Our Ancestors Set a Foundation of Shim Jung

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1836

The young, courageous soldiers of
the Unification Church must someday
experience the adventure of sailing on
fishing boats that go far out to sea. I
believe that experience in the marine
products industry is great training. You
must do it because I am asking it of you.
Even a graduate from Tokyo University
cannot shirk his responsibility. (192-159,

Richard:  It’s good for youth to have real world training, like working on the sea or participating in martial arts.

On earth, there are racial discrimi-
nation, cultural clashes and other con-
tentious issues. In spite of life’s frictions,
people want to maintain their assertions
and values, which do not pass away but
live on vividly when they go to the spirit
world. (187-285, 1989.2.12)

Richard:  Your thoughts, habits and proclivities will continue when you go to spirit world.  We should take care of any issues that we have (and we all do) while we are on earth.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

The course of restoration speaks. The sorrowful history began in Adam’s family, and the ancestors who served the providence of restoration went through a woeful course. With Noah, Abraham and even Jesus going through a complicated history of misfortune, the misfortune of history has been sweeping the world.

Jesus represented Heaven, humankind, history, the age and the future to prevent such a historical misfortune. We know too well, however, that since Jesus could not complete the victorious condition to eradicate this historical misfortune and left with the promise of the day of hope, the history of sorrow has continued until now.

Where am I going today? You should go beyond the Shim Jung of Adam, beyond that of Noah, Abraham and Moses. You should go beyond the Shim Jung of any prophet or individual, including John the Baptist and Jesus. We also should go beyond the woeful Shim Jung of the Christians who were killed and martyred in the historical course of the 2,000 years from Jesus until now. We are the substantial fruit representing all this. Heaven will ask you what heartistic foundation you have to respond to the historical connection of Shim Jung.

Heaven has been fighting throughout history. Heaven will want to establish victory in the end. Hence, we should win by experiencing the historical heart of sorrow. We should restore all the conditions for heavenly sorrow in history in this age. We should be the heavenly children who can console the sad heavenly heart toward the whole of history. We need to consider that, although Heaven has not been able to embrace anyone for 6,000 years, if there are such sons and daughters, Heaven will embrace them with a joyful heart.

If you have Shim Jung, it did not originate in your individual self. There is no one who does not go through the ancestral ties and their foundation of Shim Jung. Thus, we cannot deny that your Shim Jung belongs to the historical realm.

In which world of Shim Jung am I wandering today? With what kind of viewpoint and sensibilities am I living? Before you think about this, however, you will want to say, “Heavenly Father, I want to live with the Shim Jung of Adam and Eve before the fall, the Shim Jung with which they fell, the Shim Jung with which You expelled them, and the Shim Jung with which You worked hard with humankind for 1,600 years until You established Noah. I want to live with the Shim Jung with which Noah worked hard on the ark on the mountain top for 120 years, holding onto You even amid infinite mistreatment and abuse. I want to live with the Shim Jung with which You have gone through the twisted and multifarious course of history.”

The Father wants to install one person as the living substance of history and the hallmark of victory. You can pray, “Father, can you extend Your hand and allow us to travel so that we can see the heart of an individual sharing joy with You before the fall to the tragic scenes of history after the fall?”

What is the essential reason God’s sorrow and man’s sorrow are not resolved? It is because, although there are many people, none catch God’s Shim Jung; none seize the historical Shim Jung. No one grasps the divine Shim Jung and the future Shim Jung and connect them to man’s Shim Jung. Thus, you should know that among God’s sighs, there is none greater than the sigh of not having fulfilled this Will.

For this reason, you should reconsider the course of finding Heaven. God has been reaching out to us in order to send us to the garden of eternal hope.

Richard:  Shim Jung means heart, or sincere concerted effort with love.

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