Rev. Moon’s Vision for Peace through Soccer and Fishing Tournament

1 Samuel 7

15 Samuel was a leader[d] in Israel all his life. 16 Every year he would go around to the towns of Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah where he served as judge for the people. 17 Then he would go back to his home in Ramah and do the same thing there. He also had an altar built for the Lord at Ramah.

Richard:  Starting in the summer of 2019, Stacey and I will travel to relatives and friends and bring teachings on Entrepreneurship and Absolutely Good Sex.

Exodus 12

Moses called the leaders of Israel together and said:

Each family is to pick out a sheep and kill it for Passover. 22 Make a brush from a few small branches of a hyssop plant and dip the brush in the bowl that has the blood of the animal in it. Then brush some of the blood above the door and on the posts at each side of the door of your house. After this, everyone is to stay inside.

Richard:  Pastor Hyung Jin has told us to be prepared internally and externally.  Internally we study Hoon Dok Hae every day and keep the words and commandments of God expressed in the Bible and int he Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  Externally, we should have some food stored and also be able to defend ourselves.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon-HDK-8/2/04
Kodiak AK  9 pm

From Adam’s Family, Jesus’ family, 2nd advent, messiah’s family horizontally … unite center.  From the  nation to the world, world to the cosmos, and cross(ing over at the) family , tribe, nation and the world.  When the cross meets each other in the center, and there is absolute love, then the liberation of all nations and the world and beyond the world, the settlement of God’s family will occur.

No concern when you come to the spring,  and grow and it is becoming past summer and autumn and harvest time comes and winter time they gather and rest and welcome new spring and be able to harvest much more than last year.  So it is not time to rest.  Every year a new year starts, the seed grows (to become) a tree , just like eternally the heavens bring rain, even in the dessert and the high mountains.  When the weather becomes warm, they will start  to gather.  When the wind and rain come on the high mountains, over 1000 feet altitude and under the clouds near the top of the mountain, the heavy rain and the valley becomes the very rapid river.  That’s why when you are climbing the mountain, you cannot relax.  In the Japanese climate it is different.

You have to change 180 degrees.  Korea has a 5000 year history.  When we turn our tradition 180 degrees, turn around.  Father is like a ladder for us to be able to cross over.  In Japan people were against the Father.  All Japanese women were against.  Four or Five years ago, Father told them to proclaim Father as the Messiah.  You didn’t proclaim.  Now you go out from Japan.  Come to the world.  And then father did the Missionary providence.  All the national messiah.

In Paraguay at the river about over 40 are doing pioneering in Paraguay near the river.

So I told Mr. Kamiyama to stay for your next 3 generations to pioneer.  It is where the native Indians live.  It is Paraguay, mixed with Indians in Paraguay start salvation for South America As a communist, they use over 6000 spies in South America.  For last 19 years against the President.  It is liberation theology and try to take over the government and make it Communist;  Uruguay and Paraguay. tried to be against the Unification Church, but with the soccer game, we are making a big movement in South America.  Do you know many young people play on the soccer team.  Solokuva.  They have a great team.  In 3 or 4 years, because of Father’s prayer they saw the soccer team win and break the world record. (Chuwok?)  of China and Japan, four nations, do you know which won?  Please continue to think.  If you don’t know, you cannot even solve the problem.  (Tepal?)

Peace King Cup fishing tournament.  …  They asked to take the word King out from the King cup soccer tournament.

I put King cup to the fishing tournament, starting from Kodiak.

Father prepared $12,000 for this prize.  For this fishing tournament.  Do you feel good?  At the NY fishing tournament, Father sponsored all the prize money.  Mr. Sato.  Do you remember that Father put money for the prize?  Father has to standing up even in Korea, waking up early in the morning, before the sun dawns. Until the sun sets.  After the sunset, Father came back.

Do you have that kind of spirit, the Kodiak spirit?  American members, do you have the Kodiak spirit? Go out before dawn and come back after sunset.

Back to Korean translation:

Do you understand all those ideas?  You now come to lead all people in the front line.

Sometimes this Peace King Cup fishing tournament is meaningful there.  Yesterday’s workshop.  Actually Father today somehow feels a different spirit than before.  Actually Father’s fishing experience this time is very strange…..  Father though about that and did not have such a good feeling.  Father almost cancelled the fishing tournament.  The last two days Father was fighting in the ocean on the boat.    You all leaders are representative of Father, When father was a young age, he put in effort, and you should do that way.[Father seems to be saying that he is getting old, and can’t carry on physically like he did before.  We should inherit Father’s heart and spirit and carry on Father’s work.]

We should spread this fishing tournament throughout the whole world.  We will build it up.  We will see that

You will see what will happen in the future.  Do you understand that one?  Do you believe Father’s word?  (Yes!)

So wake up everybody.
OK.  Let’s try to finish.


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