The Marriage Feast of the Lamb has Occurred

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

According to the US Statistics
Bureau, the soaring divorce rate showed
a threefold rise between 1970 and 1990,
with the conclusion that one family out
of six has a divorce, and the reality is
that nationwide, thirty percent of chil-
dren are being raised by single parents.
Furthermore, the strange, decadent
phenomenon of gay married couples is
spreading. (288-197, 1997.11.28)

Richard:  Family breakdown and “bad sex” (sex outside of marriage, including homosexual sex) is the core reason that our society is disintegrating.  Emergency treatment is needed right away.  One way you can help and have access to materials teaching about the benefits of “good sex” is to subscribe tot he Urban Life Training Teacher Web Portal:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1368

Thus, I have blessed the 6000 Couples
on the foundation of the 1800 Couples.
What that represents is the complete
restoration of number six from Satan’s
dominion. The number 6,000 signifies
that Blessed Families have no connec-
tion whatsoever with Satan. Through the
6000 Couples, surmounting the number
of the satanic world, we can advance into
the realm of liberation. (260-150, 1994.5.2)

Richard:  Stacey and I are prat of the “6000 couples Blessing”  This is also known as the “8000 couples Blessing”, including the 2075 couples Blessed in marriage at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 1, 1982.  Later, on October 14, 1982, 6000 couples were Blessed in Korea.

True Parents Day 1966 excerpts
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Women must solve problems that men cannot solve. No matter how many people may be alive on the earth, they are all born as the descendants of the fallen lineage, so one true woman must appear who can give motherly love.

Today’s women are being liberated so they can stand in this position, so now is the time when a true mother must appear. We need to be able to attend this mother here on earth. Isn’t that right? Humanity has come to where it is today and is searching for God, so a bride must be established here on the earth. Without parents, there can be no children; without children, there cannot be a family; without a family, there cannot be a tribe; without a tribe, there cannot be a people; without a people, there cannot be a nation; and without a nation, there cannot be a world.

It is only when Adam and Eve attend God with God’s love, or parental love, that we can have the humanity and world that God created. This mission could not be accomplished in the family of Adam or the family of Joseph. So this needs to be corrected. A new world needs to be built through God’s overall will.

But not everyone can be this bride. Not everyone who enters a marathon can finish first. Everyone who runs has the right to finish first, but only person first to cross the finish line can be the ultimate victor. In the same way, everyone has God’s permission to become the bride, but no one can be the bride without being chosen by God. Only the person chosen by God
can be the bride.

What does God look for in the many bride candidates? He looks for a person who will attend the coming Lord. Continue reading “The Marriage Feast of the Lamb has Occurred”

Jesus Needed to Establish a Bride

Exodus 1

20-21 God was good to the two women because they truly respected him, and he blessed them with children of their own.

The Hebrews kept increasing 22 until finally, the king gave a command to everyone in the nation, “As soon as a Hebrew boy is born, throw him into the Nile River! But you can let the girls live.”

Eccliastes 8

Life is hard, but there is a time and a place for everything, though no one can tell the future. We cannot control the wind[a] or determine the day of our death. There is no escape in time of war, and no one can hide behind evil. I noticed all this and thought seriously about what goes on in the world. Why does one person have the power to hurt another?

Richard:  We should not take ourselves too serously.  Life should be balanced.

True Parents Day 1966 excerpts
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Who is Jesus? He is the second Adam who came in place of Adam. So, he needed to establish a bride who would be the second Eve. Wasn’t that necessary for him to reestablish the position of parents? He needed to reestablish that which was lost, so he needed to establish an object partner who would work with him for the sake of God.

A man represents heaven, and a woman represents earth. Jesus came as a groom representing all men, so he needed to establish a bride. The people of Israel at Jesus’ time, however, did not understand Jesus will. The disciples, too, did not understand his will, so they could not help him.

This was supposed to have been accomplished in Joseph’s family. When this was not done, Jesus could not become the True Parent. Joseph’s family needed to understand that God had blessed their family at the climax of His four-thousand-year providence. They needed to bear total responsibility for their era and fulfill their responsibility. Also, it was Jesus’ mission to accomplish God’s will through the family of Joseph. For this reason, Jesus assailed his parents on three occasions. The parents did not know God’s will, however, and finally could not understand Jesus’ will. Continue reading “Jesus Needed to Establish a Bride”

True Parents Set the Standard

Cheon Seong Gyeong 579

Walking the streets of Myungdong
in Seoul, one sees young couples being
affectionate. For whom are they doing
that? They say they do that to enjoy their
youth, which they have but once. That’s
fine, but who is the owner of enjoyment?
This is a serious question. How long
can you enjoy life? You do so from your
twenties, but it will not last after you pass
your sixties, seventies, and eighties.
Yet the way of the Unification Church
is different. For what purpose do we eat?
For the sake of the world and to abolish
this evil world. We see in order to clean
up this evil world – not to become a part
of the evil side but to defeat it. How we
hear, think, walk and act is different
from the secular world. (36-71, 1970.11.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1410

Of the 36 Couples, the Adam couples
were already married couples, the Noah
couples were engaged but not married,
and the Jacob couples were virgin men
and women. Noah’s family did not fulfill
the Will. When you look at the people
in the world today you see that there are
already married couples, those who are
in informal relationships or are engaged,
and the completely pure single men and
women. From this time on, the foremost
kind of people that True Parents should
be seeking for are not the Adam couples
but the true sons and daughters, in oth-
er words, pure single men and women.
(242-104, 1993.1.1

Richard:  Keeping sexual purity before marriage is a crucial part of spiritual development and receiving Christ.  In fact, you cannot properly receive Christ if you have not kept your sexual purity.

