History Has Been Flowing to Avoid Poverty of the Spirit, Life and Love.

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Leviticus 23

15 Seven weeks after you offer this bundle of grain, each family must bring another offering of new grain. 16 Do this exactly fifty days later, which is the day following the seventh Sabbath. 17 Bring two loaves of bread to be lifted up[d] in dedication to me. Each loaf is to be made with yeast and with four pounds of the finest flour from the first part of your harvest.

18 At this same time, the entire community of Israel must bring seven lambs that are a year old, a young bull, and two rams. These animals must have nothing wrong with them, and they must be offered as a sacrifice to please me.[e] You must also offer the proper grain and wine sacrifices with each animal.[f] 19 Offer a goat[g] as a sacrifice for sin, and two rams a year old as a sacrifice to ask my blessing.[h] 20 The priest will lift up[i] the rams together with the bread in dedication to me. These offerings are holy and are my gift to the priest. 21 This is a day of celebration and worship, a time of rest from your work. You and your descendants must obey this law.

Jeremiah 50

51 I, the Lord, am sending
    a wind[a] to destroy
the people of Babylonia[b]
    and Babylon, its capital.
Foreign soldiers will come
    from every direction,
and when the disaster is over,
Babylonia will be empty
    and worthless.
I will tell these soldiers,
    “Attack quickly,
before the Babylonians
can string their bows
    or put on their armor.[c]
Kill their best soldiers
    and destroy their army!”
Their troops will fall wounded
    in the streets of Babylon.

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47


Father! Have pity on humankind, who has lost the garden of freedom, liberation and unification. We thought that all that was lost could be regained in the external world, but now we have learned the sorrow of history: that even with a certain external standard, there have been internal divisions. Let the power of life, love and the ideal of God overflow in us so as to take back the internal world of freedom, liberation and unification so that the standard of Shim Jung that can laugh at death and overcome pain and sorrow can be planted in our hearts. Help us realize that in the world of Shim Jung we can feel the freedom of all the saints, feel the whole circumstances, and move with the life of the whole.

Father! Looking at the historical world, it proceeds centered on the material, instigating divisions within and putting on a deceptive form of unification without. Internally, on the contrary, we realize that history has been flowing to avoid poverty of the spirit, life and love. Now that we have arrived at the time when we should reinforce the time of life, the time of the ideal, and Your love, please give us the heart that can rejoice even in crossing the line of death. We should attain the loyalty of heart to be able to call You Father. We should know that You had worries and battles for us. Help us realize that only when we have a change of heart and feel that Your hard work comes to us with a value 10,000 times greater than that of our death can the power of life emerge which can replenish the deficiency of the spirit. Continue reading “History Has Been Flowing to Avoid Poverty of the Spirit, Life and Love.”

Find the One Person; Christ

Cheon Seong Gyeong 285

If you are liberated from Satan that
which has been shackled through its
connection to the false parents also
becomes liberated. Therefore, you will
return to the free heart of the Parents.
When returning, you cannot carry on
with the habits of the satanic world’s
lifestyle. You must thoroughly burn
them away. (202-273, 1990.5.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

When we observe the birthplace of
civilizations from a geographical point
of view, we see that they developed based
on the conditions of climate, during the
course of world history. Then what kind
of place is most ideal? We can conclude
that the ideal location is one that has four
seasons and connects the sea to the land.
In terms of climate, it should be a region
with four seasons. It should be a penin-
sula, as well as a region where the four
seasons are distinct. What is a peninsu-
lar region? The land symbolizes heaven,
and the water symbolizes the sea. The
peninsula connects these two. That is
the reality of the world. That is how it
works with all the principles of heaven
and earth. In that sense, the Italian pen-
insula, as a peninsular region, contrib-
uted to world culture. This was the first
great staging-post for past civilizations.
You should be aware that this penin-
sular civilization centered on Rome, a
region with an integrated civilization,
had emerged with the authority of the
past ages in history. It had also passed
through the Egyptian civilization and
Greek civilization to become a compre-
hensive area. (107-300, 1980.6.8)

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

Such a standard should not be established simply as an ideal, but with the substantial unity of mind and body. Whether you will be preserved in the future will be determined by whether you can possess that ideal. Only with this am I entitled to serve God with my life, as God comes to us investing all He has with His life. Only then can God institute a free way of life after restoring me and establish the ideal of freedom, liberation and unification. If you have such a qualification, as long as God exists eternally, we have nothing to do with the power of death.

Now looking at your own self, are there a free Shim Jung, free life and free ideal in your heart which can rejoice centering on true life?

This is the question. When you have such a Shim Jung, life and ideal, you will be qualified to freely digest and pass through any path of death and suffering and restore the elements of life. In this way, you can live forever in God’s world of freedom, liberation and unification. Continue reading “Find the One Person; Christ”

Jesus Came as the Master of Freedom

Cheon Seon Gyeong 197

Who should end this battle? Neither
God nor Satan can end it. You must be
hearing this for the first time. Who can
bring to an end the fight between the
evil spirits and good spirits? Neither
God nor Satan can. Then, who can put
an end to it? Only a true person can end
the battle. Without being a central figure
of love who can be followed by all peo-
ple, the true person cannot end the fight
between God and Satan. As long as we
are not liberated from this fight, future
peace will be an impossible dream for
the world, and ideals will be nothing but
abstract, sentimental concepts.
Then, who can resolve this fight? For
this task God has sent a representative.
This is the typical concept of the Messi-
ah. The Savior is the person who liberates
not only people but also God. In addi-
tion, he punishes evil. The one responsi-
ble for the overall task of liberating God
and liquidating evil is the Savior.

