore this one fact through indemnity, there had to be someone who would defend God’s word to the death, unlike Adam. You should understand that Jacob, who received the call from Heaven, was exactly such a person.

Jacob came to be in the position of receiving a heavenly trial. He never relaxed his mental vigilance for a moment. You should know this. He firmly believed in the word of blessing from God and kept a firm conviction not to retreat before the fight ended, even if he were to lose an arm. Only after gaining victory in a battle like this was the blessing of being named Israel granted. You should not forget that this became the victorious foundation for the Israelites.

Why was Jacob placed in this kind of situation? This was on account of the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, distrusting God’s word and betraying Him. Their descendants had to believe in God to the end centering on the word, even if God forsook them. Because Jacob maintained faith to the end, centering on the word from a position like this, he was able to surmount all pretexts for Satan’s ridicule.

If the angel had not appeared to Jacob, who was keeping vigil at the side of the Jabbok River in place of God, Jacob would have had to receive a trial from Satan. In order to reveal a representative too trustworthy for Satan to ridicule, who could fight centering on the word, God sent an angel to Jacob and let them fight all night long.

Harboring a will to fulfill absolutely the will that was bestowed upon him, Jacob fought at the risk of his life to beat off the angel. Before someone like this, Satan could not dare pose a pretext for ridicule and could not make any excuses. Because this kind of victory was attained on the banks of the Jabbok River, Heaven was able to inspire Esau, who was the object of the second trial, and subjugate him before Jacob. You should understand this.

The name of Israel, established through Jacob, and the base of Israel established in recognition of Jacob’s services were not to be blessings for the one generation of Jacob. The name was for the formulation of a national level, state level, and world level Israel after the individual and family level Israel were started through Jacob. Passing through the course of history, the descendants of Jacob should have realized and believed that this was the will of God.

Yet the descendants of Jacob have gone along believing that the blessing extended by virtue of Jacob belonged only to them. You should know that today the Israelites, who were covered with the glory of being chosen, are scattered without a trace of their former glory.

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