Jesus was Unable to Speak all the Words of Truth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 123

When Jacob triumphed and earned
the name Israel, he did not triumph as
God’s son but as God’s servant. This
way, people were restored from the
position of the servant of servants to
the servant’s position, and then in the
New Testament Age from the servant’s
position to the position of the adopted
child. Romans 8:23 says: “but we our-
selves, who have the first fruits of the
Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for
adoption as sons, the redemption of our
bodies.” They said that they were eager-
ly waiting to be adopted sons who could
call God “Abba, Father.” Even the most
ardent people of faith in the New Testa-
ment Age, whether they were ministers,
elders, or people holding doctorates, and
so forth, are all adopted children before
God. I am speaking to you frankly. They
want to be adopted children. Adopted
children have a different lineage. (154-257,

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1504

The family and God’s Kingdom are
the same in form. There are parents,
husband and wife, children, and broth-
ers and sisters in a family. The family can
be united through love. On this foun-
dation, unification can be established,
life can be connected, and the ideal can
be realized in a family. Therefore, you
become qualified to enter God’s King-
dom when you can respect conjugal and
parental love.
Grandparents bequeath love to par-
ents and the parents bequeath love to
their children. If any one of these fails
to happen God’s Kingdom cannot be
established. You should love your par-
ents more than your spouse and you
should love your grandparents more
than your parents. This motto is the core
and the ideal of God’s Kingdom.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959

John 10: 1-18

What does God want while carrying on the providence with this world? He would want things to be true creations. He would want for all of humanity to become true citizens. Furthermore, He would want those citizens to become true loyal subjects, true couples, and true parents.

Only after the true creation, true citizens, true filial sons and daughters, true couples, and true parents appear would God want to appear substantially in this world.

As God is the substantiation of truth, He definitely wants to create a bond with those who are in search of truth. He wants all beings to bow their heads and say, “You are right. Be my owner forever.” God has sought that substantiation with His body, mind, and heart. The day God meets that substantiation will be the day human history in search of goodness and truth will end. It will be the day when God, who led the providence in order to seek the truth and establish it, will have His dream fulfilled.

God is looking for such a day, such a place, and such a moment. And such a day is what this sinful land, the people living in this sinful world, the family, the society, and the nation are looking for.

If Jesus came with the mission to fulfill the heart’s desires of God and humanity, it is a sorrowful thing that no disciple ever asked him to introduce the cosmic ideology of goodness that was deep inside his heart. Jesus lamented, “If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” (John 3:12)

Although Jesus came with words of truth and as the embodiment of truth and came to do the deeds of truth, he was not recognized at that time and was unable to speak all the words of truth or perform all that he would wish. Therefore, what we need today is not just the biblical perception of Jesus. We need the embodiment who can clarify what a true individual is, a true family, a true society, a true nation, and a world that God can come to, the blessed land. We need the embodiment to lead us in that direction. It was the mission of the Savior to explain the truth that he cherished deep in his heart.

Who ever really knew Jesus? Jesus could not really reveal the contents of his mission to anybody and had to go over the hill of the cross. No one understood him. That is why no one has gone to Heaven. Everyone who believes in Jesus is in paradise. Paradise is the waiting room to Heaven.

From this perspective, although the course of searching for truth lasted for six thousand years until today, it is still not resolved. When it has not even been completed after six thousand years, will it be completed tomorrow, even if I start anew the course of life with the newly felt and realized heart of today? If there is no possibility that it will happen, then you should at least have a heart of indignation, a heart that can plead to Heaven, bearing the Father’s will.

How can you be citizens of Heaven when you don’t even desire to do such a thing? How can you ever be loyal, exemplary men and women and filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Father?

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