Democracy is Fundamentally Opposed to Christianity

Cheon Seong Gyeong 73

What would have happened had
John the Baptist believed in Jesus? Also,
what would have happened if Jesus had
received John the Baptist’s younger sis-
ter as his bride? The will of God could
have been fulfilled. When I say things
like this, don’t Christians immediate-
ly oppose me? They make a great hue
and cry over it. Yet, however much they
oppose me, it will be to no avail. Those
opposing me now will realize that I’m
not lying when they pass on to the spirit
world. (Blessed Family – 488)

Richard:  I am very grateful to be Blessed in marriage with my wife, Stacey, and I wish her a very happy Birthday, today, February 2nd!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1378

Re-creation involves the creation of
an environment with subject and object
partners, followed by corresponding
developments. This is how evolutionary
theory should also develop; it cannot
develop as it is. Subject and object part-
ners must unite, be absorbed into some-
thing greater, and pass through the gates
of love. According to this principle, to
progress from the loveless amoeba to the
human being thousands of levels need
to be passed through, and these gates of
love cannot be crossed just like that. (230-
68, 1992.4.19)

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

Democracy takes its ideal from Christianity, while it is saturated in science-centered individualism in regard to daily life. Thus, though democracy is based on freedom, it is fundamentally opposed to Christianity. When Christianity calls for freedom, it calls for the freedom of the whole universe. When Christianity pursues liberation, it pursues liberation of the whole. When it demands unification, it demands unification for the sake of God’s Shim Jung, that is, from the standpoint of Heaven’s rejoicing with the world. Since the people of the democratic world understand freedom based upon individualism, when they insist upon freedom, they eventually wind up denying their country, society, organization, and even their families and conjugal relationships. Eventually, they fall into a situation where they even deny the center of their heart. What will remain for them then? Loneliness.

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