This is the Era when We can call God our Own Father

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2219

Is it not love that moves us to help
our parents at home? If they loved you,
you want to love them back. That is a
heavenly principle. Everything arising
from the heart is linked to the parent-
child relationship. It is all derived from
the seeds that were planted in your
Yet due to the Fall, everything went
awry, and consequently needs to be
resolved on earth. Return to your home-
towns and post up the signboard declar-
ing yourselves as being more loving fil-
ial sons and daughters than all the other
filial sons and daughters out there on
Satan’s side. On that declaration, it will
not be the archangel, but good spirits,
who will descend upon the earth. Then
the spirits operating on the horizontal
level with a loving heart will come to
your house here in Seoul and cooper-
ate with you. You can then extend your
horizontal foundation in this way. This
is restoration. (175-44, 1988.4.6)]

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1240

What is the most precious thing in
my life? It is the Blessing. Even for you,
the greatest gift in all of history has been
the Blessing. (23-317, 1969.6.8)

Richard: Amen, Aju!

Members Who Will Live In God’s Family

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1959

Matthew 12: 46-50

Humanity lost the true parents because of the Fall. Although we have fallen parents, we do not have the original parents. No matter how good, exalted and cultivated one may be, he is still of the fallen lineage. He cannot be proud of himself. No matter what one may possess, if we probe into it, we will find that there is always uneasiness and dissatisfaction in his heart.

Then what is the lamentation of human beings and of all created things? It is that human beings cannot participate as members of the heavenly family. This is the lamentation of the universe. There is no other purpose to our life of devotion. It is to call God “Father.” You have to understand the God who conducted the providence of restoration for six thousand years in order to usher in the one day when all of humanity can become brothers and true children of the Father; when all of humanity can call Him Father and rejoice.

This is God’s goal and the goal found deep inside the minds of human beings. This goal must be realized. That day must come. If that day does not come, there is no way we can build a relationship of the heart with God. As long as we are unable to build a relationship of the heart with God, He cannot look into our hearts and claim us as His own. We cannot claim to belong to God. The moment that this relationship is realized on the earth, God’s grief will be alleviated. Cries of bitterness will no longer be heard in Heaven. Moreover, at that moment the ideal world on the family level, which can unite Heaven and earth, will be opened. For the sake of this goal, our ancestors clung blindly to God’s words.

Due to the Fall, human beings lost the true parents, true brothers and sisters, true spouses, and true children. For this reason, those of us who have set out to find all these need the words of the True Parents.

What responsibility should we who are seeking the True Parents shoulder in the course of restoration? With what kind of determination and conviction should we go forth? We should long for the words of the original parents in our hearts. Moreover, we should long for the original parents who can rejoice with God. What kind of people are these parents? We should think about what the hearts and love of the original parents must be like.

What does God bring to us as we are running forward to live as members of one heavenly family? He comes to us with the words of truth based on the foundation of faith. What is the wish of human beings? It is to listen to the words of the true father with their minds and bodies. They want to move their bodies and minds according to the words. Besides their actions, they also want to hold onto the Father and learn about him. Furthermore, they also want to learn about the Father’s ideals and mind. They want to learn about the Father’s love.

Until today God has given us new truth through countless prophets and sages in every era and century. He told us how the world should be and revealed the world of hope that we long for. In this way history passed through revolutions that turned things upside down and which have expanded to the world level. God and fallen people stand far apart. Hence, God cannot speak to human beings directly. He chose many prophets and spoke through them. God has been connecting to human beings this way until now. In the Old Testament, God worked through angels. In the New Testament, God worked through His son. Now history is moving toward the era when we can call God our own Father. What can make this possible? It is accomplished through God’s words. For this to be possible, those words must possess heart, and there must be an embodiment of those words.

Richard: Here, in 1959 True Father, Rev. Moon is pointing out that in the new age we will call God our own Father. Centered on the Word of the Eight Sacred Textbooks:, we can do just that.

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