Be Loyal to God and Serve the True Parent

CSG 2224

Humankind is faced with the plight
of being children of filial impiety. People
are the chief culprits who brought about
unhappiness. Having been unspeak-
ably impious toward God, such chil-
dren must occupy the position that will
enable them to become filial sons and
daughters, and recover their dignity
before Heaven.
Unification Church members are
proud of themselves, saying that they
have pledged to become filial sons and
daughters of Heaven. However, we need
to dispassionately undertake a criti-
cal reappraisal of ourselves. We have to
ask ourselves how much our hands have
become the hands of a filial child that
Heaven longs for, and how much our
faces have become the faces of filial chil-
dren that Heaven can long for.
If we ask ourselves whether or not
we have personally become the cata-
lyst of filial piety, overcoming whatever
adversities we may face, day or night,
and whether or not we have succeeded
in resembling our Father who has toiled
relentlessly in order to allow us to pio-
neer the way of filial piety, we do not
have that confidence. (60-19, 1972.8.1)

1 Samuel 23

18 They both promised the Lord that they would always be loyal to each other. Then Jonathan went home, but David stayed at Horesh.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon-HDK-8/2/04

Kodiak AK  9 pm

(Reading continues)

[At the time of the Coronation in Israel, Heung Jin Nim gave guidance.  Do you have that kind of connection to the Spirit World and system in Japan?]

And then, Yu Jueng Ok is just representative, not really responsible   And there are so many different people against, hang around.  I know Japan, how difficult the situation is.

There are no pure revolutionary leaders for Japan.  In Japan you need strong strength.  I feel this way, so then we need to come down  a powerful person who understands God.  I would like to send that kind of person to Japan, to make strength, to empower the Japanese country. I am concerned about the situation of Japan.

(Reading continues)

Because Father is here, because Father saved Japan, Father set the way  to connect to heaven.  One miserable woman is Japanese. (referring to a tormented woman in the Spiritual World reading)is way to go.  In Japan the tradition survives of using their sword(..kundo) to cut women.  ……,  In their society, There is nothing exemplary. God did not give that direction  Because of Japan’s Samarai spirit.  What kind of topic compares Nothing compares to this. That lady uses  pictures, do you see much difference? People find out. Do you know why? Korean people they found out, they know that. [Father seems to be referring to the abuse of Korean women during the Japanese occupation].

Nakasone Hirogu, is the former prime minister (son?).

Father gave this direction that American Senators will come.  If they don’t come, I will.(not said)  The ex prime minister of Fakuda, abeshiro, Nakasone,  try to make an agreement with Father.  Even Korea and Japan will be upside down if I reveal this agreement.  There are three goals; to annihilate the communist philosophy , and also the establishment of family values.  Father even helped Reagan to win.  All the media has to recognize.  Father helped 50,000 churches.  Father is even helping black churches.  Father has tried to raise up the enemy (the church) and to help them.  The truth will be revealed.  Do you know that 70% of the Yakusa, the mafia in Japan is Korean?  Don’t you know that?

When Father was in prison in America, even some boss of the Mafia came to me and told me that “Rev. Moon, if there is anybody you don’t like, we will take care of them”.  There is a  Korean in Japan behind all the pachinko, the Japanese slot machines.  They are really supporting Father.  About four years ago, Mr. Oyama came to apologize and see me.  Sato, I am not just fooling around.  Mr. Oyama made a business foundation in Japan, like selling flowers and fundraising.  He really pioneered.

….  You will be naturally selected who heavenly fortune helps.  Rev. Moon’s power rises like the sun rises and becomes brighter.  You know the Japanese, their families are broken down.  Even teachers are doing wrong things.  That is why your responsibility is very important.  And you have to influence Japan from America.  Only Father has the idea for the salvation.

If you don’t change, heavenly fortune will annihilate ….

Through this fishing tournament you.[become a lighthouse]  Natotda is a lighthouse.  If you become the lighthouse you will be able to, and also (na)toda is like the Japanese Harvard University.  Has any graduate of Tokyo University come here? Is there anybody?

(How much should we Hondook, maybe continuously?).  Tomorrow I leave here.  Right after breakfast, I can leave here to NY.  Why?  I am going to declare the emergency state declaration to solve all urgent issues.  ……

(Asking one person) How long have you been in America?  About 17 years.  Oh, you are Not even 20 years.  Oh, You are young, less than 20 years old.  If you are young, you can do.

Have to be careful ….

Korea, Japan (are needed).  True Parents are more important than your life.  That is why please pray if it is true or not. Go ahead. If you do not build up these ideas, In Japan all special being will come out and witness too.  They will not sit down and be quiet  In Japan is against this message, there is no way to go, the only way is to perish.  So,  even then, do you believe  the emperor can solve this, the future of Japan?  No way.  Maybe even the Japanese political leaders, too?  No.  Only True Parents can solve all these issues.  Korea, Japan and America;  all have the same situations, same focus, same pride.

So Japan wake up to understand where to go.  Korea, too, America, too.  Actually America is worse than Japan.  There is homosexuality and lesbianism in America, you know how heavy a sin that is.

If Father doesn’t have responsibility to restore Christianity America has no way to solve this.

[Reading continues]

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