Adam and Eve Had Confidence in Everything Before the Fall

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 339

How valuable are the sons and daugh-
ters embraced in the bosom of love and
born in an environment of love! If there
is one central person in the universe
whom God wants to visit every day to
look at him, touch, and whisper quietly
to, how precious and happy that person
would be! Through love you are empow-
ered to live as such a central person in
the universe. (163-114, 1987.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1270

The love of Jesus, the groom, and the
love of the Holy Spirit, the bride, must
unite into one. Their united love must
then become one with your bones and
flesh. In other words, as Jesus said, “I am
in you, and you will be in me.” There can
be no rebirth if the foundation of love is
not established. (114-27, 1981.5.14)

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

We live our lives today led by the heart, by our situations, or by some hope. We know that as worldly life is, so is the way of Heaven. If we acknowledge that we cannot leave this position, we cannot deny that our lives do not start with our individual selves. We should consider how our social circumstances and courses of faith undergo gradual changes under a certain plan of the whole, proceeding toward a certain purpose.

If there is someone who can claim to have succeeded in life and who is proud before the providence, we can surely see that he is not someone who lives in the present world of chaos. No such person has appeared in history and certainly no such a one has ruled history. We yearn to find such a self in our hearts, and we pursue it repeatedly through ideologies and the vicissitudes of life.

A family should form centering on such an individual. Centering on such a family, a society should form that can exalt and bear witness to Heaven. Centering on such a society, a state and world should form. We know that history has been flowing, searching for an individual who can say, “Father, look at me. Father, hold on to me. Look at me and forget all the historical sorrow.”

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