King Solomon Should Have Upheld the Will of Heaven

Click below to listen to or download a recording of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s speech “God’s Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace”, the inaugural message of the Universal Peace Federation on September 23, 2005 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington DC. Rev. Moon speaks extensively about the Peace Kingdom Corps.:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1977

You should all love Korea. God’s pur-
pose in raising Korea should be fulfilled
and Korea should become our home-
land. In the future, the entire Korean
peninsula should become a holy ground.
Shouldn’t we recover the Liaotung penin-
sula in Manchuria that used to be Kore-
an territory? The people of Israel sold
Jesus and then recovered their nation.
Then do you believe that I, who live with
the title of returning Lord, would not be
able to recover our native land? Even if
the Soviet Union were to obstruct my
way, I would push right through it. I
think we should enter negotiations to
recover parts of our native land which
belonged to us during the former Sung
dynasty and which was taken away by
the Soviet Union. (168-49, 1987.8.30)

Richard:  It is possible to regain sovereignty through negotiation, as Rev. Moon points out here.

Thirty thousand couples from 131
nations received the Blessing even
though they had only just been matched
by photograph. This was a historic event.
Could the pope bring this about? Could
the president of the United States do this
kind of thing? It was not I who wished to
do this, but you. You asked me, “Please,
Father, do this for us!” Now that I have
matched you, do you think the couples
suit each other well, or not? The whole
world knows that I carry out the match-
ing using photographs only. The mem-
bers of the Unification Church are intel-
ligent, and that is why they have left the
matching up to me. I do not think I will
do it from next time.

Richard:  It is destiny for all couples to eventually decide to receive the Blessing:

The Heart of Heaven in Relation to Elijah

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1959

1 Kings 19: 1-21

After fallen history began, God came forth, holding onto the chosen Israel for a long time, unconcerned about His own great toil. After the lapse of three thousand years, He established King Saul with great hope and expectation. Because Saul could not fulfill his responsibility, however, the original will of God was prolonged through King David to the time of King Solomon. In other words, the will God wanted to realize by establishing Saul was prolonged 120 years.

King Solomon had a heavenly responsibility to build the holy temple by upholding the will of Heaven and to unite his people with it through his leadership. However, we understand that since he too committed sin, he ended up handing the people over to become puppets of Satan.

After King Solomon’s death, the Israelites were divided into the kingdoms of northern Israel and southern Judah by King Jeroboam and King Rehoboam. The Israelites were the chosen people. With one leader centered upon God, they were to act according to his commands. They were the people God had led through a history of toil. We know the sorrowful fact very well that the Israelites were divided into the two kingdoms of north and south, contrary to Heaven’s wish. All twelve tribes of Israel should have united with Heaven centered on one altar, standing on Heaven’s side. Continue reading “King Solomon Should Have Upheld the Will of Heaven”

Israel was for the World

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Cheon Seong Gyeong

You women, do you have such big
breasts for yourselves? Do you have big
hips for yourselves? There is not one
part of you that belongs to you. Everything
that women have is not theirs. It
is for others, for their children and their
husbands. None of their physiological
organs or the sexual organ exists for the
woman alone. Then who would be the
owner of the male organ? The owner is
woman. It is the wife who holds the key.
If she were to use it wrongly, she would
incur the punishment of heaven. Why
did Sodom and Gomorrah go to ruin?
Why is the United States on the way to
destruction? They came to ruin through
drugs and promiscuity. (142-150, 1986.3.8)

p. 1754 p. 1

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Sex education is unnecessary. People
talk of free sex and sex education, but
I say, “You crazy fools, stop!” Is there
sex education in the animal kingdom?
When they are next to each other, they
fit together naturally. Some animal has
its sexual organ under its shoulder, and
its mate fits its own sexual organ into it,
though the latter may have it on its heel.
They are meant to fit together automatically.
Are the magnets forced to match
their poles with the North Pole and the
South Pole, or do they do so automatically?
They find the poles automatically.
Once your mind and body are ready
to be in tune with true love, if you let
yourself, you will automatically find the
direction, north, south, east or west, and
fit yourself in.

p. 1762 p. 1

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