True Parents Day 1966 excerpts
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

As everyone knows, today is Parents Day. Centering on March 1960, we established a new day that did not exist in history, and this is none other than Parents Day. This day should be greeted with rejoicing in the heavens and the earth.

Had our ancestors Adam and Eve not fallen, we would have been celebrating Parents Day already. Because Adam and Eve fell, it was necessary that True Parents come to the earth before we could celebrate Parents Day. Their coming was essential for us to begin celebrating Parents Day, and it was on the standard of this day, and only after true children appeared through the True Parents, that we could begin celebrating Children’s Day. After this, it also became possible to start celebrating a day where we could exercise dominion over all things.

God promised these days to the human ancestors when they had not fallen. Because of the fall, however, we could not receive the days that were the ideal of God’s creation, that is, Parents Day, Children’s Day and Day of All Things. God, too, could not receive the days when He could be joyous and proud as a God who had completed His purpose of creation.

Of course, the fall was when Adam and Eve fell into a situation where they had lost God, but God also lost Parents Day, Children’s Day and Day of All Things. All the celebration days God had hoped to see were taken from Him. Continue reading “True Parents Set the Standard”

Embrace Humanity in Place of God

Judges 9

The soldier who carried his weapons was nearby, and Abimelech told him, “Take out your sword and kill me. I don’t want people to say that I was killed by a woman!”

So the soldier ran his sword through Abimelech. 55 And when the Israelite soldiers saw that their leader was dead, they went back home.

Ezra 44

If a priest touches a dead body, he is unclean and must go through a ceremony to make himself clean. Then seven days later, 27 he must go to the inner courtyard of the temple and offer a sacrifice for sin. After that, he may once again serve as my priest. I, the Lord God, have spoken.

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958

Matthew 7:1-12

Father, we have come to understand that each of us is a substitute for God, a substitute for husband or wife, a substitute for parents, a substitute for children, and a substitute for brothers and sisters. We also have come to know that an inevitable historical course exists wherein we cannot but establish the resting place of the mind that can determine the great fundamental existence of the universe.

Now we understand that each man and woman among us is looking for true elder and younger siblings, True Parents, and a true reciprocating partner. We are aware that humanity is wandering about seeking the same ideology. Humanity is in the same situation. Humans can never be enemies. Humanity is entangled with the ideology of creation.

However, because of the fall, parental love, conjugal love, and brotherly love have been destroyed. Accordingly, in order for us to proceed forth in seeking these, we must first feel the emotion of love between brothers. Furthermore, we know that only when we meet the reciprocating partner whom we can love, taking the place of God’s sorrow of 6,000 years will the principled standard whereby we can take the place of heaven and earth be restored. Continue reading “Embrace Humanity in Place of God”

Become the Embodied Bridegroom and Bride

Only then, as God established Jesus and the Holy Spirit after working for 4,000 years, will you be established in the position of the embodied bridegroom, and you will come to meet the embodied bride. This is God’s purpose of creation.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2050

Through our tong ban breakthrough
activities, the spies who have infiltrated
into South Korea will automatically be
exposed. Isn’t that right? If you roll over
once, then everything hiding under you
skirt will be shown. (204-321, 1990.7.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 863

You have to go to the other world, the
spirit world, and resemble God. You are
returning to God. God’s dual character-
istics, His internal nature and external
form, are completely one. After becom-
ing completely united in the same way, a
man and woman appear to be cocooned
together, and they return to God on the
basis of being one. (230-201, 1992.5.3)

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958

Matthew 7:1-12

The day when we meet as brides and bridegrooms equipped with the substantial forms of united minds and bodies, ready to take the place of parents, children will have to come. Only when that day comes will the tragedy-stricken things of heaven and earth, that is, the created world, blocked in heaven and on earth, be able to move in harmony in the directions of front and rear, left and right, and top and bottom. You must know that this is the day to which all of humanity is looking forward.

Where is the place humanity must seek today? It is this very place. In order for you to seek this one place, you must be able to feel such a mind toward parents, toward brothers and sisters, and toward your objects. You must be able to feel the emotions of everything in the world.

You must be able to step forth in front of heaven and earth, after equipping yourselves with such a heart of love. Only then, as God established Jesus and the Holy Spirit after working for 4,000 years, will you be established in the position of the embodied bridegroom, and you will come to meet the embodied bride. This is God’s purpose of creation. Meeting the embodied reciprocating partner is the objective of humanity. The ideal garden where God can enter into man’s body and mingle as one with Him will then come to pass. You must know that this is the final objective humanity seeks. This is the inevitable fate humankind must attain. Let us pray.