Cheon Seon Gyeong 963

3.4. Registration for heaven and
Blessed Families’ spiritual realm
3.4.1 Requirements of registration

To this day, no one has been regis-
tered into the heavenly kingdom. The
kingdom did not have a nation. It did
not have a family or nation. When you
go to the spirit world, your parents, and
– if there are ten people in your family
– all ten of your family members would
be separated. However, from now on it
will not be that way. You should know
that originally, if human beings had not
fallen, heaven would be the place where
you enter with your mother, father and

John 8:31-47

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

While achieving freedom, God never used the method of striking others, though He struggled against certain sovereigns to liberate and save the individual. In human history, the quest for freedom involved an individual attacking an individual, a nation attacking a nation, and a country attacking a country. God takes the opposite way. In restoring the individual, before hitting the individual, He allows Himself to be hit first. In restoring the nation, before striking the nation, He personally walked the suffering road to liberate the nation. In restoring the world, before striking the world, He personally walked the arduous path.

What kind of person can be the master of freedom in the future? He is the one who can serve God. To find the ideal of freedom that resonates with God, one must follow God’s strategy. That is, in restoring the family, he must strike himself as hard as the value of liberating the family. In restoring the nation and world, he should be able to hit himself as much as its value. For the sake of Heaven, again he must hit himself the corresponding amount, and he should be able to rejoice while being hit. You need to know that only those who possess such a Shim Jung of freedom will necessarily remain in the last days of history. Continue reading “Jesus Came as the Master of Freedom”

Democracy is Fundamentally Opposed to Christianity

Cheon Seong Gyeong 73

What would have happened had
John the Baptist believed in Jesus? Also,
what would have happened if Jesus had
received John the Baptist’s younger sis-
ter as his bride? The will of God could
have been fulfilled. When I say things
like this, don’t Christians immediate-
ly oppose me? They make a great hue
and cry over it. Yet, however much they
oppose me, it will be to no avail. Those
opposing me now will realize that I’m
not lying when they pass on to the spirit
world. (Blessed Family – 488)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1378

Re-creation involves the creation of
an environment with subject and object
partners, followed by corresponding
developments. This is how evolutionary
theory should also develop; it cannot
develop as it is. Subject and object part-
ners must unite, be absorbed into some-
thing greater, and pass through the gates
of love. According to this principle, to
progress from the loveless amoeba to the
human being thousands of levels need
to be passed through, and these gates of
love cannot be crossed just like that. (230-
68, 1992.4.19)

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

Democracy takes its ideal from Christianity, while it is saturated in science-centered individualism in regard to daily life. Thus, though democracy is based on freedom, it is fundamentally opposed to Christianity. When Christianity calls for freedom, it calls for the freedom of the whole universe. When Christianity pursues liberation, it pursues liberation of the whole. When it demands unification, it demands unification for the sake of God’s Shim Jung, that is, from the standpoint of Heaven’s rejoicing with the world. Since the people of the democratic world understand freedom based upon individualism, when they insist upon freedom, they eventually wind up denying their country, society, organization, and even their families and conjugal relationships. Eventually, they fall into a situation where they even deny the center of their heart. What will remain for them then? Loneliness. Continue reading “Democracy is Fundamentally Opposed to Christianity”

Freedom without God’s Viewpoint is Not Freedom

Exodus 32

When Aaron saw what was happening, he built an altar in front of the idol and said, “Tomorrow we will celebrate in honor of the Lord.” The people got up early the next morning and killed some animals to be used for sacrifices and others to be eaten. Then everyone ate and drank so much that they began to carry on like wild people.

Jeremiah 26

26 Soon after Jehoiakim[a] became king of Judah, the Lord said:

Jeremiah, I have a message for everyone who comes from the towns of Judah to worship in my temple. Go to the temple courtyard and speak every word that I tell you. Maybe the people will listen this time. And if they stop doing wrong, I will change my mind and not punish them for their sins. Tell them that I have said:

You have refused to listen to me and to obey my laws and teachings. Again and again I have sent my servants the prophets to preach to you, but you ignored them as well. Now I am warning you that if you don’t start obeying me right away, I will destroy this temple, just as I destroyed the town of Shiloh.[b] Then everyone on earth will use the name “Jerusalem” as a curse word.

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

Since we were created by God, the complete freedom, liberation and unification which we desire can be realized only when God becomes free and becomes the master of liberation and unification. Thus, we cannot deny from a logical standpoint that God’s freedom, liberation and unification are the standards for the freedom, liberation and unification humanity desires.

Looking back upon history, freedom, equality and love were promoted centering on humanism after the Middle Ages. Original freedom, equality and love are the attributes of whom? They are God’s attributes. If the Christianity of the Middle Ages had stood centered upon God in the position of freedom, liberation and unification, through which they could connect with the heart of God, words such as revolution or reformation would not have been needed on earth. Since Christianity did not achieve complete freedom, liberation and unification centered on God, the movement for freedom, liberation and unification was transferred to the outside world. This is what we now call the Renaissance. Continue reading “Freedom without God’s Viewpoint is Not Freedom”