Go Forward With this Determined Fighting Spirit

Cheong Seong Gyeong 179

The religious world sees human
beings as fallen. Of course, there are
religions with different backgrounds,
but they are all looking for a new person
of value through whom to receive sal-
vation. What does this mean? It means
that since they have not attained true
original personhood, the true original
human image, they are always seek-
ing it. This is the same whether it is a
thousand years ago, hundreds of thou-
sands of years ago, or in the present day.
Even in the future, people are bound to
seek it in any environment or age where
humanity exists.
You, also, are looking for that true
person. You are looking for a true man
and a true woman. All men and women
who have lived in history are bound to
stake their lives on this and think about
it. This is why, when you live in a certain
village, you want to be the best true per-
son in that village. (177-99, 1988.5.17)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1066

No parents teach their own children
to do wrong. Nevertheless, it is possible
for a teacher to teach his students to do
wrong. If the teacher is in the position
of an enemy, he may teach them ruinous
things. There are two kinds of teachers
and two kinds of brothers. But there is
only one kind of parent. Even evil par-
ents teach their children to do good
things. (28-85, 1970.1.4)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1959

1 Corinthians 9: 14-27

Many sages of the past and the Savior we believe in were sent by God to pioneer the world of that time and the world of the future. For this reason, if anyone were to come before Jesus and protest about the things that Jesus wanted to share about the future, Jesus would be grateful. If someone were to highlight the providence of the future and ignore the things of the present, saying, “God! Shouldn’t you do this quickly? Shouldn’t you do this rather than doing that?” God would not be able to strike him. In fact, he would commend him instead.

All that we have to do is to go forward with this determined fighting spirit. If God were then to recognize you, what kind of award would you receive? When you become a winner of some competition even in this world, the sponsor will give you an appropriate award. What will God give as an award to those who win the final victory in the six-thousand-year long race? Ladies and gentlemen, when you win an award in a competition, don’t you feel good? But isn’t that joy only temporary? After some time passes, another person will win in the same race and win an award, separate from your own competition. However, in God’s races, there will not be a second person who scores the goal at the final finish line. There will be no one before and no one after. If it comes to an end, it comes to an end for eternity.

The joy of receiving an award in the final race will last beyond just today. It will be eternal. You may in fact see better things unfolding before you, but you will never fall lower. What glory will Heaven give to those winners? God will give them the glory of being God’s sons and daughters. He will bestow upon them all the authority of Heaven and earth. If there is a palace in Heaven, He will allow them to live in it as Heaven’s royal family. He will give them eternal and unlimited awards.

If there are such victorious sons and daughters, God will mobilize all of Heaven, which He has prepared for six thousand years, and hold a welcoming celebration. This celebration will not come to an end in one day. It will continue for eternity. That world is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. For this reason, you must become one of the racers, racing with this idea in mind.

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