Attend Jesus to Attend God

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Exodus 18

Moses followed Jethro’s advice. 25 He chose some competent leaders from every tribe in Israel and put them over groups of ten, fifty, a hundred, and a thousand. 26 They served as judges, deciding the easy cases themselves, but bringing the more difficult ones to Moses.

Psalm 69

Answer me, Lord!
    You are kind and good.
    Pay attention to me!
    You are truly merciful.
17 Don’t turn away from me.
    I am your servant,
    and I am in trouble.
Please hurry and help!
18     Come and save me
    from my enemies.

Oh, Father! We Welcome You

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 1959

We must be saved and must pursue eternal life. To be embraced inside the love of the Father, we must overcome all kinds of hardships and wounds. Even if our family, our society, our nation and the world all oppose us, we must step over it and stand in the position of Jesus, who came forth clinging only to the will of God. We must become the elite soldiers of Heaven who can march toward the historical tribe of death.

How would Heaven come seeking us? God, who exists as a spirit on the heavenly throne, waited 4,000 years after the creation of the world to raise Jesus and tried to reach out to humanity. After Jesus, He exerted Himself for 2,000 more years in the spirit world, which represents our minds. He has been seeking us through 6,000 years of the footsteps of toil until today. However, do you have the heart of filial children who are determined to alleviate the grief of the Father, who has been working to find you, and say, “Father, we are sorry. Father, we are so ashamed. Father, what can we do?”

If you have become the sons and daughters who have this kind of mind- set, then in the same way Jesus clung to the heart of the Father and produced the miracle of resurrection, with a heart of compassion and love amidst tribulation, you must also have the same heart and step above the realm of death to produce the miracle of resurrection. If you cannot become such people, then there is no way you can rise above the realm of death and live in the glory of resurrection.

You must clearly understand God in your minds and bodies now. The time has passed when you could comprehend God through your brains. You are not to comprehend God in your heads; you are to understand Him in your hearts. Now is the time when you cannot understand only in your minds. You must understand also in your bodies. Accordingly, the era of conceptual faith has passed. The time has come when you must believe in your minds and experience in your bodies.

The last days is the time when we seek after the embodiment of unchanging faith, when we are trying to raise the reincarnation of eternal love. When this substantial embodiment emerges, then the term “faithlessness” will disappear from our bodies. Therefore, you must now become sons and daughter who can demonstrate concern for the heart of the Father and attend Him. Otherwise, you will become pitiful people. If you do not know that God exists, then it is a different story; but if you do know, then you have to understand that the God who has been exerting Himself to seek us is not someone whom we should attend only as the hero of our minds.

We must form one body with God on earth eternally. We must live with Him. He is the substantial Master who can share all pain and joy with us eternally. He is the origin of unchanging love and the reincarnation of eternal hope. Before this God, Jesus could forget himself without any pretense or excuse. He was willing to do anything for the sake of the Father’s will. You must become sons and daughters who inherit the footsteps of Jesus.

Jesus gave us the words of the Gospels during the thirty-odd years of his life. When he met starving people as he was going around with his disciples, he fed 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes. He gave everything he could. He introduced faith, life and love. He introduced all that humanity could demand.

Have you ever received the words of Jesus as his substantial body? Have you ever felt through the words of Jesus that he is the embodiment of God’s eternal faith? Have you ever felt through the words of Jesus that he is the embodiment of eternal life? Have you ever felt through the words of Jesus that he is the embodiment of eternal love? If you cannot feel this even after you have heard Jesus’ words, then Jesus’ heart will be torn.

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