Jesus Came as the Master of Freedom

Cheon Seon Gyeong 197

Who should end this battle? Neither
God nor Satan can end it. You must be
hearing this for the first time. Who can
bring to an end the fight between the
evil spirits and good spirits? Neither
God nor Satan can. Then, who can put
an end to it? Only a true person can end
the battle. Without being a central figure
of love who can be followed by all peo-
ple, the true person cannot end the fight
between God and Satan. As long as we
are not liberated from this fight, future
peace will be an impossible dream for
the world, and ideals will be nothing but
abstract, sentimental concepts.
Then, who can resolve this fight? For
this task God has sent a representative.
This is the typical concept of the Messi-
ah. The Savior is the person who liberates
not only people but also God. In addi-
tion, he punishes evil. The one responsi-
ble for the overall task of liberating God
and liquidating evil is the Savior.

Cheon Seon Gyeong 963

3.4. Registration for heaven and
Blessed Families’ spiritual realm
3.4.1 Requirements of registration

To this day, no one has been regis-
tered into the heavenly kingdom. The
kingdom did not have a nation. It did
not have a family or nation. When you
go to the spirit world, your parents, and
– if there are ten people in your family
– all ten of your family members would
be separated. However, from now on it
will not be that way. You should know
that originally, if human beings had not
fallen, heaven would be the place where
you enter with your mother, father and

John 8:31-47

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

While achieving freedom, God never used the method of striking others, though He struggled against certain sovereigns to liberate and save the individual. In human history, the quest for freedom involved an individual attacking an individual, a nation attacking a nation, and a country attacking a country. God takes the opposite way. In restoring the individual, before hitting the individual, He allows Himself to be hit first. In restoring the nation, before striking the nation, He personally walked the suffering road to liberate the nation. In restoring the world, before striking the world, He personally walked the arduous path.

What kind of person can be the master of freedom in the future? He is the one who can serve God. To find the ideal of freedom that resonates with God, one must follow God’s strategy. That is, in restoring the family, he must strike himself as hard as the value of liberating the family. In restoring the nation and world, he should be able to hit himself as much as its value. For the sake of Heaven, again he must hit himself the corresponding amount, and he should be able to rejoice while being hit. You need to know that only those who possess such a Shim Jung of freedom will necessarily remain in the last days of history.

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