We Long for the Passage of this Age

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1861

The larger fish in the Pantanal swal-
low the smaller ones. The small fish have
excrements, urine, internal organs and
filth, but the larger fish just swallows that
altogether. It swallows the head, tail, and
all the smelly parts. Isn’t a person who
can swallow things as a whole a prince
of the world of the liberated realm? That
is how I see it. (295-220, 1998.8.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1214

In order to be separated from Satan
vertically and horizontally, there are
internal indemnity conditions and exter-
nal indemnity conditions. The external
indemnity conditions are that of Cain
and Abel, and the internal indemnity
conditions are that of Adam. When you
completely overcome all this centering
on the portion of responsibility, and
remove Satan’s realm of dominion, then
Heaven’s side can begin its work. This is
a basic rule. (161-207, 1987.2.4)

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Members Who Will Live In God’s Family

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1959

Matthew 12: 46-50

We have parents, siblings and a family. Every person has a family he can dwell in. Regardless of whether or not that family is good, we all have relatives and families where we can dwell.

You will have to live with your family until the day you die. In your families, the members are leading lives full of both happiness and misfortune. Although you know that your families are the home connected to you eternally, one day you will be severed from that family. Although many people have gathered here, no one here can guarantee that he or she will take their relationships into the eternal world. Although you may have some hopes or wishes centering on this family, those hopes and wishes might be shattered the moment of your death; or they might continue, and you may be connected to another world of hopes and wishes.

Human beings possess original minds. This mind is guiding us to move toward the world of the good purpose human beings should pursue. We cannot deny that this mind has moved with history. Looking at the movement of the mind from this perspective, we can understand that this mind has longed for the appearance of a good person. That person will surely appear in history.

Many people of all persuasions say from the depth of their hearts that these are the Last Days. It is clear that the Last Days are near. Is humanity happy or unhappy in this age? I think that they are more unhappy than happy. The day that the world of misfortune comes to an end is the Last Days.

What do our minds long for? We long for happiness. We long for the ideal world of hope, freedom and equality. We cannot deny that throughout our life course thus far we have longed for that world from the bottoms of our hearts. All that we yearn for with a sincere and true heart and mind must be realized. Otherwise, we cannot believe in God or anything else.

Nothing in the world has been able to make our hearts happy. There has not been even one person who lived in a happy environment. The same is true for our family members, our parents on whom we have been depending until now, and our brothers and sisters. We have to understand that this world has not become an eternal dwelling place of joy. Why has it not become like that? If we were to use a religious concept, it is because of the Fall. How can a world created by the Fall and the kinsmen, families and family members who are products of the Fall unite with the ideals of happiness our hearts seek? The conclusion is obvious.

For this reason we long for the passage of this age. This is an honest feeling. Every man and woman is waiting for the passage of this age. A false society will pass behind us: false parents, false brothers and sisters, false couples and false children will pass away. You have to feel this truth deep inside your hearts during this hour. Parents ignoring their children, parents spending time by themselves, children playing only by themselves, brothers and sisters all keeping to themselves and friends and people only associating within their own circles, all this will be shattered. That’s what is going to happen.

In newspapers and magazines we read stories describing how children kill parents and parents kill children. These trends demonstrate that traditional concepts are fading each day. Why is that? The destination our hearts hope for is a place where we can be happy in harmony with the heavenly principles. Because Heaven is in the process of moving toward this destination and reforming people, after passing through a history of infinite changes, it will arrive at an era of a revolution of the heart. The era of intellectual revolutions will be gone. The era of the revolution of the heart will come. People who dream of joy will experience sorrow, and those who are seeking a peaceful abode will end up in sadness. This conclusion is natural.

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