Always Keep Hope Based on the Standard of the Eternal World

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2000

For a nation to be established there
must be sovereignty, territory, and citi-
zenry. The same is true of the Kingdom
of God. Parents are in the place of sov-
ereignty, true sons and daughters are in
the place of the citizens, and the King-
dom is in the place of the territory. Of
these, none can be left out. That is an
ironclad rule. (35-279, 1970.10.25)

Richard:  This shows that the Kingdom of God, or Cheon Il Guk already exists.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1386

At the time of the 360,000 Couples
Blessing, people in Japan asserted that
we would be unsuccessful in hosting it.
So in conjunction with the Christians
in Korea, they made thorough prepara-
tions to come and kill us off, so to speak,
as soon as we had announced the date
of the ceremony. In this manner, they
made every preparation to wipe us out
of existence with the full support of their

The Path of Life We Must Go, Entertaining Hope

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 22, 1959

Romans 8: 18-21

People of faith today must realize likewise that living with hope in the eternal world is much more precious than living with hope of remaining on earth. Christians today very often do not put emphasis on the eternal hope that they should value so highly through their life of faith. We must become the people who know how to take hold of the hope with which we can be connected to the eternal world and be able to sacrifice everything as a result of that hope. Only by doing so can we become the last true victors.

All the past prophets and sages went the path of death, without minding it, not only Jesus. Without regard for the jeers of all other people, they went. They went, not caring about persecution. The reason they walked the path of all kinds of difficulty was that they had the eternal hope that cannot be exchanged for anything else. They did not have a worldly hope; they had ardent hope that gets connected to and came deep into their heart through eternal Heaven. That is why they walked the path of death, the path of persecution, and the path of tribulation without minding.

Therefore, we people of faith today should have a mind that glows with hope. We must not lead a life of faith with a hope that will be realized only after death. We must become people who can make the hope into reality and achieve a triumph after fighting, at the risk of our lives, within the realm of reality. If such a person existed, he or she could be considered a person of faith who truly gained victory, a person not with hope on this earth but a person with eternal hope.

If this hope were false, if all the stress that Heaven has put to human beings to put their hopes in Heaven for several thousand years were false, Heaven could be seen as being unspeakably false. This would be the most deceitful act played upon human beings.

Humans beings have longed for good and better things. Through the long course of history, they have not been able to forget Heaven but have longed for it in their minds and toiled for it with their bodies. Heaven is something for which everyone must long: an object all human beings must pursue. Therefore, all of humanity has come forth relating to Heaven as the standard of hope, exerting themselves physically and pouring out their souls until now.

Therefore, the subject of your discussion from now on will be whether your mind stimulates you enough to make you cut your way through the environment with this deeply penetrating heavenly hope. If the number of the times you receive this type of stimulus grows smaller, you must realize that you will have no alternative but to fall down upon meeting death.

For that reason, we must give up all worldly hopes and go forth holding onto eternal heavenly hope. We must have firm faith with which we can force out every hope which centers on the world. Unless you have such faith, your life of faith is not right.

No one can be assured of not walking the path of suffering, the path of persecution, or the path of death. Therefore, in stepping out to seek eternal hope, you must have a firm faith that nothing can replace this hope, no matter what kind of internal or external difficulty may come crashing into you.

Jesus never gave up the object he set before himself in his youth; not even during battles, not even when he was knocked down in a fight, and not even after his resurrection from a state of being brought low. Because he fought without giving up the hope he had kept since he was very young, Jesus opened the path of hope for all humankind to live by holding onto Heaven. He came to be raised as a central being of hope on whom all humankind can rely.

What must you hope for today? You must possess the hope of wishing to have the glory of resurrection after crossing the hill of death, and the hope of wishing to become God’s true sons and daughters after winning the glory of resurrection. Next, you must have the hope of wishing to live with God forever, wishing to live for His sake forever, wishing to seek out God’s true love. Even if the endless path of crucifixion awaits you, even if some never-ending pain sweeps you away, and even if there are critical points of limitless difficulty before you, you must not retreat from them. You must become those who have a firm hope, who expect automatically to be subjected to such pain and who can push their way through it with their bodies. Unless you become people like that, you must realize that you cannot become the final victors.

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